best delay pedal for acoustic guitar

THESE 5 Best Delay Pedals For Acoustic Guitar Are GREAT!

The market is flooded with the best delay pedal for acoustic guitar options that are either expensive or cheap but don’t have the acoustic guitar features you need.

You can find a lot of products out there, and it’s hard to pick which one will be best for your needs. That’s why we created this article to help you choose the right pedal for your needs. We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to!

Our Top Delay Pedals For Acoustic Guitar Recommendations

L.R. Baggs Align Delay

The Align Delay is a pedal that allows you to repeat your guitar signal and blend it with the original.

You can use this pedal for everything from creating ambient soundscapes to adding subtle repeats of a chord progression, or even just as an effect.

Now you can slow down the tempo of songs without changing their pitch. The Align Delay pedal does this by repeating notes and playing them back at a lower speed. It’s like having an extra set of hands!

This delay pedal has controls for how many times you want to repeat the signal, how long each repetition should last, and what tone you want the repeated notes to have. It also has controls for how much delay time there will be between repetitions.

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Strymon TimeLine Delay Pedal

The Strymon Timeline Delay Pedal is the most advanced and versatile delay pedal ever created. It’s a studio-class, multi-head tape delay machine that you can take anywhere.

You can create lush, expansive soundscapes with up to three simultaneous delays or get funky with wild rhythmic patterns of repeats that syncopate perfectly with your music. With its unique Repeat Permutations feature, you have access to an infinite variety of sounds—like playing different notes on multiple instruments simultaneously.

The TimeLine gives you complete control over every aspect of your tone including Tape Type (Type I or Type II), Bias (Low or High) and Wow & Flutter for authentic analog warmth and depth. And it’s all packed into a rugged die cast chassis that’s built like a tank so it will stand up to years of abuse on the road.

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Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

The Boss DD-3 Digital Delay pedal is the updated version of the industry standard DD-3, with enhanced functionality for modern players.

Ultra-easy operation for fast sound creation. Delays time of 12. 5 to 800 ms, divided into three ranges for quick setup. Tap in tempos with the onboard pedal switch or an external footswitch. Short Loop setting for creating phrase loops (same as the Hold function on the original DD-3). Direct output and stereo input/output jacks allow you to record your delay sounds directly into a DAW system or multi effects unit using a single cable connection between them and your instrument amplifier’s effect return jack (mono input).

Short Loop setting allows you to create phrase loops (same as the Hold function on the original DD-3) by tapping in tempo with an external footswitch while playing over it with your guitar or keyboard; this makes it easy to repeat phrases during live performances without having to play everything from memory! You can also use this feature when practicing at home, allowing you to play along with yourself without having two guitars plugged in at once! Use short looping delays like real echo pedals do – set up multiple repeats that decay naturally instead of just turning off after a few seconds! Also includes tap tempo delay control via external footswitches such as Roland’s FS series pedals so you can easily change delay times while performing onstage without bending down behind your amp rack every time.

Take a look at this other post on Boss delay pedals comparison and DD7 vs Boss DD3 too.

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Do you want to sound like a pro?

The BOSS DD-500 is the first delay pedal that delivers studio-level stereo delay pedals sound with 32-bit/96 kHz processing throughout. It’s also loaded with 12 versatile delay modes from vintage to modern, so you can create everything from warm and smooth repeats to long, modulated delays. Plus, it has an onboard patch bay for easy customization of effect order and parameters—even while you perform!

With its graphic LCD and hands-on controls, the BOSS DD-500 makes it easy for guitarists at any level to achieve great tone. And when used in conjunction with other pedals or instruments via MIDI, it becomes an indispensable tool for live performance as well as in the studio. Whether your style is country, pop rock, metal or beyond, this pedal will help take your music where you want it to go!

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Fender Reflecting Pool Delay & Reverb

You want a delay pedal that sounds great and is easy to use?

The Fender Reflecting Pool Delay & Reverb Pedal has everything you need in an analog delay reverb pedal. It’s got time, variation, and quality controls so you can get the perfect sound for your music. Plus it features dedicated tap tempo footswitch so you can set up your delays quickly and easily. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has stereo inputs and outputs so you can connect with any other effects pedals or amps out there!

This is one of the best sounding delay/reverb pedals on the market today! If you are looking for a new effect to add to your collection or want something simple but effective then this is definitely worth checking out! We guarantee that once you try this one out we know that it will be hard not to fall in love with all of its amazing features! So what are waiting for? Click here now before they run out of stock again!

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Top Acoustic Guitar Delay Pedals Conclusion

The top rated delay pedal for acoustic guitar is a very important part of any guitarist’s rig. When you are playing an acoustic guitar, the sound and tone that comes from it can be drastically changed with the right delay pedal.

In order to find out which is the best delay pedal for acoustic guitar or acoustic preamp pedal, we had to do some research. We looked at all of our options and then compared them based on price, customer reviews and overall quality. We hope this buyers guide helped you choose what to include on your guitar pedalboard!