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For decades since the first was produced, the guitar has been a faithful companion for professional artists and music lovers who have deployed it to bring zip and zeal to their musical life. The sight of passionate band members playing the instrument on stage evokes an unforgettable spirit. The music world is replete with stories of people inspired by guitar-playing artists and have never looked back again. Guitar makers also have stories of their own, top among them been the persistent search for the perfect acoustic guitar for all occasions. Here are the best acoustic guitar brands in the world today.

Looking for more specific brands?  Look at these acoustic guitar brands for beginners and make sure to get the best acoustic guitar string brands.

List Of Acoustic Guitar Brands

Taylor Guitars

Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug were the founders of the Taylor Guitar in the year 1974. The brand has since grown to be among the top acoustic guitar brands in the world. The company’s headquarters is in El Cajon, California but has spread its wings to the rest of the world owing to its unique and world-class classical acoustic guitars. The Taylor company is widely recognized for mixing modern, innovative guitar-making techniques with a craftsman’s sharp devotion to detail. Today, Taylor are broadly considered to be among the dreadnoughts with the most brilliant sounds in the world, besides them been easy to play. Bob Taylor, the co-founder, is regarded a top visionary in the acoustic guitars segment.

Taylor acoustic guitars brand are quite pricey, but their quality is beyond reproach. This is because the quality of the materials used is extremely top-notch. One of the materials includes impeccable quality of tonewoods carefully selected to ensure that players enjoy the very best of their efforts every time they play. The use of V bracing and the modification is also done to perfection to allow players set the tone they see fit. With Taylor guitars, they get better with age and this makes them a treasured possession for anyone who owns one.  Cool logo too!

Martin Guitars

Christian Fredrick Martin founded the C.F. Martin & Company, also called Martin, in the year 1833. The company has its headquarters in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. In close to two centuries of its existence, the Martin acoustic guitars brand has manufactured among the best acoustic guitars used all around the world by renowned artists and budding artists alike. Their best-selling brand being the Martin D-28, followed by the Martin Dx1RAE. Martin brand manufactures guitars that players can use either in studios or traveling around making musical tours.

The materials that are used to make these guitars are the best of them. This includes superior quality woods for the body, top, and neck. The guitar parts are attached using hide glue. The guitars are made of a dreadnought body, which gives them a warm and perfectly projected sound. The X bracing makes the Martin guitars stand out in the market. Like any other top-class guitars, the older guitars are preferable since they are easy to play and produce the most desirable tones. Anyone going for a vintage design goes for the Martin brand since it has a brilliant appearance and excellent tonal quality. The range of their products has options for both acoustic guitar for beginners and experienced guitar players.  Martins dreadnoughts are amazing.


The Gibson acoustic guitar was designed by Orville Gibson in 1902, a renowned founder of other great musical products such as mandolins. However, in his heydays, Gibson focused on making and perfecting top arch guitars. After several attempts, he managed to come up with the Gibson acoustic. The Gibson guitar produces quality sound and is a cut above the rest in terms of build and sound. The acoustic guitar is an incomparable instrument that has continued to gain popularity in the market. The Gibson acoustic guitar is also the most sought-after electric guitars. Many people around the world prefer this brand because of its unique features, such as the perfect wood finishing and ease of playability.

Whether you are a novice guitarist or a professional who wants to create quality music, the Gibson guitar is a great instrument. You only require little skills to enjoy the fascinating Gibson tones. Some famous musicians who have used Gibson guitars include Chuck Berry, Dave Davies, Marc Bolan, Slash, and Johnny Thunders. In many ways, the Gibson guitar has set the pace in the guitar market space and will likely continue to do so for generations to come.  My favorite is the Gibson Hummingbird.

Seagull Guitars

Seagull guitars are manufactured in Canada. The guitars are associated with the iconic Robert Godin, well-known for his innovative and ground-breaking music instruments. The Seagull brand offers a variety of guitar models to meet the player’s desire. When it comes to the Seagull guitars’ price range, the company sells its wares at very affordable prices. The company offers some of its high-end guitars at a reasonably fair price. The guitars are a beginner’s favorite as well to the experienced lot.  One of the most popular being the Seagull S6 Original.

When it comes to the craftsmanship of these guitars, they are simply outstanding. The company has a reputation for putting a lot of detail into perfecting the exterior of the guitar. The wood finishing used on this instrument has been crafted so that it is not only appealing to the eye but also easy to play. The company has made this possible by investing in research on the preferred wood for their guitars. The tops are made from solid cedar top, while the bridge is crafted from rosewood. To complete the woodwork, the Seagull guitars neck is curved from Canadian Maple. The company has lately been experimenting with eco-friendly materials in response to a clamor for environmental conservation.


The Alvarez guitar company has been around since 1965, putting out amazing sounding guitars for people who are musicians or just love to listen. Alvarez acoustic guitars are ideal for the person who wants a good acoustic guitar without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Though you may be able to find some Alvarez acoustics online, the best bet would be to go to a music store and pay a bit extra. Shopping around will give you great prices and also great service. Because the company is relatively new, they offer different types of guitars that you can choose from.


Fender acoustic guitars are manufactured by a popular American company known as Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The company was founded in the year 1946 by Clarence Leonidas Fender, having based his headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. The aesthetics of the Fender guitar attracts a lot of players since they have attractive designs. They are also known for their competitive prices, making them affordable to all levels of players and guitar enthusiasts. Durability and versatility are the key reasons why many players purchase this brand of acoustic and electric guitars.

The best Fender brand of a guitar has been the Fender PM series Guitar (PM-1), followed by FA-125CE. This brand of dreadnought guitars has been acknowledged to be good for beginners. The materials used to make these guitars are of high-quality such as alder, solid mahogany, and rosewood. The top, back, neck, and body are made from one wood glued together to make a complete guitar. The Fender have transformed global music across diverse genres such as rock ‘n’ roll, jazz and country music acoustic guitar. This was the vision of the founder and true to his dream, the Fender guitars have been trailblazers in every sense of the word.


Yamaha is a famous Japanese company that has been in existence since 1887. It was not until 1940, however, that the company ventured into the production of affordable Acoustic Guitars. Yamaha is among the most respected producers of guitars worldwide. With their unique specifications and materials of high quality, the Yamaha offer superior sound quality. The guitars come in different models and sizes that cater to both beginners and professionals. The Yamaha FS800 acoustic guitar is learner-friendly and produces great sound making it a perfect foundation for beginners to sharpen their skills.

The Yamaha acoustic guitars also come in different shapes, varied sounds, and body types. Yamaha FG-TA features a radiant finish, mahogany sides and back, a spiffy solid top -it’s simply a beauty! The guitar, which is rated the best among Yamaha Acoustic Guitars, is acoustic but also has electronic capabilities. Additionally, it has an impressive sound chorus line and does not need to be amplified externally. In total, there are 7 Yamaha that come with varied acoustic sounds, superior playability, and dynamic tone that will light up your music life. Yamaha acoustic guitars are special due to their high quality and are also accessible at friendly prices.


The history of Ibanez acoustic guitars stretches back to decades before Ibanez was producing guitars, in fact it goes back much further than that. The roots of this company can be traced all the way back to 1957 when Hoshino Gakki & Co. was founded in Nagoya, Japan.

Ibanez are world renowned for their quality workmanship and innovative design. A large emphasis is placed on ergonomics and playability, which has helped the Ibanez brand build up a strong reputation in the acoustic guitar industry.

The Epiphone Guitars

The Epiphone instruments company came into existence in 1873 in Turkey by a Greek founder. The founder later relocated to New York, where his son, Epi, took over after founder’s death. The company produced its first guitars in 1928 after Epi’s death, and the company once again relocated to Philadelphia. The Epiphone guitars company was acquired by Gibson in 1957 and has since been marketed as Epiphone brand and Gibson brand. Epiphone ave been making acoustic guitars for nearly 100 years hence making them a very popular brand in the market. The Epiphone acoustic guitars include The Lil’ Tex Travel Acoustic, El Nino Travel Acoustic, Classical E1, Songmaker DR-212, J-45 Studio, PRO-1, Hummingbird, among others.

The Epiphone Acoustic Guitars are stylish and are also of great value. Most Epiphone are electro-acoustic, which allows a player to perform on stage. They come in various dreadnoughts and sizes, which gives a player a wide selection to choose from. This includes those that are laminated, those with a solid top, decorative inlays, body binding, and detailed pickguards. The Epiphones are ideal for gigging guitar players looking to acquire a fine-looking, classy instrument at an affordable price.


Takamine company, a Guitar manufacturing company, based in Japan, was started in 1962. In 1978, the company produced its first acoustic-electric guitars. The term Takamine is a Japanese family name that means high peak or high ridge. Takamine guitars are famous for their acoustic guitars whose strings are made of steel, pickup systems, and pre-amplifiers. Among its special features is that the acoustic guitars are made of a solid body.

These guitars include GX 100, which has a Gibson Explorer body, GX 200, with a proprietary style, GX 200-T made of tremolo bridge, and GZ 300 with a patented blueprint. These pickups are exceptional- the GX 200 and GZ 340 incorporate factory DiMarzio made pickups. Takamine also produced flamenco models of guitars in the ’80s and ’90s with a built-in pickup and Equalizer.

The guitars are designed under special craftsmanship and dedication, whose end products are high-quality guitars with astounding playability and poised tones. For players seeking outstanding all-around acoustic guitars at affordable prices, the Takamine G-series is a great choice. The G-series are all about stunning appearance, superior sound quality, and artistic finesse.

Alvarez Guitars

Alvarez is a guitar producing company started in 1965. The company’s headquarters is in Missouri, USA. In the late 1960s, Gene Kornblum, the owner of St. Louis Music, met Kazuo Yairi, who manufactured hand-crafted classical guitars in Japan. They came together and began designing and producing steel string guitars and branded them “Alvarez.” LOUD Technologies later acquired the brand in 2005 for four years. In the year 2009, Mark Ragin, who was then the owner of St. Louis music among other brands, brought back the guitars’ administration and sale to St. Louis Music.

All Alvarez guitars are assembled in their workshop in St. Louis, Missouri, and subjected to a strict quality test to ensure that they meet the highest standards of design and performance. The body is not only built to look good but also to ensure durability. The quality of the sound is outstanding. Alvarez guitars are among the most respected series of instruments which come out in a wide range you can choose from and at good prices. Additionally, their guitars are easy to use and are among the best acoustic guitars for learners. Its reliability has seen the Alvarez guitars become a choice for professional artists and band groups.

Ovation Guitars

The Ovation Guitar Manufacturing Company specializes in steel-string and nylon-string guitars. The company, which had been branded Kaman Corporation, was first started in 1966 by Charles Kaman and dealt with Helicopter design. Due to financial difficulties, the founder started making guitars as he was an amateur guitarist. He then changed the company’s purpose to manufacture guitars and named it Ovation Guitars. The Ovation brand was later sold to Drum Workshop, who retained the brand name Ovation.

The Ovation Guitars were designed in line with the founder’s engineering specifications. Its back and sides are made of composite artificial bowls that give a smooth finish. The Guitars have a thin neck that is reinforced by a steel rod and mahogany. The thin neck, coupled with the composite materials, ensures that the guitar’s weight is not too heavy for the player. Ovation borrowed the founder’s idea of using solid Sitka Spruce top to develop a soundboard for its guitars. The Sitka Spruce, which is thinner, was made with 22 holes in the upper part of the guitar to provide superior volume. The Ovation guitars are most appreciated for their excellent acoustic sound quality. Their durability and unique features are designed to meet the needs of professional guitar players.

BlueRidge Guitars

BlueRidge guitars are among the twenty-five brands managed under the company Saga Musical Instruments, based in San Francisco, California. The guitars are, however, manufactured in China. These guitars are outstanding in that they are made in models that resemble the ones used during the historic, pre-war period. They are popularly known for their absolute affordability, making them easy picks for people from all economic backgrounds.

The quality of the BlueRidge guitars is something to behold. They are widely considered to punch above their weight since they are as good as most high-end guitars. The best-selling guitar from this collection is the Blueridge BR-160, which is known to be of high-quality woods all around. Just like any other guitar brand, the guitars are made of either complete wood or laminated wood. The main wood that makes the Blueridge is the spruce wood and the rosewood. The bracing used to make these guitars are very light, which makes them produce very loud sounds. The fact that this brand makes a replica of traditional guitars has earned it a vantage position in the market for people with an eye for vintage and historic items.


The Aria acoustic guitar company is one of the most recognizable names in acoustic guitars. The company was founded in 1958, and since then it has grown to become one of the largest guitar companies in the world. It has produced everything from beginner instruments to custom made guitars for professionals. The company produces an average of about 300,000 guitars every year.The company is also the biggest guitar manufacturer in Japan.

Aria instruments are known to be of decent quality for their price. The guitars are reasonably well made, and the sound quality is good for what you pay for it. Aria makes a wide variety of guitars that include classical, steel string acoustic guitars all the way to 12 string acoustics and electric guitars. Aria also makes violins, trumpets and mandolins among several other types of instruments.


Guild guitars has sold acoustic guitars for over 80 years to the highest levels in the world. Guild instruments include acoustics as well as electric models that can easily compete with other quality brands like Taylor or Martin. They are considered by many to be the top example of solid construction, tone and playability for the price points.

The guitars Guild has produced in their long history span a wide range of models from the simple to ultra deluxe. Along with these different levels of guitars are different levels of quality and sound as well. These top-of-the-line Guild acoustic guitars have won many awards from end users and other guitar magazines alike.

Acoustic Guitar Brand Conclusion

Every player deserves excellent acoustic guitar brands, either 6 or 12 string, but for diehard guitar hobbyists, one guitar is never enough. The journey to a great collection begins with finding the right acoustic guitars that will produce the goods every time. This might be easier for seasoned players without the need for guitar amps. However, new players might find the process daunting. To navigate the buying process, one should seek to amass all the necessary information. A wrong move greatly limits the enjoyment derived from playing this instrument. Getting it right is therefore critical. The net effect of careful selection is a guitar that is effortless to pick and play, not to mention the beautiful tunes.