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REVEALED: Ideas For The Perfect Guitar Room Setup At Home

Are you looking for ideas on setting up a sweet guitar practice room? Look no further! You will find everything you need to know in this article, from what equipment you should have with an overview of how each can serve your needs. We’ll also talk about the advantages of practicing at home and why a guitar room for practicing at home is even essential for today’s guitarists.

The simplest routine that you can follow when setting up the interior design of a practice room would include: setting up your guitar amplifier, connecting your guitar, adjusting the volume of your amplifier, listening to it and making sure it is audible but not so loud that it will disturb anyone, and then finally selecting the type of cool music you want to play.

Start With Your Room

So you probably already have a specific room in your home that you plan to use as a guitar room or guitar corner, right? Well start there. The uses of this room will depend on its size, it’s furniture, and how you need it to function.

The size of the music room is one thing that you’ll want to consider when planning for a guitar practice room. Do you need something that’s large enough for everyone to have the freedom to play while lounging around or do you need something more basic? A small bedroom or living room can work just fine as long as there is good lighting and a comfortable place for your guitar.

Benefits Of Creating Your Own Home DIY Guitar Practice Space

  1. You can have a place to really focus on your guitar practice.
  2. You’ll no longer have to make time for practicing by balancing it with all of the other things going on in your day, just when you want to get some practice in, you can hop into your space and start getting lost in the music that you love!
  3. If you’ve always wanted a dedicated space just for playing guitar, but never knew what exactly you’d need or were too scared of the cost of setting up a dedicated soundproof space to do it properly if so then this is an easier and more economical way for anyone who has a room big enough where they don’t need much else than their guitars.
  4. It also allows you to use the room for other things other than just practicing. You could make it into a media/video/computer room, or make an office/ recording studio area out of it for yourself or others.
  5. Its (hopefully) going to be a lot cleaner and more organized than the practice space where you’re currently at (or even that messy practice space room you have taken over in your house), and a lot better for taking care of your guitars than any store bought plastic guitar hutch etc.
  6. You could spend hours and hours in there on your own, or invite friends over for a jam session, or practice with a band. It’s up to you!
  7. Its only going to make your performances better by having the man cave space and time in which to focus solely on them.

What You Should Include In Your Guitar Room

As far as equipment is concerned, you will want your room to be equipped with any equipment that you plan to use when practicing. This includes your guitar amp or amps, some pedals, and of course the guitar itself. It’s best to include these things as they are essentials.

If you want your room to be more than a place for just practicing, there are obviously other equipment you should add into the mix like your drums or keyboard.

But what about other stuff?


If you are going to be practicing guitar, you need a metronome. A metronome is a device that you can use to keep track of the time in your practice routine. This is an essential tool for those who practice guitar, as some techniques and chords are very rhythm based, and so you need to develop a sense of timing. If you don’t have one, it’s time to get one!

This one on Amazon is excellent and the one I would recommend.

Guitar Tuner

Keeping you guitar in tune at all times is going to be crucial for any guitarist who is serious about their playing, so make sure you have a guitar tuner on hand to keep your guitar in tune. There are actually several types of tuners you can choose from depending on how sophisticated you feel you need one to be.

Looking for a tuner? We did a bunch of buyer’s guides on them that you can check out:

Guitar Stand

A guitar stand is going to be essential for any guitar you have that you plan to keep in the room as well. It is a way of making sure your guitar is secure at all times and that it doesn’t fall off the place it is standing on and breaks. You can also install guitar wall hangers and hang your guitars on the wall.

Check out our buyer’s guide on guitar stands and how many guitars do you need?

Amp Stand

Personally, I like to use an amp stand because I like to have the amps slanted upward towards me. This puts the amp in a nice position for me to play and helps to create a great sound. If you have one that you like, great! If not, check this one out on Amazon.

Pedal Board

If you own any effects pedals, then it is important that they are kept within easy reach of where ever you are working whether it is your guitar stand or on your desk. Some pedals and equipment require some sort of power source so make sure if possible that these can be plugged in at the same time.

Check out our buyers guide on small pedalboards.


A comfortable chair for playing guitar is an absolute essential. You are going to be spending a lot of time in this room practicing, and so you want to make sure that you are comfortable while doing it. Some people like rocking chairs, some like bean bags, and other just prefer a simple desk chair. It’s up to you, but you can also check out our detailed buyer’s guide on guitar chairs.

Music Stand

If your going to be writing music or tab then having a music stand or some sort of holder for the music is very important when it comes down to it. I like this one on Amazon.


Keeping your room humidity levels is important because it helps keep your guitar from cracking and warping. It also helps with the condition of your wood or the frets so that they don’t crack or split apart. If you live in a dry place, such as some places in the USA, then you are going to need a humidifier for sure. If you are unsure of what you need, I’d recommend looking at our guitar room humidifier guide.

Computer / DAW

This is more of an optional thing, but if you want to record guitar, a DAW can be a great thing to have especially if you are just learning guitar. I use the free version of Audacity and it works great. It has all the features that I need to record, edit, and even mix music. I actually prefer it over some of the larger more expensive recording products out there.

What About Soundproofing?

Should you soundproof your guitar room? Yes and no. It is up to you but I’d suggest it if you are concerned about the noise your gear makes. If you have a loud guitar amp or just want to make sure that no one can hear your music while you practice then I suggest checking out this guide on how to soundproof your room.

How Much Would You Expect To Spend On A Guitar Practice Room

So, how much of a budget do you need for setting up your guitar room? It really depends on what you already have available. If you already have all the gear, except for your guitar and amp, then it may not be too expensive. If you don’t have any gear at all then that is a whole other story. It really depends on how much you are looking to spend. You can go the very cheap route and build it yourself for way less than $100 or you can go the expensive route and buy everything brand new from the start.

Final Words

So there it is all planned out for your new guitar room. Hopefully this will be enough to get you started on the right track. I know that at one point guitar rooms were so expensive that some people just built them themselves. Now though, if you have the equipment, tools and space, then it is easy to build one for way less than $100.