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5 Best Budget Reverb Pedal Effects With Quality Tone & Price

Reverb is all the rage. It’s the mixture of sounds reflected off close surfaces that gives a great atmosphere to your guitar playing. From subtle tones to intense ones, it gives you the atmosphere you wish for. However, reverb pedals are not known to be affordable as they come with premium features. However, that is no cause for dismay because the music market has something for everyone.

If you are on a budget and seeking a reverb pedal that works well, then look no further. We will assist you in choosing the best budget reverb pedal so guitar players can relish in that ambiance anytime.

We have picked out the top reverb types that bring you many features and are very affordable. Here are some of our recommendations but you can also take a look at these best ambient reverbs and best acoustic guitar pedals too:

Our Top Budget Reverb Pedal Recommendations

1.  Donner Verb Square Evolution+

Evolution+ comes with seven reverb effects. These effects allow you to create spacey and versatile effects or, if you want, you can amplify the sound dimensions of your tone. This lightweight and compact-sized device enables you to keep your pedal board small and easy to carry.

It features a wide range of effect controls; it has an effect type selector and three-effect parameter control knobs that give you maximum access to effect details. As for the effect tail, you need to hold the footswitch to turn effect tail on/off when bypassed. You can have the ambiance going while switching effects; this pedal gives clearer sounds and works for every music type.

Its reverb effects and onboard controls lend you a broad tonal range, and extra effect tail control is very helpful. Whether you are a pop music fan, a rock music player, or if you want to make your guitar sound more imposing, you can include the Donner Verb Square Evolution+ to your pedalboard to accomplish the sound you desire.

This is probably one of the cheapest reverb pedals too.


  • High quality components
  • Optimal design
  • Solid build
  • Best cheap reverb pedal but good value for money


  • Creates overtones
  • Some knobs are tough to move

Take a look at these other best reverb pedals, mini reverb pedals as well as a distortion pedal to pair with guitars.

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2.  EX Digital Reverb Pedal Mini Reverb

The EX Digital Reverb Pedal Mini Reverb guitar pedal has three reverb modes onboard: the Well reverb has a bouncy disposition, the Spring reverb mode is a classic reverb shimmer sound with drip, and Room mode gives that natural ambiance. Tweaking and adjustments are very easy with this pedal as it has three knobs responsible for controls. The dry/wet knob adjusts the proportion of reverb in the mix, the Time knob adjusts the length of the decay and the level knob works to manage the overall volume of your tone.

Level knob manages the overall volume. This pedal has a small but rugged build and it features an LED that changes color to show different modes. It lights red for Room, green for Spring, and a red-green mixture for Well. It also comes with ¼-inch input and output jacks and an AC adapter input on the top. This pedal has a good frame with some variations of reverb options. If you are on a tight budget yet still seek a good quality reverb pedal, this just might be your best option for your pedalboard.

It is among the best inexpensive pedal options.


  • Good features
  • Adds depth to sounds
  • Compact
  • Sturdy


  • No tone control option
  • Sound quality from these best cheap reverb pedals could be better

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3.  Caline Digital Reverb Pedal

With a full metal shell, the Caline Digital Reverb Pedal uses LED to show its working status. This affordable reverb pedal has a true bypass switch that allows your instrument’s signal to pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is released. This also feeds your amplifier with the direct, unfiltered signal from your instrument. There are six function knobs on this unit, namely: MIX, RES. CFR, LPF, PRD, and DECAY. You can choose from these control function knobs and select the mode you want to use to make your tone.

You can dial in a reverb mode with the RES knob, shape your tone with the CFR knob, and put in a bit of warmth with the LPF knob. You can use the PRD knob to establish the reverb delay pedal time, the MIX knob to control the proportion of reverb, and the DECAY knob to set the reverb’s decay length. It features a digital, analog, and tape delay types along with controls for time, repeat, and level. This device is the perfect way for you to create colorful tones without having to spend much.


  • Clear and neat sounds
  • Strong
  • Good resonance
  • Spacey tones


  • Hard to contain depth in tones
  • Durability issues

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4.  Behringer DR600 Digital Reverb

The ultimate Behringer DR600 Digital stereo reverb guitar pedals has effects that are similar to state-of-the-art studio processors; this product’s make and design allow it to stand tall amongst the top-notch products on the market. It features 24-bit high resolution stereo reverbs consisting of Spring, Plate, Hall, Gate, Room, and Modulate. This reverb allows you to experience any kind of ambiance you are striving for. It also has a range of control options to give you enough opportunity to shape your tones.

It is equipped with three control knobs: Level monitors the mix, Tone allows adjustments to the high and low frequencies, and Time controls the duration of the reverb tails. It has a blue LED to indicate off and on status. It comes with a bypass mode that provides you with cleaner and more resonating tones from an inexpensive pedal. It has high quality components and a good build.

The Behringer DR600 is an outstanding contender for a budget reverb pedal. It proposes enough features to fulfill most guitarists’ needs, and its 24-bit sound processing implies that the effect quality is at the same level as many top guitar effects pedals.


  • Both stereo and mono outputs
  • Great sound quality in combination with other guitar effects
  • Flexibility in settings
  • Easy to use


  • Prone to damage

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5.  VSN Digital Reverb Pedals Ocean Verb

This good reverb pedal does precisely what you need a reverb pedal to do with simplicity and at an amazing price. The mix knob is very helpful and its modes are very fun to play with. It has a simple enough layout so you can get right into it. The VSN Digital Reverb Pedals Ocean Verb pedal lends enormous potential to your guitar capabilities with its high resonance. It provides you with ample range to experience any type of atmosphere you like.

It features True Bypass and you will not face any tone loss as you disengage it. Its small size takes up very little space on your pedal board, making it easier for you to manage. It is simple and has three models. You can modify your reverb until you hear your desired tone blend. It provides ample shaping parameters to blend and tweak your melodies. It has a great reverb range and gives you many options to reach your required atmosphere. It has strong zinc covering which allows this pedal to be your durable and reliable music partner.


  • Powerful sounds
  • Beautiful design
  • Good modulation settings
  • Solid build
  • Does not take a lot of room on your pedalboard


  • Lack of tons versatility
  • Sound quality could improve

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Final Thoughts On The Top Budget Reverb Pedals

Plenty more quick picks for reverb footswitches for the stage or home practice:

  • MXR M300
  • Electro Harmonix Holy Grail
  • Boss RV-6
  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb

Every artist with an inexpensive budget yearns for the best reverb pedal equipment for your guitars to polish their music, but few have the wallet for it. The top picks we presented to you will give your guitar playing all the extra zest you need without costing you too much.

All these great reverb pedals have unique and beautiful traits that differentiate them from each other. We are confident that guitar players can find your pick amongst these best budget pedal recommendations.