best small tube amp

10 Best Small Tube Amp Top Picks – Low Watt Combo & Heads

Despite the presence of solid-state and digital power amps, many guitarists still prefer the more classic, natural-ish sound of the tube amps. However, the saturated brilliance of the white-hot tubes may sometimes be too loud especially if you are jamming away at your home or apartment. If such is the case with you, a good […]

best beginner guitar amp

10 Good Beginner Guitar Amp Options For 2020!

Choosing the best beginner guitar amp is almost as important as choosing a guitar. More and more musicians rely on amps to generate about 50% of the sounds they produce—including the all-important nuances that contribute to developing a signature musical style. Unfortunately, the task can often be overwhelming for new musicians because of the many […]

hanging guitars

6 Best Guitar Wall Mount Options & DIY How To Hang A Guitar

Guitar players can be a weird bunch. When most people collect musical instruments, they place their guitar hanging behind glass in order to ensure that they will never be harmed. When guitar players collect guitars, they hang them on the wall so that they are ready to be played.  Out in the open on a […]

best ambient reverb pedal

7 Best Ambient Reverb Pedal Picks For 2020

If you appreciate a great musical atmosphere, be it the feeling of a cathedral or creating a private landscape, ambient reverb pedals are all you need to make it happen. From serene to gloomy, calming to edgy, your choices are endless. Often, the venue of the gig is not what one wants and setting the […]

best acoustic guitar for small hands

8 Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands Picks For 2020

You choose a prefect guitar that you are happy with based on your personal preferences like size, shape, style, and genres of sound and then second comes the physical factor. Some people have small hands, typically they tend to be children, teens and women. When you have small hands, playing the guitar can be difficult […]