best taylor acoustic guitar under 1000

THESE 7 Best Taylor Acoustic Guitars Under 1000 Are Great!

If you want a high quality acoustic guitar, then there are only a few names to choose from. One of them is Taylor, a brand that has been producing excellent instruments since the 1970s. The California-based company is known for making some of the most popular premium acoustic guitars in the world. They also have compelling options in the entry-level and mid-tier categories.

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to own one of their creations. In this article, we list down the best Taylor acoustic guitar under 1000 options just for you.

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Our Taylor Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 Reviews:

Taylor 214ce-K Grand Auditorium Koa Natural ES2

The Taylor 200 Series is filled with mid-range acoustic-electric guitars. All of them have solid sitka spruce tops with different tonewoods for the rest of the body. This particular model uses layered koa for the body, back, and sides. This Hawaiian wood was used to make canoes because of its buoyancy and lightness. It was also used in making weapons. As a tonewood, it provides the clarity of maple and the thickness of rosewood. Resonance gets better with age. Meanwhile, the neck is made from solid mahogany for durability. West African ebony was used for the bridge and the fretboard instead of the usual rosewood.

This grand auditorium guitar has a scale length of 25.5 inches that is typical for acoustics. It’s not as big as dreadnoughts yet not as small as concert guitars. The volume is loud but not overpowering. It is just the right size for a mix of playing styles from strumming to fingerpicking. The neck scores high on playability featuring a 1 and 11/16-inch nut width. If you need to plug it in for your gigs, then you can rely on the ES-N electronics to take care of business. The Venetian makes the higher notes highly accessible.  It sounds amazing through my studio monitors after recording.


  • Precise sound.
  • Great tuning stability.
  • Top notch customer service.
  • Beautiful. Warm, rich tones that are conducive for most styles of acoustic music.


  • Price (but it is a high quality instrument).

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    Our Rating –

    Check The Latest Price On The Taylor 214ce-K Grand Auditorium Koa Natural ES2

    Taylor 210ce Dreadnought

    Here is another model from the 200 Series that combines practical design choices with a sprinkling of premium materials. Unlike the first guitar we featured, this one has a dreadnought shape so you get a large body and a full sound. The top has sitka spruce for superior tonal quality. The body, back, and sides are made from layered Indian rosewood. This is a hardwood with a fragrant aroma and a warm sound. Once again, we find ebony on the fingerboard and the bridge. The neck is also made from mahogany. The Venetian cutaway is also present here.

    The major difference between this and the 214ce is the body shape. Think about how you are going to use your guitar in order to find the best fit. If you do a lot of fingerstyle playing, then the dreadnought is better since it will be able to amplify all of the nuances of your pieces. It is also the more traditional shape so you might be used to its size and feel. Meanwhile, the grand auditorium is better if you are looking for a slightly smaller guitar to fit your body frame. It may be more comfortable to play for younger people as well.


    • Premium Tone Woods
    • Solid Sitka Spruce Top
    •  Ebony Fingerboard and Bridge Pins Factory installed ebony bridge pins (5) and fingerboard dot markers (12)
    • Taylor ES2 electronics for natural amplified sound out of a silent acoustic guitar. A preamp system while preserving the organic tone of the guitar.


    • None at this time.

    Our Rating –

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    Taylor Academy Series Academy 12 Grand Concert

    If you have a limited budget, then look into Taylor’s entry-level guitars. The Academy Series provides options at reasonable prices while maintaining a high standard of quality. For example, this model continues to feature a solid sitka spruce top despite its lower cost. As for the body, back, and sides, you will get layered sapele. This is an economical tonewood that performs well with its warm tone. It looks and feels a lot like mahogany but with a stronger treble and more complex overtones. The neck is made from sapele as well which should be fine since it is a tough hardwood.

    Since this has a grand concert shape, expect a smaller frame that is easier to hold and play. This makes it perfect for young learners who are making their first forays into guitars. The waist is also more pronounced than in dreadnoughts. However, you will not find a cutaway for fret access. It has a standard Taylor neck profile and 42.8mm nut width. The fingerboard is made from African ebony. The neck and the body has a matte finish with a natural look. Beginners don’t have to put up with cheap products. They deserve a quality guitar like the Academy 12.


    • Smaller profile body that will fit for smaller frames, meaning more people can play it
    • Very easy to play.
    • The Taylor Academy series is great for beginners because of its easy design.
    • The sound that comes out of this instrument is loud resulting in a rich and strong sound.


    • It does not have the same body shape as the standard Taylor guitar that is known for its broader sound.

    Our Rating –

    Check The Latest Price On The Taylor Academy Series Academy 12 Grand Concert

    Taylor GS Mini Rosewood Acoustic

    Taylor designed a new body shape in 2006 and called it the Grand Symphony. Compared to their Grand Auditorium, this one has a bigger lower bout as well as a wider waist. This gives it louder volume, deeper bass, and longer sustain. It became so popular that it gave rise to another shape called the GS Mini. This scaled down version has a similar tone in a more portable and comfortable package. It’s great for smaller individuals who want to play with ease while traveling around with their guitar. It performs well in all scenarios from solo practice to live stage shows.

    Here we have sitka spruce for the top wood. It’s simply hard to beat its versatility and dynamism. The body features the darker layered rosewood which is durable and beautiful to behold. The scale length is only 23.5 inches instead of the usual 25.5 inches. The tuners are die-cast chrome while the strings are Elixir Phosphor Bronze. Nut and saddle are made from Nubone. The pickguard is tortoise shell. This travel guitar’s body length is only 17 and 5/8 inches while the width is 14 and 3/8 inches. Depth is measured at 4 and 7/16 inches.


    • Aesthetically pleasing.
    • Incredible sound.
    • Contoured Body.
    • Great action and string height.
    • Good weight to it (for size).


    • None! This is a great guitar for the price range.

    Our Rating –

    Check The Latest Price On The Taylor GS Mini Rosewood Acoustic

    Taylor BBTe Big Baby Taylor

    Taylor created the Baby Series to meet the demands of customers who wanted compact options for their children’s use. Some also craved for smaller options that they could take while traveling. The Big Baby is one of the biggest sellers in this line. In particular, the BBTe model provides a nice mix of features. It may be compact but it is able to produce ample volume. The sitka spruce top and the layered walnut body produces a satisfying tone with winning aesthetics. Under the top is an X bracing pattern for continuous structural rigidity from the upper to the lower bout.

    Like many of the brand’s acoustic-electric models, this one features the Expression System-B electronics. It has individual pieze elements to pick up notes from different areas of the guitar. The result is a richer sound with greater nuance. There is also a preamp and digital tuner with simple controls. The BBTe has a regular scale length of 25.5 inches and a body length of 19.5 inches. There is a pickguard made of tortoise shell, Elixir Phosphor Bronze strings, Nubone nut, Micarta saddle, and plastic truss rod cover. The package includes a Taylor gig bag.


    • It’s a Taylor, which is a trusted name in acoustic guitar.
    • It has the classic dreadnought shape.
    • It’s got this really cool deep tone to it.
    • It’s affordable.
    • The Rosewood fingerboard is beautiful and makes playing chords easy.


    • n/a

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    Our Rating –

    Check The Latest Price On The Taylor BBTe Big Baby Taylor

    Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB

    This is the electro-acoustic version of the popular GS Mini that we previously mentioned. The dimensions are all the same so you can enjoy comfortable dimensions for playing and a portable size for travel. If it looks a bit different, then that’s because of the different woods used in making this particular variant. The top is made from solid koa wood instead of the usual sitka spruce. This native Hawaiian hardwood has more pronounced grains. It produces a focused tone in the beginning that mellows into a warmer and richer sound over time.

    The body, back, and sides are made from koa as well. However, the neck is all mahogany while the bridge and fretboard use ebony. The other main feature of this guitar is the piezo pickup system. You can plug this into your amp for bigger volume during gigs. The ES-B electronics has a built-in digital tuner that helps you play flawlessly every time. The LED display will show low battery warnings as well. Each lithium cell battery is good for about 300 hours of use. The system automatically turns off when idle.


    • Consistent and balanced sound.
    • Easy to play due to low-action.
    • Smaller body size, so it’s easier to play sitting or in confined spaces.
    • Excellent value for the money.
    • Koa top which is difficult to find in this price range.


    • May need a few modifications from an experienced tech (e.g., pickup, string height) for better performance.

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    Check The Latest Price On The Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB

    Taylor Academy 12e Grand Concert

    Taylor’s Academy Series is a great starting point for novices. Begin your musical journey on the right foot by getting high quality equipment like the Academy 12e. Unlike the basic version of this model, this one has built-in electronics for enhanced versatility. The Expression System 2 is Taylor’s own in-house creation. It is composed of both individually calibrated piezo pickup elements and an onboard pre-amplifier. You even get a digital chromatic tuner powered by a cell battery. It is a simple yet effective system for those who are still learning the craft.

    Since this is a grand concert shape, expect the dimensions to be slightly smaller than the dreadnoughts and grand auditoriums that are also popular among the company’s offerings. One could argue that this is better for young learners as the grip and feel are more comfortable. The top tonewood is the ubiquitous sitka spruce while the body woods are layered sapele. This has a symmetric shape which looks clean and traditional. There is no pickguard so users should be careful about scratching the surface.


    • Price is an excellent value.
    • Excellent tone and volume.
    • Outstanding projection and volume.
    • Instantly playable.


    • None!

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    Our Rating –

    Check The Latest Price On The Taylor Academy 12e Grand Concert

    What To Expect With A Taylor Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

    Are you planning on shopping for a Taylor acoustic guitar that is less than $1000? If so, there are some features that you may want to make sure that you look for and some that you can live without.

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    What Wood Is The Guitar Built From

    An important thing to consider is the type of woods that the guitar is made from for excellent build quality. Taylor guitars are made from mahogany, rosewood, or ebony. If you want your acoustic guitar to have a bright tone then it should be mahogany or rosewood but if you want the acoustic guitar to have a mellow tone then it should be ebony.

    What Kind Of Pickup Is On The Guitar

    Do you need an acoustic guitar with a pickup? If you do then you need to make sure that the guitar has a pickup on it. If it does not have one then it will not be easy to amplify the sound of your acoustic guitar. You can look online to find out what types of pickups are in different Taylor guitars.

    How The Guitar Is Wired

    Another important thing for you to consider is how the guitar is wired. A guitar with a high quality pickup in it will make your acoustic guitar sound much better. A pickup is basically the same as an electric guitar, but instead of an amp it has to be amplified when played on an acoustic guitar.

    Size Of The Guitar

    If you are planning on buying a Taylor acoustic guitar then the size of that particular instrument will be very important to you. If you are a player who travels a lot then you will want to buy an acoustic guitar that is small so that it can easily travel with you.

    Rating of The Guitar

    One of the best places for you to find out what the ratings are on a Taylor acoustic guitar is online at Amazon or at other reputable sites on the Internet. The ratings will let you know what others think about certain Taylor guitars like how easy they are to play and if they sound good or not.

    Under $1000 Taylor Acoustics Conclusion

    There are countless guitars out there but few come close to the quality, precision, and consistency of the Taylor brand. Their continuous improvement of manufacturing techniques keep them miles ahead of the competition. They are also sensitive to consumer needs with different product lines to meet each of these. If you have a grand or less to spend on a guitar, then check out the models on this list of the best Taylor acoustic guitar under 1000. They are good enough to grow with you from your initial guitar lessons to your first stage performances. They will sound great in your room and on the road as you travel.