7 string or eight string

Should I Get A 7 Or 8 String Guitar?

For some players, the 7-string guitar is all they need. Other guitarists can’t seem to get enough of that added low end and reach for an 8-string guitar. But what should you get?

Well, it depends on you.

If you’re looking for extended range, that’s a good thing. If you’re looking for great low end in your guitar sound, that’s a good thing too. The option to go from the lower end of a 7-string guitar to the higher end of an 8-string is nice.

But, if you’re a beginner starting out with an 8-string guitar, you may be overwhelmed. An 8-string guitar can be a lot to deal with as a beginner. How do you learn to play? There are no shortage of questions and difficulties when first learning to play. Knowing that every string has its own set of things to learn may well kill your desire for the instrument entirely, even if you are serious about learning how to play.

If you are a beginner, I would not recommend choosing either a 7 or 8 string. Get yourself a 6 string first and learn the basics. It may take a few months, but it’s an incredibly valuable tool for learning. Learning to play a chord is the same as learning to play any instrument, whether it be 6-string guitar or 8-string guitar. Start off playing simple chords and progress from there.

But if you’re already at least a part of the intermediate range and are looking for something to add some extra growl and depth to your sound – then a 7 or 8 string might be just what you need.

7 Vs 8 String Guitar

The main difference between a 7-string and an 8-string guitar is the low end. A 7-string guitar will have a bit of extra low end, and an 8-string will have even more. This makes for a bigger sound in your music and when playing chords.

The 8-strings are made to go lower than 7’s and this can be both good and bad. The good is that it adds a lot of depth to your guitar’s sound and can make for some serious soloing. The bad is that it can be overwhelming for beginners and even intermediate level guitar players. Holding down the thicker strings on an 8-string guitar may be difficult, adding more discomfort to an already uncomfortable instrument to play.

I think one of the best ways to gauge whether or not you should get a 7 or 8 string guitar is by seeing if you have ever been frustrated with playing chords on your 6-string guitar.

7 Or 8 String Guitar – Which Is Better

In truth, I find that the only real difference between the two is the bottom end and the fretboard width. A 7-string guitar will have a bit more low end than a 6-string, and an 8-string will have much more. This helps to round out your sound and adds even more to songs that do not have enough low end for your liking in them.

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No matter whether you are a 7-string or 8-string guitar player, your decision will hinge on what you feel is best for YOU. If you are just starting out and want the extra low end and more difficulty to play, then a 7-string might be the best choice for you.