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Top 10 Beginner AC/DC Guitar Songs to Learn to Play

I hope that I have sufficiently summed up the band AC/DC in this article for guitar lovers. Many musicians worldwide admire their legendary status, and their music has influenced many others. The guitar has become one of the most popular instruments for rock guitarists, and so it has become necessary for guitar players to know the influence AC/ DC has had on rock music.

For beginner guitar players, learning about the same techniques as AC/DC can help them gain confidence in their playing.  Take a look at these other best beginner songs to learn on guitar too.

Easy Ac/Dc Songs for Beginner Guitar

Back In Black

One of the earliest songs that AC/DC ever played was “Back in Black.” This song is based on blues music, and the guitar tones were a little different from the average punk rock song. The guitar was slower and much more melodic than anything that most people heard in the genre. The guitar sound came directly from Angus Young’s Gibson SG, which enhanced the melodic sound of the drums and bass line. However, the guitar tone was not the only thing that made this song stand out. During live concerts, Angus Young would rip into this song aggressively. His vigorous playing made the songs start fast and fun, which kept the crowd engaged.

You Shook Me All Night Long

This AC/DC song was released on their fourth studio album, Back in Black, in 1980. The song is one of the most popular songs that AC/DC has ever made. One of Angus Young’s signature solos can be seen at the song’s beginning. This solo is all about power chords and distortion. He moves from low to high notes to create an epic sound. The song is concise, but it has a lot of meaning. Angus Young sings about a bad woman that he has been with.

Dirty Deeds

Done Dirt Cheap! This song has become one of AC/DC’s more famous songs. The guitar riff is fun to play along with, generating a powerful sound. It has been featured in so many video games and movies that it almost has a legendary reputation—definitely a great tune to learn to play on guitar.

Highway To Hell

Is a bit difficult to learn, but it’s compelling once you get the hang of it. This song would be interesting to play because it features the bass line and the riff simultaneously. It can be challenging to get the timing right. It would be fun to play at a live concert or solo because it sounds terrific.


This is fun to play because the riff is fun to play along with. It has a simple riff that sounds great. It s a little challenging, but you can practice it until you get it down.

Long Way To the Top

This song may be hard to play at first, but it’s a lot of fun once you get around it. It’s fairly fast-paced but not impossible to keep up with. The best approach is to start slow and work your way up. We recommend practicing with other beginners too!

Rock N Roll Train

This song is a classic. It s a great one for learning the skills needed to play rock guitar. Just be sure to practice a lot first! It s a tricky song, to begin with, but once you get good at it, you can show off!

Who Made Who

This is another great song to build your skill on. It s a pretty basic AC/DC song that teaches you how each guitar part works together. Once you’ve mastered it, it’ll take you no time to move on to more challenging songs! The solo section requires a lot of skill, but the challenge adds interest. It s excellent to practice!


It is another good song to practice while you’re still getting used to things. It s pretty challenging at first, but it’s a great song to work on your timing and coordination! It’s so upbeat and holds your attention! There s a vibe of rebellion when the electric guitar riff starts!

Hard As A Rock

This is another fun song that puts your skills to the test. It has complex strumming patterns and has lots of notes. It s not a very difficult song, but it’s a lot of fun to play! It’s hard to mess up, so it’s a great song to get started with.


Final Words

A beginner can master these songs with practice. If you’ve picked up new chords, hopefully, you’ve gotten comfortable with playing them by now. If you mess up, don’t get discouraged – practice again. Practicing independently is an essential way to become a good guitarist.

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