how to connect distortion pedal

EXPLAINED: How To Connect A Distortion Pedal To An Amp

Suppose you were playing a guitar and wanted to play with something more distorted. What’s the best way for you? If you are using a distortion pedal, it can be connected very easily and without any hassle. Need a distortion pedal?  Look here!  Or look at this link to learn how to use a distortion […]

what do distortion pedals do

EXPLAINED: What Do Distortion Pedals Do For Your Tone?

Distortion pedals, more commonly known as overdrive pedals, are a common part of any guitar’s signal chain that many players use. But the question is, what exactly do they do to the tone?  So, what is the point of a distortion pedal? What Makes A Guitar Distortion Pedal Distort? Distortion is an audio signal processing […]

best distortion pedal for metal

THESE 10 Best Distortion Pedals For Metal Bring Brutal Tone

If you’re a metal player, finding the right distortion pedal can be difficult. There are so many choices out there and they all seem to offer different features that may or not work for your playing style. We’ve done the research and we know what works best for heavy metal players! Our top picks will […]

tubescreamer vs ocd

Ibanez Tube Screamer Vs Fulltone OCD: A Comparison Of Two Trendsetters

Looking to infuse some style and pomp to your guitar sound? Get yourself an overdrive pedal. Like adding spices to a dish, an OD pedal flavors your tone in a way that just wouldn’t be possible with the standard ingredients. And the good thing is that there’s no shortage of options out there. If you […]

best tube distortion pedal

THESE 5 Best Tube Distortion Pedals Get Amazing Dirty Tone!

Tube distortion pedals can be used widely; from limitlessly bolstering an overdrive channel to producing all the gain into a clean amplifier. Some guitarists prefer to run their distortion pedals at the start of the chain, while others run theirs in the effects loop or at the end. Below are our recommendations for the best […]

distortion pedal vs amp distortion

LOOK: Distortion Pedal vs Amp Distortion For Great Guitar Tone

Distortion, in musical terms, is used in reference to the general effect of modifying an audio signal to get a rougher sound, with better harmonic saturation, added sustain than a clean signal and more audible overtones. Distortion is created by an overdriven tube amplifier. Typically, distortion pedals are hard-clipping devices and they produce enharmonic overtones. […]

best distortion pedal

THESE 10 Best Distortion Pedals Will Melt Your Face!

A distorted and overdriven guitar can unleash thunder in a manner that renders other instruments obsolete. To harness this sound, you must add one to your setup. Distortion pedals could be used in different ways. Several guitarists run theirs at the start of the chain. However, it’s not rare for others to do the same […]

best distortion pedal for 80s metal

AT LAST: The 7 Best Distortion Pedal For 80’s Metal!

Want to replicate an 80’s metal guitar tone?  Check out these best distortion pedal for 80’s metal option. When buying a distortion pedal, there is much to think about. Typically, it is just easier to look at what is used by your favorite guitarists and go from there. However, you should know that some of […]

high gain distortion pedal

THESE 5 Best High Gain Distortion Pedals Will Melt Your Face!

Way back in the day, I used to play a lot of metal guitar and needed the best high gain distortion pedal that I could find.  I tried a lot.  While, if you look at my picture, I probably don’t look like a metal guitarist, I do love playing it!  Over the years, I’ve tried […]

INTRODUCING The 5 Best Distortion Pedal For Drum Machine

Using a distortion pedal in a drum machine set up is a great way to help your dial in some uniques tones that sound great. Drum sounds combined with a good distortion pedal can be very cool! Yes, I know that this isn’t really a guitar related title but I was asked the question and […]

best distortion pedal for classic rock

THESE 8 Best Distortion Pedals For Classic Rock Tone

Are you searching for the best guitar distortion pedal for classic rock? Do you want to create innovative tunes? If yes, consider these best distortion pedals made by popular brands. A little bit of diligence should help out. However, a ton of legwork is involved in figuring out the best distortion pedals and tone for […]

best distortion pedal for solid state amp

REVEALED: 5 Best Distortion Pedal For Solid State Amp

So you’re looking for the best distortion pedal for solid state amp!  Check these out! Quick Links To Our Top Distortion Pedals For Solid State Amps Recommendations Maxon 9-Series Sonic Distortion BOSS BD-2W Blues Driver Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Catalinbread Formula No. 55 Foundation Overdrive BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal No matter the reason, there are […]

are distortion pedals necessary

AMAZING: Are Distortion Pedals Necessary?

Before answer the question of whether or not distortion pedals necessary, it is essential to get an understanding of what distortion is. Distortions are achieved by a massive increase in the gain of different amplified instruments. In the old days, people used many ways to achieve this effect. Some of the ways that were used […]

should i get a distortion or overdrive pedal

Should I Get An Overdrive Or Distortion Pedal?

Guitarists can experiment with different styles to find ones that suit their preferences. They can try various techniques and use countless tools to achieve their desired sound. For example, pedals can be used to produce interesting effects for a guitar player while they play.  They can also choose to incorporate different pedals and effects like […]

diffferent types of distortion pedals

INTRODUCING: Different Types Of Distortion Pedals

It’s considered the most significant step in the guitar world: The birth of guitar effects. Offering an easy way to tweak various aspects of one’s sound, effects pedals opened up a whole new range of types of possibilities for guitarists. Anyone could now develop unique tones never heard before, with some further using pedal effects […]

are fender distortion pedals good

BUYING?: Are Fender Distortion Pedals Good?

If you love playing guitar, then invigorating your sound with incredible distortion could be one of the things that you are looking for right now. So what are the best distortions for you? Yes, Fender distortion pedals are good! But there’s more to this because it depends on what you plan on doing with it. […]

how to use a distortion pedal

REVEALED: How To Use A Distortion Pedal – Placement, Settings

Who doesn’t love a little distortion – I know I do! Over the years, I have used a ton of distortion pedals, all different but basically doing the same thing.  Make sure you do too! Are you wondering how to use a distortion pedal?  Read on! What Does A Distortion Pedal Do? Maybe a better […]