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16 Easy Pop Songs to Learn on Guitar for Beginners

There is a certain simplicity to easy pop songs, making them the simple choice for a guitar teacher. These songs don’t have to have many chords or intricate parts. If you want to teach people how to play the guitar, you’ll want to make sure your selection of easy pop songs is clear and easy to understand. But, to maximize the satisfaction of your students, it can be helpful to teach them pop songs first. A pop song is easier to learn and understand in many ways and make them excellent super easy guitar songs for beginners.

Easy Guitar Pop Songs for Beginners

Hey Soul Sister – Train

This song is an excellent beginner pop song. It has a basic, easy-to-play chord progression, and it utilizes open chords, so just about anyone will be able to sound good with it. Plus, it’s not a long song, so it will take you less time to learn to play it. Of course, you’ll still need to have a basic understanding of chords and strumming, but the song won’t require much practice time.

All Of Me – John Legend

This song is significant because the melody is easy to sing along. It’s also simple to play. The chords are easy to recognize, and it takes only a few minutes to get the hang of it. The chorus features a pretty quick chord change, so you’ll be using a one-finger spread this time. And of course, since the song is very “catchy” and will be easy to memorize, you’ll have an easier time learning it than if you were learning a more complex song.

Love On The Weekend – John Mayer

This song features a simple structure with a clear melody, making it easy for a beginning guitar player. The chords will change every few lines, so you’ll use one-finger chords for most of this. Be careful not to play too fast. Some people say that Love On The Weekend is one of the most straightforward songs to play, especially for beginners.

Ride – Twenty One Pilots

If you’re a fan of pop music, then there’s a good chance you know Ride by Twenty One Pilots. It’s easy to play, and the melody is easy enough to memorize. Also, the song features simple chords, so you won’t have to worry too much about fingerings or chord changes.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s Perfect is a song that provides an excellent opportunity for a new guitar player to start playing. Guitarists can play it on advanced or beginner chords, and it requires a minimal amount of practice to learn. The melody is also reasonably straightforward. If you decide to learn this song, you’ll soon notice an improvement in your skills as you begin to learn songs on the guitar.

Memories – Maroon 5

Another popular song that you can learn to play easily is Memories by Maroon 5. This song was recorded by the boyband and covered the topic of heartbreak. It keeps the listener engaged throughout because of the catchy lyrics and upbeat tempo.

Six Feet Under – Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is another singer/songwriter that has grown in popularity in recent years. Her song, Six Feet Under, is catchy but straightforward, and it’s easy to play. This song was quite popular in 2018 and was nominated for awards in the following year. While difficult to learn, this tune can be broken down and modified to suit your skill level.

Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

This song by Justin Bieber is a classic. It is a true example of a classic pop song. Every beginner can learn this song, and it is surprisingly fun to play. While it isn’t too challenging to play, it does require good technique and control of the guitar. – Believable chords and melodies make this song easy to pick up on, and it has a memorable tune. The music and lyrics will get stuck in your head after spending just a few moments listening to them.

Blinding Lights – The Weekend

This pop tune is straightforward to learn. Known for their intense bass and vocal harmonies, these pop artists can help you progress quickly as a guitarist. It incorporates straightforward chords that are easy to learn, making it accessible for beginners. – Simple lyrics and easy-to-play melodies make it a great song to begin your musical journey with.

Rise Up – Andra Day

This track is familiar to nearly every pop musician out there, yet it is simple enough for beginners to learn. It uses chords that are easy to learn and a familiar tune, so you’ll be left with many memories from the track. While it’s catchy and memorable, it isn’t tough to learn.

Kids – MGMT

Kids is an upbeat pop song that you’ll love playing. The song structure is simple, making it easy to learn. The song itself generally follows the chorus (the repeated section), which is repeated until you get to the hook. The hook is the part that stays in your head after a few listens and amps up the audience’s excitement.

All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

This sweet love song is great for learning chords and is easy and fun to play. The song consists of three sections: the hook, the verses, and the verses. Each section is different from the others, which makes the group sound interesting to listen to. The verses are pretty straightforward, and the hook is straightforward as well. You have to follow along in rhythm, and before you know it, you’ll be playing the song like a pro.

I Have a Dream – ABBA

This song is great to learn because it incorporates key rhythm patterns that can help you master different ways to play the guitar. The first part, called the chorus, is a repeated riff with chord changes. This chorus pattern is the key to the song, and mastering it is key to playing guitar.

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

This song also has complex rhythm patterns. The rhythm is easy to follow, but the chords are more complex. Each riff that the chord progression plays uses a different chord. Chords are one of the most critical aspects of this song. You have a chorus, the verses, and the hook. Learning the riff and the chords is necessary for mastering the guitar.

Your Call – Secondhand Serenade

This is a fun song with a catchy beat, making it easy to learn. The chords are simple, and the rhythm is easy to remember. The hook changes the chords every verse, so you’ll learn the whole song in only a matter of minutes. The chorus is the most complicated part because it repeats all the time. Once you learn the entire piece, you can start playing with the main riffs. These riffs can be played solo or along with a lead guitar.

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

This song is another excellent choice. The chords only change for the chorus and the verses. The hook is easy, and the chorus is complex but fun to play. You can play it as a solo or as a lead part. Try to press down the chords when you hear the hook because the hook changes them every verse.


Final Words

Although they are easy to learn, remember that not all the riffs mentioned in this article are easy. It will take you some time to learn all of them. However, with practice, you’ll get better.  I’d recommend also looking at our beginner guitar songs for kids too.

Do you need to practice scales and chords? How do you practice scales and chords? Practice slowly at first, then gradually speed up. When learning to play the guitar, remembering chords and scales makes everything sound better. For example, if you don’t have any chords, a guitar with automatic chords may not sound good.