Taylor 114CE review

READ This Taylor 114CE Review Before You Buy!

Are you looking for a high-quality acoustic guitar but aren’t ready to pay a thousand dollars or more? If so, then you aren’t alone. One acoustic guitar that comes highly-recommended for players with such needs is the Taylor 114CE. In this review, we’ll discuss some of this guitar’s key features, the quality of its sound, and its pros and cons.  These are great acoustic guitars!

Taylor has been the brand of choice for many picky guitarists for a long time, and slowly, this manufacturer has expanded its product line into the medium price range. If you are looking to move on from, or bypass, that cheap first guitar that most beginners own, consider getting the Taylor 114CE. Let’s take a look into its features

Taylor 114CE Features

The Taylor 114CE is a Grand Auditorium guitar featuring a Venetian cutaway and electronics that measures 25.5″ in length. Its body is made of a layered walnut material, its top with a solid Sitka spruce, and the neck with sapele material. On the bridge and fretboard of this guitar, Taylor used ebony wood, which is known to be a superior quality material. This guitar’s nut is made of Tusq, which is a material that when used on other parts of the instrument, such as its back and sides, deliver the right frequencies with the optimum transfer rate to its top every time. The only issue with the nut and neck of this guitar is they are a tiny bit narrower than average making chord grips somewhaT uncomfortable.


You should expect excellence in the performance and durability of the materials used on the Taylor 114CE. To strengthen this guitar’s build, a bracing that is shifted forward was used. You’ll also find an elegant, easy-access truss rod and sealed chrome tuners on the headstock. These two features not only help the Taylor 114CE in holding its tuning, but also makes it easy to customize its action.

The Taylor 114CE features the brand’s ES2 electronics, which were co-designed by the legendary Rupert Neve. It has a preamp with volume, bass, and treble controls, and a triple-sensor pickup on the hind side of the bridge.

Guitar Finish

The Taylor 114CE’s body features a clear satin varnish finish that other than adding an elegant look to the guitar, it also allows easy movement of your hands along the neck. This guitar also has an acrylic fretboard inlays, a sleek ring rosette, and a black pickguard.


Compared to a typical dreadnought, the Taylor 114CE sits better on your lap since it is grand auditorium guitar. When playing, you can easily reach all 20 frets of this guitar thanks to its Venetian-style cutaway. You’ll also notice that the Taylor 114CE’s strings have a consistent feel courtesy of its compensate saddle.

With all things considered, this guitar is a playfully and responsive guitar that strums well and performs even better in fingerstyle acoustic. Its ebony fretboard allows the player’s hands to slide more smoothly than the usual rosewood and its slim neck makes playing barre chords very easy. With all its features, both beginner or advanced guitarists are sure to appreciate the smooth playability of this guitar.

Sound Quality

Someone who doesn’t know the specs of the Taylor 114CE can easily mistake it for an all-solid build guitar simply based on its sound. Its sound is also warm and deep with a rich resonance, and gets pretty loud. However, you’ll also notice that the guitar’s notes ring out slowly because it lacks energy-absorbent materials.

The Taylor 114CE produces a very natural, unplugged sound when plugged in due to its cleverly and uniquely placed pickup. It also has a built-in EQ that allows you to play either a highly-satisfactory brighter or duller sound.

With all its features covered, let us point out some of the highlights and drawbacks of the Taylor 114CE.


  • Fitted with high-end electronics
  • Its playability is smooth and responsive
  • Has great price-to-value ratio
  • High build quality

The features included by Taylor in the 114CE make this guitar good enough to satisfy enthusiasts. On top of that, this guitar costs just under $1,000 and is great for a beginner looking for his or her first guitar because he or she won’t have to risk a lot of money only to end up with a poor quality instrument.


  • Doesn’t have an onboard tuner
  • It’s not an all-solid wood guitar

The Taylor 114CE has very few things to complain about. Considering that Taylor designs and manufactures it as an entry level guitar, you will be surprised by what the 114CE offers.


You can enjoy all that the Taylor name boasts of, including its unique tone and feel with the affordable 114CE acoustic guitar. This guitar is suitable for both beginner and experienced players, and it’s an excellent choice for someone looking for a high-quality but affordable acoustic guitar.  Also check out these Taylor acoustics.