guitar finger blisters

REVEALED: Can You Get Blisters From Playing Guitar?

Are you starting to play guitar and wondering if guitar playing can cause blisters?  You may be surprised of the answer. Can you get blisters from playing guitar? The answer is yes, but it depends on the type of guitar. For example, playing a steel string acoustic guitar with light gauge strings may cause blisters […]

alternate guitar tunings

REVEALED: Are Alternate Tunings Bad For Your Guitar?

Some people might believe that alternate tunings are bad for your guitar, while others might find them beneficial. Are alternate tunings bad for your guitar? No, not at all.  Alternate tunings are not bad for your guitar. In fact, they can be rather beneficial to your guitar. The main concern is tension on your guitar […]

long fingers guitar

LOOK: Do Long Fingers Help Guitar & Does Hand Size Matter?

This article will discuss the long and short of whether it’s better to have long fingers on your guitar. It will explore how many people believe that having long fingers can help your guitar playing, as well as how having short fingers might actually be beneficial for your guitar practice session. Do long fingers help […]

who makes the best travel guitar

THESE 6 Best Travel Guitars Are Easy To Bring Along!

Small, portable, and the best travel guitars should fit your budget and the music you want to play. These will be discussed here, plus links to our useful buying guides. Want to learn the best way to travel with a guitar?  Look here. Looking to just right into the buying guides for specific types of […]

guitar radio station

5 Guitar Radio Stations Bring New Tunes To Your Playlist

We know that you love to listen to music, and what better way to do so than with your guitar? Guitar radio stations are the ones that play all the songs you want. From rock music, country songs, or pop hits, everything is available on these channels. You can listen to your favorite instrument being […]

diy guitar repairs

The TOP 7 DIY Guitar Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Learning how to take care of your guitar is so important! Keep in mind that there are a lot of options out there for finding the best guitar technician, but if you’re good with taking care of your own instruments, you’ll save a ton on repairs and maintenance. Changing Guitar Strings Replacing the strings on […]

fingerboard radius for small hands

LOOK: What’s The Ideal Fingerboard Radius For Small Hands?

If you have small hands and want to choose the right guitar to fit you, getting the radius right can make or break things. Do you know the right fingerboard radius for small hands? What is a Fingerboard Radius? The fingerboard radius is the curvature of the neck from the lower to the upper fret. […]

lawsuit guitars

TROUBLE? Lawsuit Guitars: The Great Debate

Have you ever heard the term, lawsuit guitar? What does it mean? Should you be worried about owning a guitar from this era? Lawsuit guitars are guitars that were manufactured between the late 1950’s and early 1970’s. The term was coined during the 1970’s when they became popular. What makes these instruments so special is […]

hardest guitar songs

CHALLENGE: Top 13 Hardest Guitar Songs For Expert Guitarists

People all over the world aspire to learn and play a variety of songs. Some want to be skilled on the guitar, while others just want their child to have some peace and quiet. No matter what your motivation is for learning how to play, there is always that initial question: What are the hardest […]

guitar strumming patterns

QUICK GUIDE: Learning 10 Guitar Strumming Patterns

A strumming pattern is a prescribed order in which to strum the strings of the guitar. Learning guitar strumming patterns for songs is one of the most common tasks for beginners and intermediate players who have mastered basic chords. The first thing to remember about guitar strumming patterns is that there are many ways in […]

guitar room setup

REVEALED: Ideas For The Perfect Guitar Room Setup At Home

Are you looking for ideas on setting up a sweet guitar practice room? Look no further! You will find everything you need to know in this article, from what equipment you should have with an overview of how each can serve your needs. We’ll also talk about the advantages of practicing at home and why […]