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THESE 5 Best Mini Reverb Pedals 2022 Offerings Are GREAT!

Need a great reverb pedal in a small package?  These are the best mini reverb pedal market for guitarists.

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A reverb pedal is all about building drama and giving a feeling of ambience to your guitar sound. It can imitate different domains, from halls to chapels to studio spaces.  Any of these are a great addition to your best small pedal board.

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Our Top Mini Reverb Pedals Reviews

While there are plenty of options available, we bring you some of our top guitar pedals picks:

1.  Wampler Mini Faux Spring Reverb

Wampler has ruled the reverb pedal domain for quite some time now. Although the excessive pleading of many devoted fans discontinued it, it was brought back with a bang. With an extended decay time, the Mini Faux Spring Reverb pedals serves up beautifully flowing original tones. Owing to its easy-to-navigate control layout, you will have your precise sound made up in no time. It has now become smaller, bouncier, and perfect for your equipment. Its good quality build will last for a long time.

There is no denying the popularity and comfort of this pedal’s mini design. Not only does it fit smoothly on even the most cramped pedalboard arrangements, but it is also easy to toss in the rear of your open-back combo as you run in the amplifier’s effects loop. Wampler is famous for its attention to detail and responsibility to bring you the best sounding and most appropriate effects boxes on the market. Those traits show fully within the Mini Faux Spring Reverb. For all the tone fanatics who are always trying out new things, this pedal will find its forever home on their pedalboard order.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Extra depth and texture
  • Variety of sounds


  • Echo issues
  • Pricey

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2.  TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb

The TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Mini Reverb pedal is exceptionally streamlined and is the second edition of the HoF series. It is minimal in size with a one knob control design that arrives preloaded with the company’s hall reverb. However, you can always beam in more styles in your pedal with the TC Electronic’s TonePrint editor application. You get compact pedals with any of the full-sized settings and artist-programmed TonePrints that cover spaces such as hall spring, rooms, and much more. Hall of Fame 2 has the tremendous sound of the original pedal but also features a formation of upgrades. It is a tad pricey.

TC Electronics characterize their Mash Technology as a revolutionary component to the generally known footswitch, which helps to modify it into a pressure-sensitive expression pedal. This pedal is capable of empowering the user with more chances to attain the sound they desire.

The simple reverb pedal also has an extra shimmer reverb setting that was heavily requested since the outcome of the original pedal.


  • Enhanced features
  • Well built
  • High quality sounds
  • Easy to use


  • Reverb needs improvement
  • Too digital sounding for some

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3.  Valeton Coral Verb II Digital Reverb

The all-new Valeton Coral Verb II has an innovative 24-bit digital platform that strives to bring you a better level of sound quality at a reasonable price. It also lends a feature of low-end noise. This multi-use reverb pedal has sixteen high quality reverb modes prepared for any music style. It comes with a switchable reverb trail, which is extremely helpful for any circumstance. In essence, this pedal is incredibly versatile and sounds exquisite.

Most folks opt for Valeton’s Coral Verb because of its many traits. You could play with them for weeks without getting bored around the many reverb types. Moreover, live musicians can gain significant advantages from possessing such a reliable pedal in their equipment since these effects make every gig different.

It has upgraded sound quality with a better S/N ratio. You can decay, mix, and tone the knob for maximum effect control. Its particular design buffer bypass circuit conserves your sound and makes sure it is crisp and pristine. This pedal is very user-friendly with its readily accessible knobs.



  • Some humming at times

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4.  Donner Digital Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal Verb Square

The Donner Digital Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal Verb Square is another unit that targets budget-oriented guitarists. The Donner unit is small, lightweight, and fully protected. Its circuitry is covered in a robust metal shell, which makes it ideal for heavy usage. This is a beautiful pedal with a digital circuit layout and variation of reverberation effects that strengthen the musical color to your tunes. It will let you have seven unique effect reverberations. This pedal has a spectrum of numerous functions and settings.

Its seven reverb-type settings transform the core sound and three-parameter controls to alter the reverb modes, duration, product mix, and tone. Altogether, it gives you a lot of customization options with its sheer number of setting combinations that you can choose from.

The pedal delivers a decent sound without any the whistles and bells tinges. Donner is recognized for supplying affordable pedals that will provide the fundamental reverb functionality with some added traits. It comes with an LED that lights up when the processor is active. It has monophonic input and output, as well as true bypass.


  • Multitude of options
  • Strong build
  • Great value for money
  • Easy adjustment option
  • Sounds great when paired with a fuzz pedal


  • Sound needs improvement
  • Popping sounds when it starts

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5.  Tomsline Reverb Pedal

This digital pedal is another highly affordable option that delivers it all. The Tomsline Reverb Pedal has a classic sound with a traditional digital reverb effect pedal that provides a beautiful tone quality. It has an aluminum alloy body, and it features true bypass.

You get three mode options with this pedal: room, spring, and shimmer mix, and that is plenty for the price. It also has tone and decay control options. One of its most prominent traits is its nano size; while it may be small, it sounds mighty. It sports a beautiful case design with a smart and easy to use layout.

It has additional parameters like volume, gain, and tone control, along with distortion effect to make it even fancier. This Tomsline pedal is very quiet and does precisely what it is supposed to do. Apart from the intentional frequency response or level change, there is no coloration or extra noise. The sliders work without a fault, and so do the bands. This pedal works tremendously if you wish to achieve many different sounds. You can also use it as a boost for attaining a clean sound.


  • Highly inexpensive
  • Premium features
  • Heavy build
  • Compact


  • Low-end sound issues
  • Some metallic hissing

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  • Walrus Audio Slö

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Mini Reverb Pedals Conclusion

With all these options, you can decide which best mini pedals best caters to your specific needs, space in your pedalboards and budget. These pedals come in all varieties and entail unique features. Reverb pedals add that extra something to your guitar tones that make everything pop and make your melodies even cleaner and better sounding – so you must choose well. We are confident that this list will be of great help to you in deciding the best mini reverb available in the market.

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