Taylor 314ce review

READ This Taylor 314CE Review Before You Buy!

Taylor offers many acoustic guitar models on its product line, but the lowest priced one on its line of solid wood guitars is the Taylor 314ce. The 314ce features a well-build top mede of Sitka, back and sides made of sapele, and as of 2018, this guitar comes fitted the new v-shaped bracing. With the v-class bracing, the braces are arranged in a V shape pattern rather than the X shape pattern of the previous models. With the V-shaped bracing pattern, you’ll enjoy better intonation, longer sustain, and more volume. In this article, will discuss some of features, sound quality, pros, and cons of the Taylor 314ce.

Taylor 314ce Features

The Taylor 314ce Guitar Body

The name that comes to mind when you hear see the grand auditorium body shape is Taylor. Taylor have been using this body shape on so many of its guitars that they’ve even discontinued their dreadnought line and decided to focus on the grand auditorium shape.

The grand auditorium body shape has a way of transforming sound in a great and special way. All Taylor guitars featuring this body shape deliver a deep bass with clear highs. Thanks to its body and sound quality, you can use the 314ce to play all genres of music.


The Taylor 314ce is a mid-sized guitar, and thanks to the shape of its body, you can play in both a grand concert, which requires a softer fingerstyle player, and bluegrass or flat picking events where a big booming sound is required.

The Neck

The neck of the 314ce is fantastic, something that is expected of any Taylor guitar. Its neck is slimmer, has a playable feel to it, and feels great in your hands. The neck is polished with a satin finish that allows your hand to glide freely, which makes it easier and more comfortable to play especially if you have small hands.


The pickup used in the 314ce is Taylor’s Expression System 2. This pickup is mounted behind the saddle instead of under it, therefore, bringing out the natural sound of the wood on its body.


The Taylor 314ce’s sound quality is superb with a full low end, punchy mid range, and nice and clear highs.

Playing this Taylor acoustic guitar you will be stunned by the sound coming out of it. You definitely be satisfied with the low end of the sound. Compared to the 814ce, which is a high-end guitar by the same manufacturer, the 314ce does not ring and sustain as well. The 314ce feels more forgiving to the heavy handed, while the 814ce feels like a grand piano of a guitar. If you want a strummer that will fill the to, the Taylor 314ce is the guitar of choice.

You will also be amazed by the 314ce’s sound when playing fingerstyle. This is because its grand auditorium body shape gives out great bass response with so much fullness when playing this style. The highs of this guitar also blend well with the bass and treble not being too high.

There is so much to like about this guitar’s sound. Considering its price and how other guitars in the same range sound, we would say the 314ce has value for money. If you are on a budget, getting the 314ce is a good idea.


  • Has a durable Stika spruce that increases the feet performance and complements its physical design
  • It features a unique V shape bracing that makes regulating the flexibility of the top structure of the guitar easier, therefore, enhancing its performance
  • It features the Venetian cutaway neck design that is not only appealing to the eyes, but also comfortable to the hands
  • Features the grand auditorium body shape design that provides for excellent tone balance, especially in the mid range


  • The quality of its pickguard is poor, which compromises its durability especially if the guitar is regularly used by a hard player
  • It is not fitted with a dynamic EQ, which is a feature that most less experienced users would prefer to have in their guitars for enhanced sound production


Taylor is one of the leading acoustic guitar manufacturers in the world. Even though the prices of their instruments is a bit higher than those of other brands, the qualities of its guitars make buying a Taylor a decision you won’t regret. One of the best things about this brand is its consistency. Every guitar they produce is even better than the previous one and they always try to improve on the existing models. The build of their guitars is consistent and also is the sound. If you are looking for a guitar, consider buying the Taylor 314ce.