guitar radio station

5 Guitar Radio Stations Bring New Tunes To Your Playlist

We know that you love to listen to music, and what better way to do so than with your guitar? Guitar radio stations are the ones that play all the songs you want. From rock music, country songs, or pop hits, everything is available on these channels. You can listen to your favorite instrument being […]

where can I sell my guitar for cash

Where Can I Sell My Guitar for Cash? 10 Recommendations

Let’s be honest: getting rid of your old guitar can be a difficult decision. After all, it was the vehicle by which you learned how to express yourself artistically. It helped you make memories with friends and bond with your family in ways that no other instrument could. And that is why we don’t want […]

guitar strumming patterns

The Quick Guide to Learning 10 Guitar Strumming Patterns

A strumming pattern is a prescribed order in which to strum the strings of the guitar. Learning guitar strumming patterns for songs is one of the most common tasks for beginners and intermediate players who have mastered basic chords. The first thing to remember about guitar strumming patterns is that there are many ways in […]