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CHALLENGE: Top 13 Hardest Guitar Songs For Expert Guitarists

People all over the world aspire to learn and play a variety of songs. Some want to be skilled on the guitar, while others just want their child to have some peace and quiet. No matter what your motivation is for learning how to play, there is always that initial question: What are the hardest guitar songs?

We picked out some of our favorite difficult guitar songs to challenge yourself with!

Our List Of Most Difficult Guitar Songs

Eddie Van Halen – Eruption

Ok this song is totally an Eddie Van Halen classic. What he was able to do on the Van Halen album, on this song was revolutionary at that time. The intro riff is the most difficult part of it. If you want a really cool sounding, yet harder guitar solo to play, then Eruption by Eddie Van Halen is the one for you!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow

The main reason for choosing this song is the main riff which is just too hard to get down for most people. Don’t give up!! The timing is also really important because of the speed. Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers is a really cool song to learn if you want to play really fast!

Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover

Awesome intro riff!! Eric Johnson, take a bow because you are just so brilliant! This song is pure genius and it’s one of the hardest songs to play on guitar!

Dream Theater – Dance of Eternity

Dance of Eternity by Dream Theater is a very tricky song to play, but it’s not impossible to get your hands on it. The intro riff is exactly the same throughout the whole song and even if you know it by heart at the end you still need to tune up. You can hear this song in a lot of movies and cartoons, so if you’re watching all these things then it must be a pretty hard song to play.

Dokken – Mr. Scary

This song is just pure genius! It’s a really hard song to do and you have to start with a simple rythm and then build up to the final solo. If you’re looking for a really hard song to play then this one might be for you!

Steve Vai – Bad Horsie

Steve Vai is a very talented guitarist. He mastered the art of the guitar and he’s one of my favorite guitarists ever. Bad Horsie by Steve Vai is probably the hardest one that I could find. It’s a hard song to memorize, but in the end the experience will be worth it!

Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls

Ahhh, Metallica!! What can I say? This song… uhhh… it’s really hard to play. The intro riff is a bit tricky, but it’s the rest of the song that’s really hard to do. There are a few solos in the song that you have to learn how to play properly. If you want some Metallica then For Whom The Bell Tolls is definitely something for you!

Slayer – Raining Blood

This one will test your guitar skills to their maximum! It starts as a simple tune and then builds up as a very fast tempo. Raining Blood by Slayer is an almost impossible guitar song, but if you’ve mastered it then go ahead!

DragonForce – Through the Fire and Flames

Ok, where do I begin with this one?? DragonForce are known to have some really hard guitar solos and riffs. Through the Fire and Flames is a tough song to play for anyone, even for the best guitarists out there! After learning this song you will need some time to relax your fingers, I’m telling you!

Metallica – One

Another Metallica single from the Master of Puppets single. This is a must-play for Metallica fans or any other rock fans for that matter. One is a very hard song to get down, but if you’re up for a challenge then do it. You will end up mastering one of the hardest guitar songs out there, so give your best and you’ll succeed!

Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force

Rising Force by Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the hardest songs. Not just his riffs but also the whole song itself. The riffs are ultra hard because of the speed with which they are played and the song is just too fast! The intro riff is a killer itself, so be cautious when you start learning this one!

Animals as Leaders – CAFO

CAFO by Animals as Leaders is a very cool song to play on guitar. Although it’s not the hardest song I’ve found, it’s really hard if you’re just starting out and you have never played anything like this before.

Megadeth – Hangar 18

Holy crap! This song is just pure craziness. Hangar 18 by Megadeth is probably the hardest song that I have ever seen on a guitar. The main riff is something that everyone has to learn to play if they want to be a good guitarist.

If you’re looking for a challenge, then these are 13 of the most difficult guitar songs to play. If you love a tough riffs or fast solos, then the one for you is one of these songs.

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