best strings for 3/4 acoustic guitar

THESE 5 Best Strings For 3/4 Acoustic Guitar Sound Great!

Guitar strings are a vital part of your instrument, and it is important to know what kind you’re using. There are different materials, brands, and gauges of strings that can make a big difference in the sound and feel of your guitar. The best strings for 3/4 acoustic guitars will depend on your personal preferences.

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D’Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze

D’Addario’s EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze set brings out the highs and lows in your acoustic guitar sounds with a bright edge. Their enhanced phosphor bronze rounds out the tone for everything from a jangle to a warm hum.

It is bright but not brash, perfect for those with an ear for the musical. The EJ16-3D are made with color-coded hexagonal core strings that are easy to see if they have become worn down. You won’t have to worry about tuning out of pitch or time due to strings that are too loose or too tight. The EJ16-3D set is within your price range and an excellent string choice for those who want a bright sound nearly any time.

Once you install them, you’ll notice the difference in the overall sound of your acoustic guitar, and you’ll have a clear understanding of whether or not they need to be replaced.


  • Affordable strings that enhance the sound of your acoustic guitar
  • Easy to see as they wear out and need changing


  • Some buyers find the strings too bright and brash

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Ernie Ball Earthwood Phosphor Bronze

Ernie Ball Earthwood strings are a great go-to for 3/4 scale acoustic guitars. They’re phosphor bronze in construction, with a wide range of sound that is never too tinny or shrieking. The EJ16S-3D set is affordable clean, and their smooth surface makes it easy to play.

These strings are made from an alloy for excellent string performance as they wear. They’re resistant to corrosion and keep their clear tone through playing. The sound quality will last, no matter how much time you spend playing your instrument, and the price is right on target for those on a budget.


  • Great sounding strings that last, no matter how much you play
  • Affordable strings for 3/4 scale acoustic guitars


  • Some buyers find the strings too tinny or shrill

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Elixir 16052 Strings

Comfort. Precision. Durability. These are the three words that best summarize Elixir 16052 strings for acoustic guitars, and they are exactly what you’ll experience when playing an acoustic guitar with these strings on it. They feel more like a fine quality ballpoint pen than anything else, making this string a great choice for guitarists who are sensitive to string noise. While you’d never confuse Elixir with a super-thin set of strings or anything that pack an aggressive punch, these strings make the sound of your acoustic guitar more versatile.

The extra-long life of Elixir strings means you’ll need to replace them less often than with other sets. The sound and feel of your acoustic guitar will last for a long time, even with heavy play. This is especially helpful if you don’t have much experience changing the strings on your instrument.


  • Long lasting strings that won’t need to be changed as often as others
  • Sounds great, and is softer on the fingertips


  • Some reviewers find they don’t make much difference in the sound of an acoustic guitar

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Martin Authentic Acoustic MA175

Martin’s MA175 strings offer a rich sound and feel that lasts until the next time you change your strings. They’re made to be compatible with any 3/4 scale acoustic guitar and come in a variety of gauges to fit the needs of the player. They are made for authentic Martin Guitars, but these strings can be used on other brands made with a 3/4 size acoustic guitar in mind.

Martin’s MA175 Acoustic Guitar Strings set offers a clear sound that is complemented by the smooth touch of their nylon. Because they are made of material that will not corrode or rust, you’ll know your strings will last you through a lot of play time before needing replacement.


  • Clean sounding strings that last a long time


  • May need to be replaced more often than coated strings

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Fender 60L 073-0060-403

For a lot of acoustic guitarists, Fender 60L strings are a great choice. They’re bright and warm sounding with a nice balance between tones that makes them great for any sort of play. The clear notes will stand out in your music and help you to see if your guitar is sounding off-pitch.

Fender 60L 073-0060-403 Acoustic Guitar Strings offer a smooth surface that won’t catch or fray as you play. You’ll still get the bright sounds you’re looking for, along with a long playing life during each session of play time. These strings are made for stringed instruments with 3/4 scale guitars in mind and offer you just what you need to make your instrument sing.


  • Clean, bright sounding strings that last a long time


  • Some buyers find they don’t make much difference in the sound of an acoustic guitar

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Strings For 3/4 Guitars Conclusion

It is evident that each of these strings for acoustic 3/4 scale guitars will improve the sound of your guitar and at least one of them will make all the difference in your sound. You don’t want to cheap out when it comes to stringing your acoustic guitar, so choose the correct type of string for your needs.

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Strings for 3/4 guitars are not the same and each one will produce a different sound in your music. Choosing the right set is important because you’ll need to make sure they’re compatible with your guitar and that you like their sound. You can also try seeing what sounds great with a particular acoustic guitar, so that you can narrow down the selection process by locating a desired tone.