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THESE 10 Best Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedals Are FANTASTIC!

Acoustic guitars are one of a kind instruments. As a guitarist, you know how important it is to select the right equipment for it. If you want to create the perfect sound effects, a reverb pedal is a way to go ahead. These pedals help to emulate the sound to create the perfect atmosphere for your audience.

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Trying to decide between all these reverb effects pedals?

Reverb has been an inseparable part of the guitar since the beginning. So what has changed over the years? Reverb pedals are now the thing of the hour for creating magical acoustic guitar effects or acoustic preamp pedals. These have now become technologically advanced and use some high-level algorithms to work.

While selecting the best reverb pedals can be a tedious process for your acoustic electric guitars, it doesn’t have to be! We have shortlisted the best reverb pedals so that you don’t have to. Check out the list to find the best reverb pedal for acoustic guitar to add to your signal chain with other pedals on your pedalboard like a compressor, delay, etc.

Our Best Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal Reviews

1.  Align Series Reverb Acoustic Pedal

If you are looking for a great fit for your acoustic instrument, the LR Baggs Align Series Reverb Pedal is the right choice. While it is more basic than other advanced boxes, it will not disappoint you.

The reverb allows the true and natural reflection of the instrument. It seems to complement the natural body dynamics of the acoustic instrument without drowning the core tone. Whether you want a subdued sound or that of a wide ambiance, it will suit your requirements.

The circuit will integrate seamlessly with the side signals without overwhelming the original signal. This allows the emulation of the sound of the instrument as naturally as possible.

The tone feature of the pedal brings in versatility that can switch the aura from muted to more open. It will range between anything between warmth and clarity.

There is also an “engage” footswitch for signal issues. For a true bypass, you can go for the footswitch.

It is an easily operated pedal that will reflect your sound and add a sense of space. The basic features and the gig-friendly format will act as an advantage for the product.

Top Features

  • Decay can adjust the length of the reverb tail
  • Reverb control the blend of signals
  • Engage switch for affected signal
  • Includes a volume level control
  • Acoustic tone sweeps from warmth to clarity


  • Maintains audiophile purity of the original signal
  • Tone feature offers a wide range
  • Seamless circuit integration
  • Dual powering option – battery and DC powering requirements


  • Too basic for the price

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2.  Fender Tre-Verb

This digital Tremolo and reverb pedal by Fender is fantastic for musicians that play a wide range of genres. It provides dynamic amp effects that set the mood just right. The pedal has a wide range of features that suits your requirements.

A unique feature is the independent and defined Tremolo and reverb effects in a single pedal. You can also combine these effects to get better and newer sounds.

The multiple tremolo modes are there to ensure that you achieve the perfect sound. The tremolo effects feature all three classic tremolo sounds. These are Harmonic vibrato, Optical, and Bias. It also includes a wide range of tone control effects through tap tempo. The tap tempo lets you keep everything in sync while performing.

Moreover, the reverb is inspired by the best spring reverb units from 1963 to 1965. Hence, these can get you all the classic reverb voicings as per your liking.

Even with the multiple features, the pedal is quite compact and easy to use. If you are willing to use the pedal in any mono or stereo rig, the stereo outputs will come in handy. The pedal is lightweight and also includes a LED illuminating knobs.

Top Features

  • Includes both tremolo and reverb effects
  • Tremolo includes Opto, Bias, and HM
  • Reverb includes 63’, 65’ and plate
  • Includes stereo input and output for multi-amp rigs


  • Independent effects of Tremolo and reverb
  • Compact and lightweight pedal with loaded features
  • Backlit LED knobs
  • Tap Tempo for tremolo rate


  • Less versatile as it includes two sets of features

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3.  TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb

This Hall of Fame reverb by TC Electronic is a perfect fit for a highly versatile reverb pedal. It offers rich reverberations with the right touch to it. All the features are tightly packed into a compact but complete package.

The Hall of Fame reverb offers acoustic players a total of 10 reverb effects. These comprise of Spring, Hall, Church, Ambience, Room, and Plate. These will fulfill your requirements from a subtle reverb to a full-blown cathedral.

Other important features include the Decay, Level, and Tone control. These help to dial in sounds quickly and easily. The true bypass design of the reverb helps to maintain no loss of tone when switched off. You will also get the total tonal integrity of the dry signals with the help of an analog-dry-through. This feature works even with an active pedal.

An advantageous feature worth mentioning is TonePrint. The Toneprint option allows you to download custom tunings with the help of a USB cable. It brings your favorite tunings into the pedal easily.  You can also look at the Hall of Fame 2 option as well.

Top Features

  • Includes Decay, tone and level controls
  • TonePrint allows easy access to custom tunings
  • Analog-dry-through feature
  • Includes true bypass
  • Stereo in and out options


  • Easy access to the battery
  • Performance-ready design
  • Maximum tonal integrity
  • No loss of tine with bypass
  • Works well with a great sounding electric guitar too.


  • It does not include a DC adaptor power requirements

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4.  Boss RV-6 Reverb

This Boss RV-6 is the next generation reverb with advanced features. It includes highly versatile effects to get easy and instant reverb tones. Whether you want subtle room effects or modern shimmer tones, this Boss reverb pedal will handle it efficiently.

The pedal includes eight dynamic reverb tones. These are Delay, shimmer, dynamic, room, hall, plate, spring, and modulate. It is certain to generate rich and clear reverberations with the features.

It supports several operations like mono, mono-to-stereo, or stereo-to-stereo pedal chains. Even with more complex rigs with parallel processing chains and mixers, this pedal can easily handle the operations. You can switch into the B input only to get a complete wet sound.

Each mode of the Boss reverb pedal is engineered to include an array of parameters. Some features enable automatic adjustments to allow synced and ideal voicing. For instance, if you adjust the time and tone knobs in a selected mode, there will be simultaneous parameter adjustments to sync in.

Overall, it is a sophisticated pedal with compact and versatile features. These are sure to provide maximum sound controls and ensure great sound quality.

Top Features

  • 8 reverb effects ranging from shimmer, dynamic to spring and module
  • Analog Dry Tone
  • Versatile input and output options
  • Time and tone adjustment controls


  • High technology with studio-grade algorithms
  • Supports multiple mono and stereo operations
  • Compact and versatile pedal


  • It is a bit expensive

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5.  MXR M300 Reverb

The MXR 300 is a powerful and high-quality reverb pedal that brings about six distinct reverb styles in a single product. It uses Constant Headroom Technology. The reverbs are highly detailed that match the highest-end rack units and plug-ins.

The six reverb styles are Spring, Room Plate, Epic, Mod, and Pad. These help you recreate different auras like a classic amp-based effect and vintage effects. The effects create spaciousness with the richly organic modulations.

This device allows you to toggle between two different settings with the help of an expression pedal. All you need to do is connect the expression pedal using a TRS cable into the Exp jack.

You will get the true bypass feature of the pedal by default, which shuts the effects when you switch off the pedal. Along with this, the pedal also includes a trail bypass feature. This mode uses a buffered bypass that lets the pedal to ring out even when the pedal is turned off.

The MXR box has a simple three-knob setup and includes a hi-fi 100{0794a961920d97099aea99cac5a861228867c4461e5cf936a4873e99fb4a0da6} analog dry path. The power supply is included in the package.

Top Features

  • 100{0794a961920d97099aea99cac5a861228867c4461e5cf936a4873e99fb4a0da6} analog dry path with 20 volts of headroom
  • Six distinct styles of reverb
  • Connects to expression pedal for different settings configuration
  • True relay or trail bypass
  • Stereo input and output ability


  • Simple and easy to use the three-knob box
  • Uses high-end Constant Headroom Technology
  • Let’s you toggle and blend two different settings
  • Includes the power supply


  • It is more expensive than standard reverb pedals

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6.  Donner Verb Square Pedal

This reverb pedal from Donner is one of the best value for money products with its versatile effects. It is a highly compact pedal with a sturdy aluminum alloy body.

Donner Square includes seven reverb styles. These are Room, Church, Spring, Hall, Mod, Studio, and Plate. These cover all the classic styles one you are looking for. The range covers all the easy-going bright tones as well as the deep sounds.

There are three function knobs in the pedal, which are E-Level, Decay, and Tone controls. The Decay feature sets the duration of the reverberation, while the E Level controls the level of effects. Lastly, tone control helps you to adjust the tone effect. These standard features are of most importance to you.

The digital circuit design is quite useful for guitarists. A variety of reverberation effects will lighten the musical tones. The pedal also includes a true bypass to offer a transparent tone. The true bypass works by passing your instrument’s signal through a non-electronic bypass line. This is useful when the effects are disengaged.

Other than these, it includes the standard input and output jacks. The pedal also includes a LED indicator for ease and convenience.

Top Features

  • Includes 7 different reverb styles
  • E-level, Decay and Tone controls
  • Includes a true bypass for providing transparent tone


  • Strong and durable aluminum alloy body
  • LED light indicator
  • Compact design for saving space


  • Does not include the power adapter

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7.  Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb

This compact and affordable pedal will give you all the right feels while playing the instrument. The Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb has a good looking structure with advanced functionality.

This pedal is great for those looking for a vast range of reverbs. As the name suggests, it includes 1 different reverb styles that range from mellow to deep sounds. Some of the basic styles include Hall, Spring, Plate, Dynamic, Shimmer, and Mod. Other styles are Revrs, Echo, Tremolo, Auto-infinite, and Polyphonic reverbs.

This pedal features some hidden parameters that you can access through Secondary Knob Mode. This feature lets the guitarist be in greater control without much hassle.

With this, you also get the option of fading out or immediate stopping of reverb effects. Overall, this is a great product for producing infinite reverbs with adjustable parameters.

Top Features

  • Comprises of 11 reverb styles
  • Control settings of FX level, Time and Tone
  • Infinite, input and output options


  • Great-looking reverb pedal
  • Includes LED light indicator
  • Secondary knob mode


  • No display for tweaking parameters

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8.  Eventide Space Reverb

The reverb pedal fro, Eventide Space is a game-changer for all the guitarists. With the extensive features, the pedal is sure to fulfill all your requirements. It stands up to any sound demand, whether natural, unnatural, or supernatural.

The reverb offers not only the basic styles but also delays and unique combinations of the effects. It includes 12 reverb and delay combination effects, including Hall, Spring, Plate, Room, etc. Some unique combinations are Blackhole, MangledVerb, DynaVerb, and DualVerb.

Another fabulous feature is the preset options by famous sound artists. Overall, there are 100 presets available on the device. You are bound to get a studio-quality sound with this pedal.

10 knobs offer real-time control over your performance and music. Other great features include the Tap Tempo, True Analog Bypass, and MIDI clock sync. All such features allow you to tweak and adjust the settings as per your needs.

Top Features

  • Real-time control with the use of 10 knob switch
  • Consists of 100 preset including artist works
  • True Analog Bypass
  • Tap Tempo and Generate


  • A high-quality cast metal construction
  • Instant change of program
  • Studio level sound quality
  • Includes programmable HotSwitch


  • The body is big and appropriate for professional use

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9.  Fender Marine Layer Reverb

If you want to get yourself a simple and uncomplicated reverb pedal, this will be the right fit. The Fender Marine Reverb allows you to add the right dimensions to your music without much hassle.

It consists of 3 types of reverb styles, namely Hall, Room, and Shimmer. While these might not range across sounds, these will prove useful for you nevertheless. Moreover, the pedal also includes the reverb tails that continue when the effects are muted. This will ensure a natural and smooth decay.

Overall, this is a basic product that can be useful for small performances. It is also a good start for you to start your journey in the musical world.

Top Features

  • Consists of 3 reverb types- Hall, Room, Shimmer
  • Pre-delay control
  • Damping knob


  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Features LED-backlit knobs
  • LED light indicators


  • Expensive for these basic features

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10.  Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb V2

The last item on this list is the end-to-end Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb pedal. It is great for any rigs with compact spaces. The pedal consists of all basic features you will need for a seamless performance.

The reverb side of the pedal includes 3 main types, which are Spring, Modulation, and Shimmer modes. Other than this, there are comprehensive delay features on the board. One of these is the Magnetic Echo Effect. This enables the emulation of analog tape delay lines.

This pedal is a great combination of reverb and delay options. It is a newer and revised version over the old, complicated systems.

Top Features

  • True bypass or trail options
  • Reverb includes 3 modes- Spring, Modulation and Shimmer
  • 3 switchable modulation in Delay
  • Decay, time, blend controls


  • The knobs are too cluttered and confusing

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Summing Up On These Top Reverb Pedals For Acoustic Guitars

All these above-mentioned reverb pedals include some great features that will certainly improve your acoustic guitar’s performance. However, which one to choose solely depends on your requirements and the budget.

A high-quality best reverb pedal can last much longer than an inferior quality item. Hence, the return on investment is always high with the right product. Hopefully, this article guides you towards making an informed and smart choice. So get going on your lively and fun-filled musical performance!

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