how to lower action on acoustic guitar

LOOK: How To Lower Action On Acoustic Guitar Without Fret Buzzing

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned master, you might be trying your best to lower action on your acoustic guitar with no avail. If that’s the case, the problem could either be an improper bridge height, poorly set neck, nut slots not cut deep enough or setup intonation being off. There are a number of methods to tackle these problems.  I do this whenever I get a new acoustic guitar.

These methods should work on all brands of acoustics – Martin, Taylor, Fender, Yamaha, Epiphone, Gibson, Ibanez, Seagull, Takamine, Alverez and more. New or Vintage. 6 or 12 string.

The first thing I would recommend is watching this fix video which covers both with or without a truss rod:

This video covers:

  • adjusting the height of the bridge and saddles.
  • adjusting the nut slots.

How Much To Lower Action On Acoustic Guitar?

If you want to get a professional to lower the action on your acoustic or change specific acoustic guitar parts, the costs are usually around $50-$100 USD. I would definitely go this route if you have an expensive guitar or a vintage instrument.