8 string guitars

5 Best 8 String Guitars From The Top Companies

Are you thinking about buying a new 8 string guitar but not sure which one is right for you. You need to think about your budget, your playing level, genre, etc. Luckily, we have some excellent recommendations here. Quick Links To Our Best 8 String Guitar Recommendations Jackson X Series Soloist SLATXF8 QM MS – […]

best carbon travel guitar

THESE 5 Best Carbon Travel Guitars Are Light Choices!

Looking for a super lightweight guitar that is easy to travel with?  Well, these best carbon travel guitar options are perfect for this.  Take a look: Quick Links To Our Best Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar Recommendations LAVA ME 2 – Our Top Choice! KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Acoustic-Electric Guitar Enya X4 Carbon Fiber AcousticPlus Journey […]

best travel electric guitar

THESE 10 Best Travel Electric Guitars Are Fun To Play!

Full-size guitars are heavy, uncomfortable, and unpleasant to transport.  If you’re travelling by airline, you’ll have a lot more complications to deal with.  The rules for bringing your guitar on a plane as lightweight goods are hazy, and it’s often up to the luck or misfortune of the ground employees. As a result, you’ll require […]

best small travel guitar amp

THESE 5 Best Small Travel Guitar Amps You Can Bring Along

Need a guitar amp that you can take with you on your travels with no hassle.  Check out these best small travel guitar amp choices for 2022. Quick Links To Our Best Mini Travel Guitar Amp Recommendations Positive Grid Spark 40 – Our Top Choice! Roland Cube-ST BOSS Katana Compact VOX Amplug 2 AC-30 Blackstar […]

best amp for 7 string guitar

5 Best Amps For 7 String Guitars (Rocking Tone!)

Are you looking for the best amp for 7 string guitar?  Need great tone?  Look below. Quick Links To Our 7 String Guitar Amp Recommendations Here is our list of amp recommendations that sound excellent with 7 string guitars.  These amps and amp heads offer superior guitar tone.  Any one of these models should work […]

best 24 fret electric guitar

5 Best 24 Fret Electric Guitars

For those who play electric guitars, the best option is likely a 24-fret instrument. In this post, we’ll give you a list of the top five options to consider before purchasing one of the best 24 fret electric guitar options. Related reading – how many frets on a guitar? Best Electric Guitars. – guitar fret […]

best super strat under 1000

THESE 10 Best Super Strats Under 1000 Sound Sweet!

If you’re looking for the best Super Strat under $1,000, look no further. Since you don’t want to drop a significant chunk of change on a guitar, these top-rated Superstrats will suit your needs without compromising on quality. Quick Links to Our Best Super Strat Under 1000 Recommendations Ibanez RG550 Genesis – My top choice! […]

best beginner 3/4 acoustic guitar for a first starter guitar

THESE 10 Best Beginner 3/4 Acoustic Guitars Are GREAT!

What’s the best beginner 3/4 acoustic guitar for a first starter guitar? Read on to find out. Quick Links To Our Beginner 3/4 Acoustic Guitar Recommendations Yamaha JR2 – Our Top Choice! Fender FA-15 – The runner up Fender MA-1 – Great choice for women. Tanglewood TW2T Yamaha JR1 FG Junior Pyle 36″ Cutaway Acoustic […]

best humbucker pickups for blues

THESE 7 Best Humbucker Pickups For Blues Guitarists Are NICE!

When you are looking for a hot blues guitar tone, humbucker pickups can make a huge difference! Quick Links To Our Best Humbucker Pickup Sets For Blues Recommendations Seymour Duncan Vintage Blues Humbucker Pickup Set – OUR TOP CHOICE! Seymour Duncan SH-1 ’59 Vintage Gibson Burstbucker Seymour Duncan SHPG1 Pearly Gates Humbucker DiMarzio DP155 Tone […]

best jazz guitar under 1000

THESE 5 Best Jazz Guitars Under 1000 Are NICE!

Are you looking for a new jazz guitar that is still attainable? We looked at a lot of options and found the best jazz guitar under 1000 dollars recommendations. Quick Links To Our Best Jazz Guitars Under $1000 Recommendations Godin 5th Avenue CW – OUR TOP CHOICE! Hagstrom SUVIK-TSB Super Viking Gretsch Guitars G5420T D’Angelico […]