best tuner pedal

Best Tuner Pedal 2020 – Guitars In Tune Sound Better!

It’s the guitarist’s equivalent of doing dishes; keeping your guitar in tune. It’s not fun, and most of the times you’d rather dive into playing straight away than waste precious minutes trying to achieve perfect tune. But then again, you want your guitar to sound like er, well, an actual guitar. You know, rather than […]

best delay pedal

Best Delay Pedal 2020 – Top Picks For All Styles!

The inventions experienced in the music industry have brought immense advancements over the years. The innovations have revitalized the sector such that new effects to the music emerge with each coming day. The creativity of artists is fully felt when a set of quality instruments come in to supplement their vocals. Since ancient times, the […]

best compressor pedal

Best Compressor Pedal 2020 – Top 12 On The Market

There are important facts to know before choosing the best compressor pedal. As simple as it may sound, it is good to understand the work of a compressor pedal, where it goes, and when it is absolutely necessary. Like any other gear, it is only useful when utilized optimally. Are you looking to bring those […]

best flanger pedal

Best Flanger Pedal 2020 – Our Favorites For All Styles!

Guitar players love to experiment with their sound by using pedals to introduce cool effects. However, these will only sound good when the suitable type is used at the right time. You also have to nail the appropriate settings. For example, a musician can boost the highs and lows with a wah-wah pedal or produce […]

best overdrive pedal

Best Overdrive Pedal 2020 – Top Picks For All Styles!

It’s not just a sound — it’s an attitude. We’re talking about the mighty, earth-shattering (and perhaps eardrum-bursting) overdrive. Or maybe not? It’s easy to confuse overdrive for something else, given the name. But the good old OD remains as elegant as ever; gritty in a very subtle way, and charming enough to find application […]