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7 Best Ambient Reverb Pedals For Cool Space Tone

Looking to create a stunning ambient guitar tone?  We bring you a list of the best ambient reverb pedal options that are sure to make you happy.

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Our Best Ambient Reverb Pedals Reveiws

1.  Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal

The incredibly intelligent Ventris Dual Reverb underlines two entirely independent 56-bit reverb processors; these processors consist of a matching set of high-powered reverb pedals in an individual box. Ventris’s secure dual processing architecture lends the pedal some considerable advantages including enormous processing muscle, adaptable preset spillover time and, most importantly, the capacity to create dual reverb effects. Source Audio’s two-person engineering team has taken the utmost care in formulating the Ventris Reverb’s incredible tones, they have ensured to cover all the bases from natural and classic reverberations to deeper and edgier tones.

It also includes twelve onboard reverb engines as well as an ever-increasing array of reverb effects available via the mobile application or desktop editor. This app and editor offer a variety of other reverb engines as well as an enhanced set of editing options. After you edit your preset, you can burn it directly to the pedal and access it anytime. You do not need to reconnect the app every time. These reverb pedal models also have an outboard spring with its most notable characteristic being an intense drip.


  • Strong build
  • Durable
  • Premium features
  • Highest qualify tones from your instrument


  • Very pricey
  • Requires guitarists some serious learning and exploring for knob understanding

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2.  Walrus Audio Descent Reverb

The Walrus Audio Descent Reverb was manufactured to generate ambient textures of tone and sound, from massive and extensive hall reverbs to symphonic shimmers. Its three-mode reverb system encompasses hall, reverse, and shimmer. In each of these modes, the user gets the power to feed octaves into the reverberated signal, giving users maximum control over the octave levels.

The hall mode features a traditional reverb sound that can shift your signal from a small-room-echo to a deeper long hall- echo. The reverse mode converts your signal to playback and lets it be altered with pre-delay time controls. Shimmer mode intensifies the octave features, signal, and the amount of mix in your signal; all this creates a harmony of sound. This pedal has unique features, but it can cost you a pretty penny.

These stereo reverb guitar pedals propose you with eight controls to help you hone your precise reverb. Users can also utilize an auxiliary switch to switch the pedal on/off and to save presets. This pedal also allows you to set the high and low parameters of every control through its expression pedal to give you the complete command over your tones.


  • Versatile for any guitarist
  • Great instrument sound and tone
  • Adjustable
  • Good build


  • Requires a lot of tweaking
  • Preset issues

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3.  Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 Celestial Reverb Pedal

The Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 Celestial Reverb Pedal is a unique three-knob reverb pedal that confines the power of the celestial bodies. It is established on the concept of astral beings, so its effects are titled after constellations. You can generate your tones with two sets of similar controls that allow you to bounce between the top and bottom row of knobs skillfully. This ambient reverb pedal is ready for editing as it works as a preset without needing any adjustments. You can also fix each row to be an entirely different tone and sound.

For instance, with these pedals you can put a deep shimmer on one, a minor reverb on the other, or establish any combination of two distinct sounds and shift between them rapidly. For every control, there is a slide switch on the side of the pedal; this lets you select one of the three-reverb effect constellations: Canis Major, Orion, and Ursa Major. You can uncover a whole universe of unique reverb effects using this pedal. While not as pricey as the previous two on the list, it is still costly. It features controls that administer the signals, octaves, and delay time.


  • Soft-touch design
  • High-grade components
  • Full-featured
  • Clean and crisp sound


  • Octave range issues
  • Deviates from basic tone and sounds

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4.  Walrus Audio Fathom Multi-Function Reverb

The Fathom by Walrus is a feature-rich reverb that has four distinct reverb algorithms. You can go from refined, small room reverb to extended, modulated tracks that drip with ambient goodness. It has a toggle switch option for low, medium, and high modulation. You can use the knob to fine-tune the rhythm of the reverb’s decay. Its algorithms are hall, which is broad, open, and massive with decay that climaxes with high-frequency roll-off, and then comes plate, which is a full-body reverb with a soft decay.

Next is Lo-fi, which has a processed reverb with decay varying from a warm to thin sound. The final one is Sonar that has a reverb fed with both high and low octaves and the capacity to blend them. Price-wise, it lands on the same range as The Astronomer V2, but many are pleased with what it offers. It gives you some moment options and tricks, for example, when the pedal is off, you can press and hold the Bypass Switch to temporarily initiate the effect, this will add a moment of some subtle reverb.


  • Beautiful designed pedals
  • Range of sounds
  • Fully loaded reverb
  • Amazing knob control


  • Modulation needs some work
  • Tone blending issues

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5.  EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V2

The EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V2 sounds a lot like its design: a wizard emerging from an ethereal cave, ready to wield its magic. While the layout features beautiful illustrations of wizards and wands, the sounds are amazing and the guitar pedal’s price tag is huge for guitar players who will love the results in their tone. This pedal has plenty of functions that aims to transport you to another mystical world with its rich and hypnotic tones from these pedals. It has control options where length governs the decay length of the reverb, and diffuse adjusts the spread of the reverb while drag segregates the individual digital delay lines. Dampen mellows out brighter tones, reflect modifies depth and regeneration of the reverb as mix alters the equilibrium between the input signal and effect.

It also features many modes that have a smooth and steady delay while also allowing you to maintain the octave. This pedal features Flexi-Switch Technology, which allows you to utilize momentary and latching style switching simultaneously. The Afterneath employs an electronic buffer bypass that needs the power to pass signal, and this buffer is always active. You may encounter a pop you turn your pedal on, but it settles and brings you intense sounds.


  • Spacey, deep sound and tone
  • Sturdy
  • Well-built
  • Great reverb/delay effects combo


  • No traditional tones
  • Not for regular use

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6.  MOOER A7 Ambiance Reverb Pedal

The MOOER A7 Ambiance Reverb Pedal models are a compact reverb pedal that comes with many features under a single footswitch and a reasonable price tag. The A7 is a brand-new digital reverb pedal from MOOER’s new Micro series. It is established on MOOER’s distinctive algorithm of reverb that is loved by many guitar players. It houses up to seven different types of typical reverb effects that are sure to make you very happy with the tonal outcome. With its exceptional X control, you can quickly alter your environments switching from the space of a little room to a big hall or cathedral.

Its in-built trail function can be shifted between IN-FINITE mode and the traditional Trail On mode; this allows users to explore more tone possibilities of this reverb pedal. It has many additional features such as buffer bypass and true bypass with the option to switch between the two. It has adorable presets for every effect and you can update the firmware through a USB, so you will always stay updated on the pedal’s developments. It also allows some editing parameters where you can rotate control knobs to make changes.


  • Good value for money
  • Fuller sound for your guitars
  • Great modulation
  • Robust pedals


  • Certain effect limitations
  • Volume drop issues

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7.  CNZ Audio Multi Reverb Pedal

The CNZ Audio Multi Reverb Pedal flawlessly simulates those warm, ambient tones while permitting a wide range of sounds. This true bypass pedal demonstrates the classic reverb tone and makes it easy to discover the sound that suits your style. The toggle switch gives three different reverb settings: hall, spring, and shimmer. These options enable you to find your exact rhythm while retaining the distinct classic reverb effects sound. The Mix knob monitors the blend or proportion of effect coming through as you mix with the tone of your guitar.

This small size pedal footswitch allows you to have a cleaner sound and you can choose between hall, shimmer, or spring, the space of your choice. The decay knob determines the overall duration of lingering of the reverb sound, and the times it echoes on a good delay pedal. Turning the decay knob clockwise heightens the guitars’ length of time the sound goes on. For reduction, turn the knob counterclockwise. The tone knob solely controls if you want additional bass, middle, or treble from the pedal. You can handily change this by turning the knob up for extra treble and down for bass.


  • Strong metal body
  • Very affordable pedals
  • Great functions and features
  • Amazing sound quality instrument


  • Durability issues
  • Creates minor overtones in some guitars

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Final Thoughts On The Top Ambient Reverb Pedals

Got a budget for ambient guitar effects pedals?  Take a look at these cheap reverb pedal options for your pedalboard set up.More quick picks:

  • Neunaber Immerse Reverberator
  • Electro Harmonix Oceans 11

If you are looking for ambience, ambient pedals for guitarists are an incredible way of imitating natural tone atmospheres and, along with that, you get tons of added features from these great reverb pedals in your pedal board to help you compose your precise tunes.  All these traits aim to turn your gigs or casual playtime into an enchanting experience and you can enjoy your passion. If you prefer these characteristics and enjoy multiple combinations provided by these pedals, then an ambient reverb pedal is the perfect way to enrich your performance and musical style. All you need to do is opt for the one on the market that is most tailored to your needs and budget pedals to get you going.