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30 Beginner Rock Guitar Songs You Need To Learn!

Are you a rock musician or a casual hobbyist who plays with friends? Are you looking for the most accessible songs to learn and play on guitar to improve your skills and improve your reputation in your local music scene? Whether you are a beginner guitarist looking to improve your playing or an advanced guitarist who wants the inspiration and motivation to practice, our collection of beginner rock guitar songs will help you acquire new skills, increase knowledge, and sharpen your passion for music.

Rock guitar is considered one of the easiest to play and appeals to a wide range of players. From slow, acoustic songs to fast, electric songs, beginner rock guitarists will find something in our collection of beginner guitar songs.

Easy Classic Rock Songs for Beginner Electric Guitar

Tired of playing the same old songs and songs you’ve played hundreds of times? Are you finding it challenging to learn all of your old songs because you can’t quite remember the patterns or patterns you’ve changed? Are you an advanced guitarist who wants to give beginner guitar songs a try? I’ll show you how a beginner can learn to play guitar songs like a pro, even if you’ve never touched a guitar before.

Check these easy beginner classic rock guitar songs:

I Love Rock N’ Roll – Joan Jett

If anyone asks me which songs I particularly love to play, I Love Rock N’ Roll is always the first on my list! This song is also played with open and power chords. Classic rock guitar songs are easy to learn if you start with essential songs.

House of the Rising Sun – The Animals

If you’re a fan of The Animals, then you’ll love learning how to play this classic rock song. It will boost your guitar skills as you move through the music.

Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

If you think The Rolling Stones are tough, you’ll change your mind after you start to master some of their songs. Satisfaction is perfect for beginners because it uses simple chords.

Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top

Playing songs by ZZ Top makes you see how complicated it can be to play guitar. Sharp Dressed Man is an easy beginner song because you only need to learn power chords.

Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin

Playing songs by Led Zeppelin is a great way for beginner guitar students to learn how to play chords, arpeggios, and scales. Learning to play Whole Lotta Love can give you lots of confidence as you progress through your guitar lessons.

Acoustic Guitar Rock Songs for Beginners

Playing rock on acoustic guitar is not as easy as it may seem. The technical difficulty of playing may be comparable to playing electric guitar, but there are also different concepts you have to keep in mind. Rock songs tend to be fast-paced songs. Rather than playing slowly, you have to keep up and keep playing. Guitarists must play acoustic guitar songs in a dramatic, passionate, and pleasant manner. For that reason, you should use a pick to create a beautiful sound and your fingers to play the main riffs. You should also be aware of the song’s rhythm and note the song’s tempo.

Here are some excellent beginner rock songs on acoustic guitar:

Patience – Guns ‘n’ Roses

Guns ‘n’ Roses is a top-rated rock band. They have released several catchy songs. One of those songs is called Patience, and it is a hard rock song. The guitar solo is quite remarkable, and the rhythm also stands out. If you’re a beginner, you should pay attention to this song to learn how to play an acoustic guitar.

The Joker – Steve Miller Band

The Joker is an original rock song. It flows really well, and the lyrics are simple, so it’s fun to learn. Guitar players like you can learn how to work for the crowd and win over the crowd. This rock song is a great example.

Knocking On The Heavens Door – Bob Dylan

This song is incredible. It flows smoothly from the first verse to the chorus. You will want to get up and play the guitar by listening to it. The song itself is simple, but there are exciting riffs that demand that you pay attention to them.

Wonderwall – Oasis

This song is a lot of fun to play. Although the melody is simple, the guitar riffs and solos are pretty complex. You’ll probably remember the guitar riffs for a long time.

Take It Easy – The Eagles

This classic rock song is so easy that you will never get tired of playing it. It hasn’t changed much over the years, so you can still learn it without having to memorize a new riff every time.

Simple Pop Rock Songs for Beginner Guitar

Looking for something a bit more mellow but still in the rock genre? Enter pop-rock. As its name suggests, Pop rock is a type of rock music that is mainly influenced by pop music. Melody is an essential element in this type of music, with guitar and other instrumental instruments supporting. You can learn to play rock songs with our beginner rock guitar songs collection.

All of Me – John Legend

You’ll come across this song a lot in guitar tabs. The lyrics are quite beautiful, and the melody stands out. This is the kind of song you can learn how to play.

Losing My Religion – REM

This is one of the heaviest songs in this collection. The lyrics talk about losing faith, but the tune is mellow. This makes it suitable for beginners.

I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles

This is one of the all-time classic songs. People know the words to the tune and play them all the time. It doesn’t require much technical ability, so it’s a good pop song to learn.

You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

This song is straightforward to play, and most people already know the words. The melody rises and falls in a simple pattern, making it suitable for beginners.

I See Fire – Ed Sheeran

This song is perfect for singing karaoke, too. It’s a pretty mellow melody, so it won’t be hard to play. The lyrics talk about how life is too short and fragile, but they show sadness. It’s cheesy, but that’s why it’s so appealing.

Good Beginner Guitar 90s Rock Songs

Remember the 90’s? Guitar in the ’90s was dominated by grunge, heavy metal, punk, grunge, and pop. The success of the guitar as an instrument during those decades can be attributed to the exposure to many different types of rock songs. – This is an excellent collection of songs if your beginner guitar is the first guitar, but you’re also looking for songs to play when you’re a particularly great guitarist

Today – The Smashing Pumpkins

It was one of the best rock bands during that time, and their fans still make a trip to see them play every year. They appeal to a newer generation of rock fans every year, and they prove that rock music doesn’t have to sound cheesy to sound good.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Their biggest hit and arguably the best grunge song of all time. This song was the opening track of the band’s debut album, released in 1991. This song had a significant impact on rock fans in the ’90s and continues to be a mainstay of classic rock radio.

When I Come Around – Green Day

This grunge anthem is as popular today as it was almost 25 years ago. It introduced many people to Green Day and will always hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

Alive – Pearl Jam

This grunge rock anthem was released in 1991 and rocketed to number one on the music charts. The song can vary widely from a slow, acoustic version to a fast-paced, electric version. Either way, Pearl Jam’s Alive is one of the most popular and recognizable songs ever.

Outshined – Soundgarden

This grunge song was released in 1994 and topped many music charts. This song was one of the defining songs of the 90’s rock era and continues to be popular today.


Good Hard Rock Songs for Beginner Guitar

Hard rock guitar is one of the most challenging music genres to learn how to play. To play hard rock, you need to learn all about the chords, scales, and riffs. You can practice playing your favorite beginner complex rock songs by practicing the riffs and scales they include. By mastering your favorite complex rock songs, you’ll become a better guitarist and gain the respect and admiration of your friends.

Here are some beginner complex rock guitar songs to get you started:

Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns N’ Roses

Written by Slash, this song breaks down the basics of rock music. This is a great song to start learning because it uses simple chords, which are easier to play.

Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

You may say this is much harder than most beginner hard rock songs, but the song’s chords are relatively straightforward. The guitarist uses a lot of slides and bends, which are much harder than simple chords. It may help to learn the chords for the song and only use them in this song. If you can learn the guitar part of this song, you can make it sound just like Randy Rhodes.

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

With this song, you’ll gain many different techniques. The guitarist uses many different chords and riffs, challenging to play but not too difficult for a beginner.

Back In Black – AC/DC

There are a lot of factors that make up this song. The riffs are more complicated, requiring some knowledge about scales and arpeggios. If you’re willing to learn and put it into practice, you’ll be well on your way to playing this song.

Rock You Like A Hurricane – Scorpions

This song starts easy but then becomes exciting and complicated. The guitar player makes many riffs, but the riffs are just different chords. Anyone can learn this song and should!


Beginner Modern Rock Guitar Songs

Modern rock is an alternative rock subgenre that originated in the mid-1980s. Modern rock music is characterized by its heavily distorted electric guitar sounds, an emphasis on guitar riffs, and an overall more aggressive playing style. Modern rock bands use distortion effects to create more guitar sounds, often achieved through using multiple pedals. Since most modern rock songs are based on guitar riffs, beginner musicians will have to devote a lot of their time learning how to play basic guitar riffs.

Take a look at these modern rock guitar songs for beginners to learn:

Last Resort – Papa Roach

This easy modern rock guitar song should appeal to beginners and advanced players. The guitar riffs in this song rely more on rhythm than in more advanced songs. The lead guitar is used more to accent the riffs than to play solos. There are some minor solos at the end of the song, but they are short.

Otherside – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Another easy rock guitar song for beginners to learn is this song by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This modern rock band has a distinctive guitar sound and tone. When you hear the sound and tone of the guitar in this song, you’ll recognize what modern rock guitar sounds like. This tune also uses some chunky riffs and meaty soloing techniques.

The Red – Chevelle

Thanks to its simple three-chord structure, this song is easy to learn and play. The guitar riffs in this song rely more on rhythm than in more advanced songs. The lead guitar is used more to accent the guitar riffs than to play solos. There are some minor solos at the end of the song, but they are short.

Stupify – Disturbed

This metal tune isn’t too hard to play, although the solo and rhythm parts have a lot of feel. The riff at the end of each chorus is very catchy. The guitar solos use a lot of bends and vibrato, which help add depth to the music. The songs you’ve heard on the radio that draw you in immediately are likely in the hard rock genre. The riffs are dark and heavy, and the solos are complex and lead-infused. Although these songs use a lot of techniques

I Stand Alone – Godsmack

The musical skill required to play this style of music is very high. The intros are slow and drawn out, and the solos, for the most part, are played with a pick. Metal guitars are used frequently in hard rock songs.

Final Notes

In general, beginner rock guitar songs are upbeat. The guitar riffs are generally played with a pick or fingerstyle. The solos are heavy and frantic, and the chords feature a lot of bends and vibrato.

These songs are all entertaining to play and learn, and I recommend listening to them to get inspired.  Then get the beginner guitar tabs and start learning!