best guitar case for flying

7 Best Guitar Case For Flying Options (Travel Protection!)

If you’re planning to travel and bring your guitar, I’d recommend picking up a quality guitar flight case and choosing from one of these best guitar case for flying recommendations. Our Top Guitar Cases For Flying Recommendations Crossrock Anti-Scratch Flight Case The first contender is one that is well-suited for taking care of your classical […]

best tube distortion pedal

5 Best Tube Distortion Pedals – Get Amazing Dirty Tone!

Tube distortion pedals can be used widely; from limitlessly bolstering an overdrive channel to producing all the gain into a clean amplifier. Some guitarists prefer to run their distortion pedals at the start of the chain, while others run theirs in the effects loop or at the end. Below are our recommendations for the best […]

best electric guitar starter kit

Beginner Guitarists! These 10 Best Electric Guitar Starter Kits Include Guitars, Amp & More!

So you are looking to pick up an electric guitar and start learning to play. You might not know it but you really need the best electric guitar starter kit. You get everything you need to start playing and get started on your journey as a budding musician.¬† Check out my full review of each […]

best small acoustic guitar amp

8 Best Small Acoustic Guitar Amps (Top Features, Channels & Effects)

Even though it’s capable of producing its own sound, there’re times when the acoustic electric¬† guitar struggles to make itself heard. Let’s say, for instance, you’ve added a new unit to your collection and want to show off to your friends. Can you rely on the ax to make a presence on its own? Let’s […]

best tube amplifier under 500

7 Best Tube Amplifier Under 500 With Great Guitar Tone!

Buying tube amplifiers does not have to cost thousands of dollars. There are a number of premium models that are worth the cost; however, there is still a collection of reasonably-priced tube guitar amps that will not bust your budget. Below is a list of some of the best tube amplifier under 500: Our Top […]

best guitar chair

8 Best Guitar Chair & Stool Options For 2021

You could probably play the guitar while on the floor but why risk inconvenience and comfort when you can play on the best guitar chair? We scoured many shops to find the perfect options for you and here are our recommendations: Our Top Chair For Playing Guitar & Stool Reviews ¬† Gibraltar 9608 MB Throne […]