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THESE 5 Best Chorus Pedals For Acoustic Guitar Are Our Top Picks

As an acoustic guitarist there are lot of chorus pedals to choose from and that why we have written this article to help make the process of best choosing one easier for you.

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It’s time to break out your favorite acoustic guitar, because we’re going to tell you how to choose the best chorus pedal for acoustic guitar available, and make sure it has all the features you need.

Top Acoustic Guitar Chorus Pedal Reviews

Choosing a chorus pedal can be tricky and there are a few things you should keep in mind before buying one.

L.R. Baggs Align Chorus

Combining a chorus, octave and delay, the Align Chorus pedal is the perfect finishing touch. Delivering smooth modulated sound with chorus and vibrato effects, as well as producing a jangly 12-string tone from the octave switch.

The Align Chorus features a bright sound that is perfect for solo and rhythm playing alike. It also features an onboard tuner and includes a 9V battery for added convenience. The tone is absolutely perfect, the chorus effects are the best I have heard, and the octave effect is so much better than what I was first expecting.

The shimmering, shimmering sound of the harmonics are as delightful as they are addictive. The sound is bright and chimey, and it reveals a transparent quality that offers a crisp, yet focused feel. The effect itself is great for backing vocals, guitar solos or acoustic rhythm playing; making this pedal perfect for all genres.

The Align Chorus is a workhorse of a pedal that will not disappoint. This is one of the best chorus pedals I have ever played, and it would make a great addition to any pedalboard.

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MXR M234

If you’re looking for the best acoustic guitar chorus pedal on the market, the MXR M234 is a must-have. It is a uniquely designed chorus pedal that delivers distinctive features like a traditional chorus.

The MXR M234 features a 14-position rotary switch that allows you to set the chorus ranges and amplitude of the effect, as well as an adjustable Octave control that acts as a combination of the Chorus and Wah effects. It also adds a new feature with the ability to have two distinct voices, one for each octave. The two voices can be set separately for each octave or together, adding an additional harmony effect to your guitar sound.

The M234 offers a warm, smooth response that is great for various genres of music. The difference with this chorus pedal is that it has a richer sound than vintage effects used to have. It sounds more like an analog chorus effect than most digital choruses, even though it is digital.

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BOSS WAZA Craft Chorus

The BOSS WAZA Craft Chorus pedal is one you would be wise to consider if you are in the market for a chorus pedal. This modulation effect pedal has an easy-to-use interface that lets players create lush, shimmering tone.

This pedal offers a bright tone that is suitable for various genres, as well as a richly textured sound that will impress you. It produces rich chorusing and classic vibrato effects and even has two selectable modes for each effect. It also features an audio input jack that allows you to connect the pedal with other pedals, an acoustic preamp pedal or an amp for synchronized performance and the ability to play in true stereo.

The BOSS WAZA Craft Chorus pedal is a great choice for players who need a modulation effect to add some spice to their tone. This pedal will add depth and character to your sound, allowing you to expand your playing knowledge and enhance the performance of your songs. It would make an excellent addition to any pedalboard.

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MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

The MXR M134 Stereo Chorus is an analog chorus pedal that gives you rich, vibrant echo and shimmering tone. It offers a crystal clear sound that will blow your mind.

This pedal produces lush chorusing and vibrato effects and even has a stereo output, allowing you to switch it between mono and stereo. The effect is excellent for all genres of music and the sound is versatile and intriguing. For those who are new to chorus pedals, this one is a fantastic addition to any pedalboard.

The MXR M134 Stereo Chorus is a popular choice among customers, with a fantastic overall rating. People enjoy the versatility of this pedal, saying that it’s full of great features and designed to create the type of sounds they need.

People also say that the pedal gives them a lot more control than they expected, which makes it easy to dial in just the right tone. This is especially important for beginners who may not know what settings to choose for their pedal.

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TC Electronic Corona Chorus

If you’re looking for a chorus pedal that is versatile and easy to use, the TC Electronic Corona Chorus is a great choice. This pedal provides lush and vibrant chorus and vibrato effects with crystal clarity. The effects can also be played separately from the chorus, which is an excellent feature for acoustic guitarists who want to experiment with different effects. The Classic Chorus is a good match for most acoustic guitar’s string choice, producing a tone that works well with most music genres.

Another great feature of this pedal is the ability to adjust the amount of chorus and vibrato independently. This helps guitarists create their precise sound. Customers also appreciate this pedal’s portability and ease of use.

Customers recommend this pedal to others because it produces great effects and the sounds are authentic. The pedal’s controls are well designed and the feedback is superb, giving reviewers a high level of satisfaction with their purchase.

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Our Conclusion On The Top Chorus Pedals For Acoustics

Hopefully this article give you some good ideas on which chorus pedal to choose for not only your acoustic electric guitar but even classical guitars and electric guitars as well. There are many different guitar effects pedals options for your pedal board setup but these are the ones most often recommended by users.

Some other quick picks:

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Trying to find the best pedal can be a challenge, but if you think carefully about your needs and listen to the opinions of others, you will be able to pick the right one for you.