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9 Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands Choices For 2022

Need an electric guitar that fits you perfectly?  These guitars will make your job easier even if you have small hands.

My top choices for best electric guitar for small hands and fingers:

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We have taken a lot of reviews from many guitar players with small hands and have chosen the best guitars for you. We know that just giving it a one-time read is not enough therefore, we have only chosen the products reviewed by customers who have used the guitars.

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Our Small Hand Electric Guitar Reviews:

1.  Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

This is a guitar that looks like it is designed for rocker kids and children but let us tell you that it is not the case. It is small enough to fit people with a small build. Looks always deceive as this guitar is made for metal players and lead guitar players. With two humbuckers that provide higher gain for sound shredding. You will find that these are very responsive to the three-way pickups and making tonal adjustments is very easy.

With the tri-adjustment controller, you have two knobs; one is the control knob and the other is the master volume. Through the tone knob, you can control the frequencies and the classic headstock has all the six tuners. These tuners do their job well and that’s about it. It is a simplistic beginner electric guitar with nothing too much fancy and the 12″ radius and small body shape works well with small hands and fingers.


  • Smooth Fret
  • Excellent finishing
  • Easily adjustable control knobs
  • Responsive
  • Stays in tune for a long time


  • No high-quality humbuckers
  • Manual adjustments are needed


This guitar is a work of superior craftsmanship and boasts off a high-quality sound production. With the signature Ibanez thin neck, you can expect good build quality from this one.

Our Rating –

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2.  Stagg S300 ¾ Size Small Electric Guitar

This electric guitar is an all-chrome finish guitar with some good hardware and electronics. We get a nice little tremolo bar which is a nice addition. Although owing to the tuners of this guitar, the tremolo bar will make the guitar go out of tune quickly. But it is a nice feature to have.

At this price, a synthetic nut is just alright. But the material used is high quality and will allow you to produce some awesome harmonics. The tuners, however, are average. They will tend to go out of tune and you will need to tune your guitar after every play. But since this is a cheap single coil guitar, you can expect this from it.

However, you can easily replace the tuning machine and we would highly advise you to do so. You will also get a lot of knobs and tone controls through which you can change your sounds and have a lot of fun.


  • This musical instrument best for beginners just starting to learn guitar
  • Very comfortable and smaller neck profile and nut width for small hands and fingers
  • Good sound with and without guitar pedals
  • Decent quality single coil pickups


  • Strings tend to buzz a lot
  • Gets out of tune easily
  • The pickup selector switch is a bit stiff


This small hands Fender copy guitar is great for beginners to start with.  It has just about everything you will need in an electric guitar with a comparatively good sound than most of its competitors. Furthermore, the size of this thing will suit small hands and will also be good for kids to play with it.

Our Rating –

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3.  Fender Squier ¾ Size Mini Strat Electric Guitar

This small guitar comes with a sleek Satin finish and a C guitar neck that is very easy or small hands to get a hold of. With just over 22.75 inches of scale and 20 frets, this is a very small guitar. It is specifically built for beginners and therefore, you see a lower action on this guitar so the strings stay soft and you won’t have to press on the strings on the rosewood fingerboard too much.

But low action can sometimes cause the frets to buzz. With that being said, the Squier Mini is a great 3/4 body size electric guitar for kids and adults alike. It features a 3 coil pickup and a Fender Strat. Surprisingly they are connected to a five-way switch controls with a pickup selector and a volume regulator. You can also keep your amp to the max as it also has a master tone regulator.


  • Highly durable
  • Best fit for small hands making it easier to play
  • Convenient to use electronics
  • Nice sound production for a variety of music genres
  • Many colors to choose from


  • Occasional fret buzz
  • Truss rod needs adjustment


This Squier by Fender is a guitar that is worth its price. With a great price to performance ratio, we would ask you to try and consider this viable option.  This mini electric for smaller hands and fingers makes a great travel guitar too with a Squier classic vibe!

Our Rating –

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4.  Epiphone G-400 Pro

Epiphone guitar models have been known to make some of the highest quality guitars out there and over the years they have stood true to their quality and simplicity that they promise. This guitar is built over four-piece mahogany wood and has a thin veneer mahogany finish at the back and front.

With a 22 fret fretboard with a 12 inch radius and trapezoid inlays, the neck has a D profile which makes it very slim and it is great for small hands. Although some people with larger hands may find it uncomfortable, it will be a matter of utter convenience for people with small hands or fingers.

Sound is where it stands out. With some of the most classic hardware, this guitar is way ahead than many entry-level guitars. These full sized guitars have excellent tuners, high-quality coils, and a high degree of control.


  • Coil tapping
  • Good pickups
  • Awesome looks
  • Good quality hardware


  • Lack of sonic sophistication
  • D profile is a bit uncomfortable


Unlike its predecessor, this guitar has done some major improvements. Although as an entry-level guitar, it lacks much of the sophistication needed to produce professional sound, the quality hardware is what makes it an excellent choice.

You will be playing like Angus Young in no time!

Our Rating –

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5.  Daisy Rock Venus Small Hands Electric Guitar

These are female-oriented guitar models. Females tend to have smaller, thin, and delicate hands and therefore, this guitar comes with low action and a small profile. Daisy is a lineup of guitar series that are specifically made for girls.

Daisy rock Venus has turned out to be one of their finest in the series. With excellent design and a light weight guitar body, this guitar is very easy to hold for female guitarists. It can produce some great tones and vibrant sounds. With a shortened scale and a smaller slim neck, it is just the right fit for small hands.

The overall design of these instruments are very feminine and it comes with a mahogany double-cut board with a bulbous base. We particularly liked the finishing on this thing which is an ivory pearl design.


  • Best design for small hands
  • Female oriented
  • Classy design
  • High-quality paint


  • Not suitable for Rock n roll
  • The fret is low quality


We think that they are great sounding full sized guitars with some great hardware. With its slim design, it will prove to be a perfect choice for small hands and fingers. It boasts off an elegant design and is a high performing guitar.

Our Rating –

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6.  Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA-M Electric Guitar

So this is as cheap as it comes. But do not be weary of the price as it is not a cheap-looking guitar. We think that it is a great investment as some great features come packed with this small yet awesome guitar.

Some of the most pronounced features of this guitar are the graphite neck, the bound headstock, and the humbucker pickups. You may remember that Jackson is the guitar brand played by legends.

But this guitar has packed everything in it that you are going to need as a beginner. It offers some of the highest quality sound production, beautiful aesthetics, and a high degree of control over the playability.

There are many cheap guitars out there in the market and it may be tedious to decide which one you should buy. If you go with Jackson, you will have the peace of mind as it is a brand played by professionals.


  • Fast guitar neck
  • An incredible sound
  • Good quality electronics
  • Awesome pickups


  • Low-quality hardware
  • Fret buzz


A great product of some of the most plausible craftsmanship. With this guitar, you will get better pickups than most of the other products on the market in this range. It is best for its value.

Our Rating –

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7.  Fender Duo-Sonic HS

Here comes the fender. You probably knew this was going to be on the list. The Duo-Sonic short scale electric model has become a highly acclaimed guitar for beginner students and comes with excellent sound quality and a great tonal control.

These instruments are designed for people who have small hands and are on a tight budget. The body is sparkly and slim slab design with a maple neck. It comes in green color and features the classical signature Fender waist for which it is known among the fans. The duo sonic version comes with three saddle bridges. If you compare it with the hardtail HS version, it comes with six bridges.

This will give you better quality adjustment for action and innovation. It boasts off a three-point pickup selector that is chromed and sits on the three-ply scratchplate. Overall it is an elegant piece of master craftsmanship.


  • Easy to play
  • Short length
  • A small body size making it a great choice for beginners with smaller hands and fingers
  • Intuitive design
  • Sounds great for many genres of music, especially blues and jazz


  • Not for those who prefer a long scale
  • May take some time to get used to


At this price point, we think that it appears like a bargain with a bit of a Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar electric guitar vibe, but it is not. We think that just increases the price to performance ratio owing to its high-quality sound production through your guitar amp.

Our Rating –

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8.  Epiphone SG Special VE

Epiphone SG Special VE comes with an Okoume neck with a D profile which in my case is a bit uncomfortable and you have to bend down more. But with the taper, it is of no issue at all. It will play smoothly and fast and won’t give you any problems. It has a 24.75-inch neck with one truss rod for adjustment.

It will be a nice fit for small hands as it only comes with 22 frets. With a satin finish, it has an awesome aesthetic appeal and the chrome cast head looks amazing. The tune o Matic bridge coupled with the tone functions, this guitar delivers some of the highest quality sounds.

You can easily adjust your controls with the two-speed knobs and two control knobs while the tri pickup selector and master tone controls are all you are going to need to adjust your tones.


  • Versatile shape and design
  • Best for rock n roll
  • Much lighter
  • Very easy to play


  • Three-way pickup can be a bit complex
  • The speed knobs are hard to reach


We think that this guitar is a great value product. The materials used are of high quality and the overall feel appears sturdy. The pickups are excellent and we would say that it is an all-rounder option for full sized guitars for small handed players.

Our Rating –

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9.  Epiphone Les Paul Special VE

If you want something that is low in price and gives you high-quality sound shredding, then this is it. This is probably the most affordable beginners guitar on this list and straight out of the box it gives you a lot of treble.

You will see some of the highly pronounced, harmonics, and tonal complexity that is effortlessly wonderful. The tone production is so good that you will not want to leave it even if you are a beginner and we were blown away by how well this guitar holds up in its playability. It is soft and smooth.

If you don’t like wide necks, then this may not be for you. But if you want something that plays good and has a juicy sound, then this is just the right guitar for you.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to handle
  • High build quality
  • Excellent sound


  • Comes with only one tone and volume controller
  • Fret is rough


As much as the price is tempting, we won’t say it is a bargain which gives this guitar a 10/10 in its price to performance ratio. We particularly liked the color combination which contrasts so well with its aesthetics. Furthermore, the sound quality is miles ahead of other guitars in this price range.

Our Rating –

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Choosing An Electric Guitar For Small Hands

Choosing a guitar for little hands the is the proper size for someone can make or break whether or not you want to actually learn to play. Especially if you have small hands.

Guitars come in a few different sizes but most guitars are not going to be small enough for people with small hands. There are also some guitars that are especially made to accommodate smaller hands. The guitar size you choose should be determined by the size of your hands, and whether or not you use any other accessories such as a capo or barre chords.

How to Choose A Size that Is Right For You

Choosing an electric guitar size that is right for your hands and style of play is a personal choice.

I have found that, though there may be some general guidelines, choosing an electric guitars for smaller hands is more about individual taste and comfort than it is about technicalities (though there are still certain points to keep in mind). You really just need to try out a bunch of different guitars.

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Identifying the Different Types of Guitar Sizes

To really understand the different electric guitar sizes, you need to look at the standard measurements of a guitar. These are:

  • the neck length
  • the upper bout of the guitar body
  • the lower bout of the guitar body
  • the width of the neck at its widest point (usually in the middle)
  • and most importantly, for someone with small hands…the size of the fretboard and how that plays into scale length.

Top Electric Guitars For Small Hands Conclusion

The best electric guitar for small hands on this list are high performing low profile smaller guitars for small hands. Honestly speaking, although these guitars will give you some good sound production, you shouldn’t expect too much out of these. If you want to have a professional sound, then there are much better alternatives out there.

With that being said, they aren’t bad. We have found some of them to be quite impressive and some of them even passed our expectations. All the guitars on this list have short necks and low scale length so they will be the best choice for people with small hands.

I also put together a great guide on acoustic guitars for small hands.  Check it out.