distortion pedal vs amp distortion

Distortion Pedal vs Amp Distortion For Great Guitar Tone

Distortion, in musical terms, is used in reference to the general effect of modifying an audio signal to get a rougher sound, with better harmonic saturation, added sustain than a clean signal and more audible overtones. Distortion is created by an overdriven tube amp. Typically, distortion pedals are hard-clipping devices and they produce enharmonic overtones. […]

best distortion pedal

10 Best Distortion Pedal Options For 2021 To Melt Your Face!

A distorted and overdriven guitar can unleash thunder in a manner that renders other instruments obsolete. To harness this sound, you must add a distortion pedal to your setup. Distortion pedals could be used in different ways. Several guitarists run their pedals at the start of the chain. However, it’s not rare for others to […]

high gain distortion pedal

Best High Gain Distortion Pedal – Best Picks For 2021

Way back in the day, I used to play a lot of metal guitar and needed the best high gain distortion pedal that I could find.  I tried a lot.  While, if you look at my picture, I probably don’t look like a metal guitarist, I do love playing it!  Over the years, I’ve tried […]

Best Distortion Pedal For Drum Machine – Top Options!

Using a distortion pedal in a drum machine set up is a great way to help your dial in some uniques tones that sound great. Drum sounds combined with a good distortion pedal can be very cool! Yes, I know that this isn’t really a guitar related title but I was asked the question and […]

best distortion pedal for classic rock

Best Distortion Pedal For Classic Rock – Top 8 For 2021

Are you searching for the best guitar distortion pedal for classic rock? Do you want to create innovative tunes? If yes, consider these best distortion pedals made by popular brands. A little bit of diligence should help out. However, a ton of legwork is involved in figuring out the best distortion pedals and tone for […]