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THESE 15 Best Reverb Pedals 2022 Offers Are The Bomb!

For the majority of individuals, the task of choosing the best reverb pedal is quite a challenging one. There is no denying that there are a number of great options; however, it can be difficult to find one out of the sea of pedals on the market. Like other players, you might be confused about the one that is suited for your needs or you might not know what will work for you. If your desire is for quality reverb, you should stick around as we make our recommendations for the best reverb pedals later in the article.

How do I choose a good reverb pedal?

Reverb pedals offer different features and performances. However, they are not all built the same. There are some that produce a good sound, will last for many years and have broad parameters. Others have few effects, may not perform well in some settings and are difficult to customize. Ensure that you know the item that will suit your purpose, whether practice, hobby or professional live performance. Pricing is also important, some are quite affordable and some are pricey. Therefore, you should go for one that suits your budget and provides decent service as well.

Our Top Reverb Pedals Recommendations

For The Money – TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal

Following the huge success of the earlier flagship version, the glossy red reverb pedal, our pick for best guitar reverb pedal for the money, has returned and it is packing a big punch. The Toneprint slot has been extended from 1 to 3; this is a noticeable upgrade and this is one of the main features that sealed the deal for most players.

Besides the additional ‘create your own’ slots, a brand new shimmer reverb is there and it rivals some of its competition. Most importantly, the pedal is fitted with a fresh MASH pedal switch.

It also has compact dimensions and a robust stomp-proof enclosure and as such, it complements a chain arrangement. There are 2 outs and 2 quality quarter-inch inputs that can be used in a stereo reverb pedal delay or mono fashion.

There are 4 durable dials on the top and they are visually labeled and well-spaced. The first dial is designed for decay and the tone is controlled by the second dial. There is also a Level control and of course, the reverb selection dial. The pedal also have options for different reverb settings; this includes the standard spring and plate reverb. The algorithms are also identical to the original version.

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Under 100 – Donner Revecho

The styling of this pedal is very good and it incorporates all of the available effects. This is ideal for those who prefer something that offers variety and our pick for cheap budget for under $100. Its Reverb effect and 2 Mode Delay works remarkably in the majority of settings. Its compact size is easy to handle and its twin pedals are easy to reach. With minimal effort, you will find that they are very effective and responsive. Additionally, it includes a noise gate to guarantee the full effects are functional and quiet. There’s no worry about dealing with the fuzzy noises.

Even though some find it to be a bit small for their liking, this option is encased in a full metal shell, it has good parameters, it is quite strong and stable and it features instant delay time control. It is definitely smaller than the majority of those available on the market. However, its performance is quite impressive. There are two responsive pedals that can be easily operated. There are also LED indicators to display the levels and the operation. Made of aluminum, the piece is lightweight and portable, so you’ll have no issues moving around with it.

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Looking for more options in this price range?  Take a look at these best reverb pedal under 100 options.

Under 150 – BOSS Reverb (RV-6)

The Boss RV 6 Reverb, our choice for best reverb guitar effects pedals under 150, is geared for performance and it is equipped with 4 reverb modes and 4 traditional reverb sounds that add special effects and additional ambience. It is available in the distinctive compact pedal housing for which Boss is known. The pedal is powered by an AC adaptor or a 9-volt battery and it is extremely intuitive. There are also easy-to-use controls for time, tone and level and its selector knob has eight reverb multi-mode reverb pedals. Additionally, the RV-6 features dual ¼-inch jacks for stereo or mono operation and it has an expression pedal jack as well.

The RV-6 delivers the type of studio-quality reverb for which high-end units are known. The reverb parameters are plate, spring, hall or room and each is tuned finely for rich and immersive reverberation. Typically, reverb is an effect that you set and forget; however, this pedal is incredibly versatile, particularly with special effects mode such as shimmer or +Delay. The latter combines delay and reverb to add dimension to solos. It also has a time control which allows short or long delays. The Dynamic mode delivers a warm reverb that wraps around single notes and chords with fascinating expanse.

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Spring – Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb

The sound of this pedal copies the Fender 6G15 reverb unit. If you cannot afford the Fender 6G15 but love its sound, the Catalinbread Topanga, our choice for best spring reverb pedal, is a remarkable substitute.

The distortion and overdrive go straight into the front of the amp. It is the best you can get for its cost; it works quite well and is quite impressive for the price. A spring pedal which functions this well is not typically this reasonably priced; however, somehow Catalinbread managed to pull it off.

Not only is the cosmetic appearance of this pedal attractive but it has quite a realistic and warm tube-driven spring tank sound as well. It was designed to be attached to the input section of the amp; as such, it should not be used in the effects loop.

When you drive your preamp, it will provide a clean vintage sounds. For those who prefer a sound that is more intense, all you have to do is turn the volume knob. You will be increasing the sound when the volume knob is turned and this allows your amp to get an even deeper saturation of the reverb.

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Reverb Delay – MOOER EchoVerb Digital Delay and Reverb

This choice, our pick for reverb delay pedal, is impressively versatile and it brings together two distinctive effects in a single compact package; it also has an added function that is quite surprising. It is outfitted with a simple two-way switch that allows players to alternate among the three-way control layout located between its two effects. This is designed to make alterations to parameters like decay, feedback and a delay effects time of as much as 1.6 seconds.

This adds a wet slapback, subtle harmonics or cavernous ambiance and all from an effect that can fit into the palm of your hand. For an added bonus, you can hold down the footswitch to engage a tap tempo function that delivers a plethora of delay possibilities. When the footswitch is tapped at least two times, this will synchronize the delay to your preferred tempo. After 5 seconds, it will revert to regular operation. This can also be accomplished via a small LED button that is in the middle and all this is offered at a working musician’s price. The controls switches depict the effect that are being adjusted. To adjust delay, you can just switch up and to adjust reverb parameters, you can switch down.

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Ambient – MOOER A7 Ambiance Reverb

The A7 Ambiance, our choice for ambient tones, has a shimmering blue finish that also provides a bit of sparkly flash to the pedal setup. It is a part of the pedals that have been newly added to the New Micro Series from Mooer. The series provides multi-mode mini pedals that are given presets capabilities and it is available in its distinctive 7 LED layout. In A7, the “7” is used to represent the number of psychedelic and ambient reverb effects that are offered. This is a feature that is seems to especially cater to psychedelic space cadets and far-out guitar astronauts.

Applying prolonged pressure on the footswitch will enable the Infinite Trail fade out option; this will take you to infinity and beyond. There is also a conventional Trail On feature that will keep things brief. The Chaos knob also offers some amount of intrigue, which can be assumed is designed to add a hint of the unexpected to each of the ambiance modes.

Each effect has its own storable preset. The pedal is feature packed with classic and original tones, various customization options and a modernized form factor that features its distinctive 7 LED configuration.

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Mini – EX Digital Reverb

The EX Digital, our pick for mini option, has 3 mode settings, namely spring mode, well mode and room mode. The Spring mode is dark and snappy and it works well with stabbed chords. The Well mode produces a bouncy sound that is reminiscent of notes that are bouncing off the walls. In Room mode, you will be able to achieve some very atmospheric and wet sounds. This mode also work remarkably with ambient sections.

The EX Digital is, in essence, the least expensive guitar effects pedal that is currently available on the market. However, the pedal is well constructed and it offers a few different options for reverb. Considering its cost, the panel sounds pretty good. For those who are on a tight budget and still want to purchase a reverb pedal, the EX Digital could be a great option for you.

The function knobs on this pedal can quickly transport you into some strange territory. Its Dry/Wet knob is designed to control the reverb level. The Time knob adjusts decay time and the overall volume is controlled by the Level knob. Depending on the reverb mode, the LED will change color.

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If you are looking for more mini options, we also did a full article on the best mini reverb pedal options.

Analog – MXR M300 Reverb Analog

The MXR M300 Reverbs are equipped with just three control knobs and as can be expected from a pedal that has such a small number of knobs, it is quite easy to use and our choice for analog tones. You just need to simply choose the type of reverb you would like by pushing down the Tone knob. It has three LEDs in the center that will cycle through its 6 types of reverb and this is a great method of instantly seeing the type of reverb that is selected.

When you push down on the Tone knob it should be noted that you could possibly use your foot to switch between different reverbs instead of needing to bend down and do the switching by hand. Even though this seems to be a handy feature, there are not too many situations in which it would be vital to change the type of reverb in a song. However, it is an indication that there are fewer knobs and buttons that you will have to deal will, so it is definitely a cool feature. The pedal also features one output and one input which is unlike other reverb pedals.

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Chinese Made – Ammoon MOSKY MP-51 Spring Reverb Mini

The Ammoon MOSKY MP-51 Mini, our choice for Chinese reverb pedal, is in a category among the most affordable. Many individuals choose items that suit their budget and provide decent performance. It has 3 functional knobs that control Gain, Level and Tone and it also provides True Bypass. Its cast metal case is built sturdily to seamlessly handle bangs, regular operation, movement and environmental factors.

It has a decent noise filtration nature and this is another notable feature that works well in a studio; this produces a more tonal sound. The MP-51 is powered by a 9V battery and a power adapter that rapidly and safely charges the unit. It is quite compact and delivers good sound. Its LED light assists in showing the status of the effects or bypass.

The mix knob is a tad overly sensitive; however, it is well-built and durable and it delivers a big bang for your bucks. Additionally, it is easy to set up and it produces a vibrant sound. It is less likely that its metal shell will break or come apart. Its effects are impressive and can be experienced on a wide band. Its sound is also decent with its deep tone.

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Modulated – Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb

This multi-texture reverb allows guitarists to create soundscapes that are modulated, lush, ambient and sleepy which is why we choose it for modulated reverb. It has 3 different reverb algorithms and each is meant to produce an individual texture and provide the option of modulation being integrated into the wash of reverb. As a reverb, Dream can be latched by way of a footswitch to produce a consistent pad of reverb. Rise will swell the reverb in an amount of time set by the user and lower octave is added by Dark into the reverb trail with adjustable level.

The control system of this effects pedal is quite intuitive and each parameter has a huge amount of range. The modulation and bass octave track well and regardless of how hard the filter is pushed, the top end stays dynamic and silky with no indication of ‘Christmas reverb.’ Those who enjoy end-of-the-gig pedalboard. self-oscillating wig-outs will likely enjoy it.

If you are seeking out the most authentic replica of a kickable reverb tank, this pedal is not the one for you. But neither is it strictly restricted to the Jazzmaster/Strymon devotees. This powerful pedal has a lot to offer psychedelic rockers, soundtrack composers, electronic-music producers and soundscape artists.

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For Acoustic Guitar – Woodverb Acoustic Guitar Reverb

This WoodVerb – our choice for acoustic guitar, is specifically designed with the acoustic guitar in mind. It is not designed to bring natural-sounding resonance and body to a dry piezo sound. It actually has a somewhat more experimental concept in mind. This small effect pedal delivers 3 types of reverb effects. There is the mod that adds a modulation effect, a reverb that mimics a vintage plate reverb and filter that adds a far-reaching filter sound. The pedal also has controls for mix, decay and tone/rate/range. The tone/rate/range will depend on the placement on the 3-position mode switch.

The Woodverb reverb is powered solely by a 9vDC as it is too small to accommodate a battery. Additionally, the output and input jacks are offset so they will both fit. The finish of the effect includes a detailed acoustic guitar along with a wood grain motif. This seems to produce the impression that it is an body-simulating, ambient effect which might have been better with some Umberto Eco quotation regarding semiotics and utilizing the design of an equipment to tell the player how to interact with it.

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Want more options?  We also have a complete article on the top 10 best reverb pedals for acoustic guitar choices.

For Metal – Electro Harmonix HOLY GRAIL NANO

This pedal is arguably the simplest digital reverb available making it a great choice for metal. Although designed for guitar use, it will work well in any instrument-level source. Its high input impedance is intended to suit electric guitars; however, just one unbalanced mono output. Where controls are concerned, there is a wet/dry mix knob, a three-way slide switch and a bypass footswitch. It powered by an included 9V adaptor.

The slide switch delivers 3 reverb options which are the Flerb, Spring and Hall. The Flerb is described by the manual as a beautiful reverb that is unlike anything that have been heard before and may assist you in playing your guitar in new ways. The Spring is inspired by the reverbs that are in the standard guitar combos, down to its rhythmic flutter. Similar to the real thing, the sole variable is how much is dialed in; however, it is still pretty good. The Hall is quite generous side for certain styles of music, it is absolutely ideal for doing cover versions of blues that sound as though they were recorded at a huge venue when only a few showed up.

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Shoegaze – EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3

For 2020, NAMM took their EarthQuaker Devices back to the drawing board to provide its Afterneath with an update to its V3 pedal – our pick for shoegaze music. Some of the fresh features are trails/no trails switching, nine new modes and CV or expression pedal control for Drag. In addition to that, the updated pedal is the same ethereal reverb unit that delivers sound that ranges from subterranean, cavernous echoes to ping-pong delays. One person has noted that it sounds similar to a wizard bursting out of an ethereal cave, prepared to fight the ambient battle.

Its Drag parameter can now be controlled by way of CV or expression pedal, which splits the individual delay lines. It can be turned clockwise to produce more reverb-like atmospheres and for a more scattered effect it should be turned in the opposite direction.

Its Reflect knob is other remarkable feature of the Afterneath V3 reverb pedal effect. It is designed to change the gravity of the reverb regen and the ‘cave’. In addition, it functions as a feedback control; this is an indication that the further clockwise it goes, it can self-oscillate.

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Boss – BOSS RV-500 Reverb Processor

This reverb provides the most versatile and powerful reverb processor ever made and our pick for Boss. It is multi-layered creation machine that features impressive 32-bit AD/DA conversion. It is also equipped with immense program ability and a 32-bit floating point processing. This provide you with a professional-level studio reverb just at your fingertips.

It sports 21 recently-developed reverb algorithms and 12 modes and it produces a broad range of textures. This delivers complimentary ambient tones to immersive sonic atmospheres.

It features a powerhouse DSP engine which makes it way more than merely a single-effect device. Dual mode simultaneously delivers two independent reverbs that can be fed with a full-range input. There is also the option of using separate frequency ranges to build warm, multi-range sounds. Additionally, the A/B Simul mode allows the simultaneous use of any two patches. There is the option of parallel or series connection order and a split or mixed A/B output.

It also features 32-bit AD/DA, this exceeds all standards of the industry for pedal-based effects. It runs at a sampling rate of 96 kHz that delivers pristine sonic quality. This goes beyond the highest-level digital processors that are found in top pro studios.

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For Surf Guitar – Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb Pedal

Because of its compact chassis and modest price, it would be quite easy to make the assumption that the Oceans 11 pedal, our pick for reverbs for surf guitar, is merely another basic effect with the standard selection of plate, hall and room reverbs. However, concealed inside its small package is a huge assortment of remarkable reverb effects. These include sophisticated sounds that are typically a feature of devices cost 3, 4 or more times as much.

The front of the Ocean 11 has a rotary switch knob on the lower left of the front panel, which provides the strongest indication of the intricacy that lurks inside this small gadget. There are 11 different settings, namely plate, spring, echo, reverse reverb, modulated, tremolo, dynamic, polyphonic effects, shimmer and auto-infinite. Some of these effects have 3 sets of parameters which the mode switch controls. Additionally, the mode switch is used to choose tap tempo separations for the echo setting. Furthermore, it engages either mix or interval edit parameters in the Poly setting. There is also an FX level control, tone and time (decay) knobs. The tone and time knobs also provide another set of parameters that can be accessed by holding the mode button down for around a second.

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Top Guitar Reverb Pedals Conclusion

Some other quick picks:

  • Digitech Polara

What you need for guitar pedals as a beginner guitarist.

If you are planning on buying the top reverb pedal that is available on the market, you can go through the ones above and choose the one the suits you. Following in-depth and intense research, we have recommended the list of the top units that are currently available. They have various parameters and features and will work remarkably in various sessions, including studio, room and hall. These simple and versatile pedals have a broad range of effects and settings. It is easy to choose the most suitable one. They are built solidly and sound quality is good as well.