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THESE 8 Best Taylor Acoustic Guitars For The Money ROCK!

Are you an acoustic guitarist considering an upgrade to a higher quality guitar?  I would highly recommend any of these Taylor acoustic guitar options.  Check these exceptional acoustic guitar choices out!

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Taylor GS Mini Guitars

The Taylor GS Mini is a fantastic guitar for musicians of all levels and a great choice for anyone looking to start playing guitar. It features an amazing sound and easy playability with a classic look. But not only that, the Taylor GS Mini acoustic guitar has also been designed to have excellent durability with its sleek design. Not to mention, it’s small size makes it perfect for travel!

The Taylor GS Mini has solid mahogany back and sides which give this guitar its signature sound which really resonates well with the strikingly beautiful spruce top. It also comes equipped with a comfortable neck made of East Indian rosewood that’s narrowed at the nut to make playing easier on your fingertips while still being wide enough to produce rich tones when strumming chords or picking out single notes.

It has an amazing sound and is easy to play because of its classic look and sleek design; it’s durable too!


  • Excellent durability.
  • sounds great.
  • good for traveling.


  • This little guy doesn’t come with a pickup or tuner included. Luckily this is pretty affordable, so buying these accessories is just another cost of being your own musician.

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Taylor 310CE Guitars

The Taylor 310ce electro acoustic guitar is a top quality musical instrument. The sound is warm and articulate, with an open midrange that the best players find ideal for soloing. A fast neck with the perfect fret spacing provides feel and comfort all night long. You will enjoy playing this guitar in any setting from your living room to large auditoriums or concert halls.

It’s made of mahogany and spruce, which gives it the natural tone we all crave for beautiful music of any playing style. The 310ce also has other great features like the cutaway that allows you to access different parts of the fretboard with ease.

The Taylor 310ce is a high end, full-size acoustic electric guitar body shape with incredible sound. The wood it is made of is natural and beautiful, and the features are nice as well. It has an on board tuner which saves you time when tuning up before playing or recording music. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option there are other guitars out there that may suit your needs better than this one does. Overall it’s a great instrument!


  • Top-notch acoustic sound for professional recording and live performance


  • Not a good choice for beginners because of its price point. If you’re just starting out, I would recommend one of the other Taylor models below that are more affordable – Taylor 110e or the 114e.

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Taylor Big Baby (BBT) Taylor Guitar

The Taylor Big Baby is a great guitar to have as it offers an excellent sound and is made out of good quality materials. It features 20 frets, has a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, includes gig bag and the body style is dreadnaught.

The pros are that it sounds really nice due to its high-quality material build, it’s easy to tune because of the distinctive tone that comes from the spruce top wood used for the body.

The cons are that some people don’t like how wide the neck feels while playing this model; however despite this flaw it still remains a popular choice among musicians who want a professional instrument on hand.

The Taylor Big Baby BBT guitar has a beautiful tone, and it offers you the opportunity to experience playing your favorite songs in an entirely new way. It’s also really handy because it’s so lightweight, making it perfect for every day use or travel.


  • Solid Spruce Top.
  • Solid mahogany back and sides.
  • Designed to produce a well balanced, robust sound with rich bass and excellent projection.


  • Taylor’s big baby is usually one of the more expensive Taylor guitars.

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Taylor 314CE Grand Auditorium Guitars

Many guitars are made of spruce and cedar wood, but the Taylor 314CE Grand Auditorium is a more affordable option made of mahogany. The Taylor 314CE Grand Auditorium also features a rosewood fingerboard which adds to its warm sound. Its slim D-shaped neck is designed for comfort, making it perfect for longer playing sessions! It has 20 frets so you can play any song, it’s got a gold die-cast tuners for spinning the strings smoothly while tuning it up. The sound quality ranges from deep lows to high trebles.

There’s not much to complain about with this guitar!  The 314ce is not really just about sound; you can look at that as icing on the cake. It’s more about how this acoustic guitar feels in your hands and how people will react to you when you play it.


  • Top-notch tonewoods.
  • Fantastic full sound.


  • Medium action (less than ideal for playing fingerstyle).

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Taylor Academy 10

The Taylor Academy acoustic guitar is one of the best-selling acoustic guitars on the market. It is made from mahogany and has a spruce top for that extra punch to your sound.  This top-of-the line instrument sounds as good as it looks. You can get a great deal with the Taylor Academy 10 at an affordable price!

It has features like a cutaway body and sound hole for easy access to the upper frets, while also being light weight and easy enough to travel with. The Academy 10 sounds great as well- it’s got a warm tone that can be customized by adjusting on the fly thanks to the onboard electronics system!

The Taylor Academy 10 is a beautiful instrument made for the serious, passionate musician. It’s easy to play and has a rich, deep sound that can’t be matched by cheaper guitars.


  • Taylor guitars are full of character and sound great plugged in.
  • Mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard for a good balance of stiffness and playability.
  • The body shape is more traditional, with no weird angles or curves.


  • The prices are more than other guitars in the same category

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Taylor 114e

The Taylor 114e acoustic guitar is a great value for musicians of any skill level. It has a beautiful top, solid-wood sides and back, and most importantly it sounds amazing! The soundboard is made from Sitka spruce which produces a delicate yet powerful tone that your ears will love.

With the Taylor 114e, you’ll be able to play with ease thanks to its smooth neck profile that makes fretting chords effortless. You can also switch between twelve different frets without having to readjust your hand position thanks to the cutaway at the bottom of the instrument’s body.

The negatives are that the neck is small and there aren’t many features on this guitar like a mic input or amp jack. I would recommend this to people who want a good quality acoustic but don’t have much money to spend on one.


  • Plug it in and start playing.
  • Great for beginners.


  • Quality may need to be adjusted for desired sounds.
  • Might sound too bright or tinny.

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Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium

The Taylor 214ce is a perfect guitar for any guitarist. It has a beautiful mahogany neck and back that makes it easy to grip, which in turn provides the comfort needed to play the instrument for hours on end.

The guitar also features an output tone of voice that sounds like pure gold, making it one of the best acoustic guitars in its price range.

Some may find fault with this model because it doesn’t include some of the more popular features found in other models such as built-in electronics or complex fretboard arrangement, but at its heart this is still considered by many to be one of Taylor’s most versatile models due to size and sound quality.


  • Large body
  • Spruce Top
  • Solid Mahogany neck


  • Slightly heavier weight than most Taylor models.

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Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium

This Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar is made of a solid Sitka Spruce top with Indian Rosewood back and sides. The fingerboard is ebony, the bridge is mahogany, it has 20 frets, an all-solid wood construction for the neck and body. It can be tuned to any tuning you like from standard tuning to open tunings. This guitar sounds so warm and beautiful that there’s nothing better on this earth!

The excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials make for an exceptional sound and acoustic tones in this guitar for any playnig style. It features a gentle yet bright tone that doesn’t get muddy with heavy strumming or distorted by too much overdrive.

There are also some excellent features including the Grover tuners and Taylor Expression System 2 electronics onboard for this model which make playing it really easy even if you’re not that great at guitar yet!


  • This is a Taylor, so you know that it’s going to sound nice and have great action.
  • It has solid ebony fingerboard and bridge, which gives you a very clear tone.
  • The cutaway on the 14th fret makes getting up into those high notes easier.


  • The 814ce has limited models. If you want something more customized or unique, then this might not be the guitar for you.

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Choosing The Right Taylor Guitar For You

There are many different Taylor acoustic guitar brand models available so it can be hard to decide on just one. It is important to consider your specific needs and wants before making a purchase. Whether you are an expert or just starting out on guitar, there is a Taylor guitar that will suit your needs.

Different Taylor guitars are available for different tastes, needs, and playing styles. If you are a beginner who is looking to buy an acoustic guitar for practice, you should consider an entry-level model. These instruments are great because they are inexpensive and easy to play.

If you are an advanced guitarist looking for a great option for performance or recording, we strongly recommend taking a look at Taylor’s top-of-the line models. These guitars are the most prestigious and best-sounding of all the Taylor models available. When you purchase a Taylor, you know you are investing in quality that will last through many years of play and practice.

The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world. Many famous singers, songwriters, and musicians started their careers on these instruments and have used them for decades. It can be played on its own or with others. Whether you are performing solo for friends or playing with a band, there is a Taylor guitar that will suit your needs perfectly.

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Conclusion On These Taylor Guitars

If you are planning on getting yourself a new acoustic guitar, Taylor is always going to be a top choice for guitar players and any of the above options should be perfect for you.

Looking for more options?  We also did a more specific article on the best Taylor acoustic guitars under $1000.