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THESE 10 Best Guitar Amp Under 200 Are EXCELLENT!

Guitar amplifiers come in a wide variety of sizes and capacities, with their uses also varying from those used in house studio to advanced models used in outdoor event performances. Several aspects influence your choice of ideal guitar amps that work best for you. You ought to first establish what you want to play, whether you will do it with a band in a room or perform in an outdoor arena. You must also consider the type of guitar that you are going to use as amps have varying compatibility with the best acoustic and electric guitars – and some even bass guitar.

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At times, it can be quite challenging to reach a suitable choice of an amp, especially with limited information on the available models. Luckily, the discussion below describes a good guitar amp under 200 with great sound and full guide and review of each to help you make a final selection based on quality of sound, customer experience as you shop for the right option for you.

We hope these buying guides help you in your decision.

Our Top Guitar Amplifier Under $200 Reviews

VOX Valvetronix VT20X Guitar Amplifier

The VOX Valvetronix VT20X under 200 model comes as an excellent combination of vintage and innovation, which define the popular VTX series.

This model features complex technological architecture presetting with a multiple-stage tube amplification circuit that releases a unique touch sensitivity and ideal distortion.

These guitar amps also gives a response similar to the basic tube amplifiers. Its exclusive modeling algorithm reproduces analog circuits mainly found in the popular tube guitar amplifier. With this modeling capacity, Valvetronix VT20X gives you the freedom to fine-tune the inner tube bias and gain structure as you play. You can easily tune these guitar amps to class A or B operation when utilizing a specific model.

The effects segment of the guitar amp has been remodeled to provide guitarists with 12 classic effects depending on various popular stompboxes in the industry.

The guitar amps have a USB port that gives you a chance to connect the amps to a Mac, iOS, or PC and also features an optional USB for use with the camera adapter kits. The guitarists can easily customize the amps and manage users programs as well as the effects with the aid of Tone Room software in the VOX amp. The software gives you a chance for fine editing of excellent amps as well as effects to help you craft your sounds keenly. The good news is that you can save the crafted sounds in any of the eight custom users programs. The amp also comes with an AUX-in jack, an inbuilt tuner that jams alongside the music you record as well as a headphone jack for use when you want to use it as a practice amp in silence.

VOX Valvetronix VT20X features

  • The amp comes with a 20 watts capacity
  • Has custom VOX 1×8 inches
  • VOX incorporates excellent technology to help produce amp models with unique sounds
  • 12 classic effects that comprise reverb, delay, and modulation
  • Customizable using the Vox Tone Room software and USB connections to create personalized effects and amps


  • The amp is perfect for learners as it comes with an electric tuner, which helps improve accuracy and sound of your guitar.
  • The amp has a built-in distortion effect that you can use for blues, rock, metal, punk or techno music.


  • It doesn’t come with a pedal.

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Fender Mustang I V2 Guitar Amplifier

Fender Mustang I V2 under 200 guitar amplifier feature a perfect compact 8 inches combo that houses incredible practice as well as performance and sound capabilities.

With 25 watts, this amp reserves the greatest hits in this model of amp category. The amp pre-loaded with special presets that run down to decades and continents of coveted amp tones. When you are busking, practicing or gigging, Mustang I V2 amp gives you a chance to control its subway size superbly.

The 8 inches long Celestion speaker on the amp produces exceptional sounds aided by the wooden enclosure wrapping the amp. The designers ensure Mustang I V2 serves you right, whether cranking or miking up. For silence practice, Mustang I V2 has an Aux input and headphone out that also aid in ideal solo gigging.

It also has a USB port that assists you in patch loading and managing the presets. This port will help in importing presets or assist you in building your own with ease.

Fender Mustang I V2 features

  • Has a powerful 8-inch Celestion speaker
  • Comes enclosed in a wraparound 5×8 inches wooden enclosure
  • USB port for seamless management of presets
  • Designed to aid perfect performance and practice
  • Comes with 25 effects, 20 amps models and 50 presets, 20 of the presets are readily accessible while the remaining 30 are pre-loaded
  • 1/8 inches headphone outputs for use during sound silence practice
  • 1/8 inches auxiliary input that is ideal for solo performance
  • 1.8 inches color display


  • Great sound.
  • Tight bass.


  • Cheap material, plastic knobs which won’t last forever.

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Fender Rumble 25 v3 Guitar Amps

The Fender Rumble 25 v3 guitar amplifier remains an ideal option for both studio performance and personal practice. It has a great tone, comes in small size, and is fitted with friendly controls.

The amp features a headphone output, auxiliary input as well as an equalizer with three bands. This capacity enables you to be flexible enough to establish the signature sound of your choice.

The Rumble 25 v3 amp produces deep bass response and pumps perfect volume with the help of a ported speaker cabinet and the power amp. Additionally, this amp features a newly crafted overdrive circuit as well as switchable controls. These features help the amp to produce excellent effects at a slight touch of a button.
Rumble 25 v3 amps present a perfect tool for personal practice.

It has a crucial aux input where you can easily connect your laptop, iPod, drum machine, and other compatible practice devices. Just connect your MP3 player via the auxiliary input jack for the selected music to become part of your band.

A mere touch of the overdrive switch, the Rumble 25 v3 provides aggressive, gritty, and soothing overdriven tones. The perfect Rumble 25 v3 amp directs 25 watts pure fender bass that is adored by guitarists.

Fender Rumble 25 v3 features

  • Comes with 25 watts suitable for a smooth practice
  • Features one 8 inches speaker
  • Combine modern features with vintage vibes
  • Fitted with a headphone output for users privacy.
  • Has an auxiliary input
  • Inbuilt switchable overdrive
  • Presents a perfect control panel featuring convenient control knobs
  • Has an 8 inches unique speaker


  • The amp is extremely lightweight.
  • Has a tough exterior casing.
  • The power knob is easy to use and stays where you set it.
  • Sound quality is good.


  • If you’re looking for something more durable for live performances, this isn’t it.

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Sawtooth ST-AMP-10-KIT Guitar Amps

The Sawtooth ST-AMP-10-KIT comes in a compact size and produces a wide variety of tunes.

The amp stands as the best model for practice that helps you go over the chords and scales as you rock out of the most favorable selection of your tunes.

It also has treble, volume, bass, and mid control knobs as well as an overdrive switch to allow you to select between overdriven and clean sounds. For guitarists and enthusiasts willing to graduate to larger amps, Sawtooth ST-AMP-10 remains the most suitable option that serves an ideal tool for practice.

You can easily pick out the current Sawtooth amp and start jamming with a lot of power. Its small and compact size increases its portability, making it ideal for stage performances and personal practice. The amplifier appears compact in size, but it is louder than you may expect from an amp of such a small size.

Thanks to its unique cabinet that houses that speaker that jointly amplifies that sound soon as it is fed into the system. The headphone output feature comes in handy when you need to practice alone in silence without being bothersome to those around you. You can as well connect other external speakers when you need further amplification of sounds, especially during stage performances.

Sawtooth ST-AMP-10-KIT features

  • Boasts of 10W RMS as its total output power
  • Has a 6.5 inches powerful speaker
  • Easy to use volume, drive and gain control knobs
  • Master EQ features bass, treble and middle controls
  • Has 6.35 mono jack input
  • 6.35 stereo jack for headphones output


  • Many different sounds.
  • Offers different effects for desired sound.
  • Great price.


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Orange Amplifiers Crush 20 Guitar Amp

The Orange Amplifiers Crush 20 is a perfect deal for those who yearn for an incredible guitar combo amp under 200.

The amp comes with a twin channel and classic orange styling that enhances its performance greatly. It puts the guitar tones in a compacted and portable cabinet ideal for guitarists in all places. As such, it gives you heart-throbbing tones with its perfectly responsive overdrive and excellent levels of complex saturation capable of blowing your mind into a whole different world.

The Crush 20 also has a pair of footswitch channels and four-stage preamp that gives you a tasteful wide range of tones that make you gather a clear recollection of the olden days of quality old school tones that existed in the analog amplifiers.

Additionally, Crush 20 amp features a crafty CabSim circuitry that works as the heart of the orange 4×12 inches cabinet when using the headphone output jack. You can thus easily connect the amp to a mixer, headphones, or recording console to get a huge and authentic Crush 20 tones to enjoy while you play at home or perform in the studio. Its voice of the world speaker satisfies your sound needs as the cabinet casing intensifies the strength.

Orange Amplifiers Crush 20 features

  • The amp has a pair of footswitch channels that offer convenient versatility
  • CabSim with a headphone output
  • 4-stage preamp feature produces perfectly responsive saturation and overdrive
  • Customized voice of the speaker offers a wide variety of tones and sound
  • It also features a volume, gain and 3-band EQ controls
  • Boasts of 20 Watts power
  • 1×8 inches powerful speaker


  • Plug and Play.
  • Affordable.
  • Toneful.
  • Compact Size.


  • Small speaker size.

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Line 6 Spider V 30 Amp (Great For Metal!)

Guitarists prefer line 6 Spider V 30 due to its ease of use and the capacity to produce the best sounds in the spider series amps. The amp features a broad collection of upgraded amplifiers and effects, a clean, modern design, and a unique speaker system. It gives the guitarists a chance to select from more than 200 freshly polished cabs, effects, and amps. Possessing more than 200 up to date amps, effects and cabs give Spider V 30 more flexibility and options than other alternative amps in the same category. As such, guitarists can easily sync up to eight sound effects to achieve rich and perfectly produced tones.

Using the color-coded simple controls, the guitarists can r4eadily dial in their suitable tones. With the aid of double amped complete range speaker, the Spider V 30 produces excellent clarity and depth for those who use it in both acoustic and electric guitars.

Also, the designers pace Spider V 30 to have more than 100 special presets that include line 6 authentic, iconic rigs, and artists designed tones. These presets allow you to have quick access to a wide variety of artistically dialed-in sounds. The amp comes with excellent features for live performances and personal practicing that include a metronome, a range of loops recorded from expert drummers, and an inbuilt tuner.

Line 6 Spider V 30 features

  • 30 Watts power
  • 1×8 inches speaker with a high-frequency tweeter
  • Compatible with acoustic and electric guitars
  • USB port for recording and replay with PC, Mac, iOS ND Android devices
  • Inbuilt drummer loops
  • Has an auxiliary input and headphone output
  • LCD display that is backlit
  • Can be used with FBV MKII and FBV 3 footcontrollers
  • Features 128 designed tonal sound presets


  • Great price for a versatile amp.
  • Can act as a speaker for an iPod or computer.
  • Allows you to go from bedroom levels to house party levels.
  • Easily customizable settings so that you can make it sound how you want it to sound.
  • Amp modeling is really good and easily accessible on the front panel of the amp; everything from clean to distortion are available.


  • It’s not toneful enough, some people say.

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Roland Micro Cube GX

The Roland Micro Cube GX portable guitar amp battery powered under 200 gives you the chance to enjoy similar versatility and tone that you love when using the CUBE series amps. The amp comes with a battery for power, enabling you to carry it wherever you wish to perform or practice. It can be used with an AC adapter as an alternative power source. The Cube GX amp utilizes NiMH AA-size batteries that offer uninterrupted 25 hours of playing time, giving you a chance to enjoy jamming at the beaches, camping sites, or at home. Its inbuilt chromatic tuner relieves you the hassle of carrying an eternal tuner wherever you go to play.

Micro Cube GX incorporates the renowned Roland’s COSM amps that offer tones to play any kind of musical style ranging from heavy rock to clean jazz and anything in between the two genres. There is also a setting for the MIC to enable you to use a vocal microphone with the amp (learn how to mic a guitar amp here). Cube GX also has an onboard reverb and delay processor with a freshly incorporated spring reverb selection for authentic roots-rock and surf sounds.

The eighth DSP effects eliminate the need to stick to pedals when using Micro Cube GX. You can thus comfortably choose from a wide range of effects ranging from flanging and chorus to tremolo and phaser.

Roland Micro Cube GX features

  • Has an inbuilt chromatic tuner
  • Headphones and recording output
  • Consists of an auxiliary input jack to aid CD players
  • i-CUBE LINK jack that offers an audio interface with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with an interface cable
  • Small and compact in size with a 5-inch speaker to aid portability
  • Operates by use of an AC adapter or battery and consists of a carry strap


  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.


  • Signal to noise ratio is low, meaning the amp cannot achieve a very high volume without feedback from your instrument.

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Marshall MG30CFX

Marshall MG30CFX guitar amp under 200 series produces a variety of excellent modern and classic tones that are significant sound features that guitarists need. The amp features an excellent headphone output that makes it easy for guitarists to practice in silence. Marshall MG has an appealing gold appearance and gold metal finish that makes the amp look attractive at whichever stage that you perform.

The amp also boasts of a perfect single 10-inch speaker plus complete four storable channels. With it as well come an inbuilt reverb, flanger, chorus, phaser, and delay effects and an auxiliary input to help you when jamming to you preferred tunes.

Marshall MG features clean/crunch channels that add a little bit of gain to clean channel to help you attain an ideal Marshall Tone but will come slightly distorted. The overdrive 1 and 2 channels increase the gain to achieve the desired sound distortion.

This Marshall Combo amp comes with four inbuilt effects: phaser, flanger, delay, and chorus. It also features an octave option that helps in duplicating the guitar aspect, placing it with the original sound. Guitarists access the octave option by dialing via the effects control and end up enjoying extensive hours full of fun while playing with a variety of settings. Also, you can easily save every setting you dial for the available channels for retrieval in the future.

Marshall MG30CFX features

  • It has a 1×10 inch custom speaker
  • The controls include 3-band EQ, volume, gain, reverb level, and FX select
  • Has a headphone output
  • Comes with an Auxiliary input
  • Boasts of four channels that include OD1, OD2, Crunch and clean
  • Comes with a 30 Watts power capacity


  • The Marshall MG30CFX has a lot of features for the cost. It is one of the only amps with both an XLR mic input as well as a 1/4″ input, meaning you can use it to play live or record at home.
  • The amp also has an MP3 input to play along with your favorite tracks.
  • Paired with its built in effects like chorus and reverb, the Marshall MG30CFX is a really great beginner’s amp that offers ample versatility without feeling bulky or expensive.


  • The amp’s signature, Marshall crunch is not exactly something that can be dialed in. Instead you have to rely on the three “pre-canned” amp settings which tend to be a little muddy.

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Bugera V5 Infinium Combo Tube Amplifier

With an EL84 power and 12AX7 preamp tubes, Bugera V5 Infinium Combo provides all the tube-soaked tones that are found in the many songs that have been played ever since the invention of the electric guitars. Additionally, the amp comprises an inbuilt power attenuator to enable you to hit the volume knob at your convenience. On top of this, the amp comes with a complete reverb and a perfect Turbosound speaker giving Bugera V5 compact size for a versatile combo. The designers incorporate tube lifespan multiplier technology that ensures the Infinium Combo Amp offers you a consistent tone and deserved reliability for as long as your tubes last.

Also, there is a LED attached next to each of the tubes to enable you to notice when they are about to wear off or die for timely replacement or fixing before the problem goes out of hand.
The classic tubular design offers guitarists warm sound distortion as well as sweet harmonics. The handpicked 12AX7 tube gives you perfectly balanced natural tube compression and harmonics. On the other hand, the EL84 power tube drives the Infinium Combo Amp when pressed to its maximum limits.

Bugera V5 Infinium Combo Amp best features

  • Integrates high-quality reverb with special reverb controls
  • Uses classic style tonal controls for effective sound shaping
  • Has a tube life multiplier
  • Comes with turbosound speaker that produces the incredible sonic quality sounds
  • EL84 power and 12AX7 preamp tubes produce warm distortion and sweet harmonics
  • The inbuilt power attenuator gives you the comfort of hitting a sweet segment at whichever volume


  • Overdrive channel gives it some nice dynamics.
  • The EQ is really good and can give you a wide array of tones.
  • It has a headphone jack for playing late at night.
  • It’s pretty sturdy and feels nice and heavy.


  • It doesn’t feel like a great amp for rock or metal players

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Peavey Rage 258 Amplifier

The Peavey Rage 258 is a perfect lightweight guitar amplifier under 200 dollars that weighs just 16 lbs. Its lightweight makes it the easiest amp for practice and to carry around with you. For the guitarists engaged in practice sessions, rage 258 gives them two channels three radically distinct voice options that include modern, vintage, and stack to a broad palette of tone tastes. The amp also features a three-band equalizer that makes your jamming session and a headphone output gives you the required convenience for solo practices.

The sound output goes through an amazing super duty bluish marvel 8-inch speaker. The amp is encased in a superior Peavey design that appeals to the eyes and gives quality to the amplifier. Rage 258 amp boasts of two channels, advanced overdrives and excellent cleans that give it an upper hand over the available alternatives. Its three-band equalization is capable of giving you a perfect range of tones directly from the bat.

Rage 258 controls are separated into two sections. The first segments come as the primary channel controls. The other section comprises of voicing selection and equalization controls. The clean channel houses pre and post gain knobs as well as the volume knob, which are utilized for the best leads.

Peavey Rage 258 features

  • Comes with 25W RMS
  • Perfect voicing switch for modern, vintage and stack
  • Headphone output for solo practice
  • Weighs approximately 16 lbs
  • Incorporates a master volume control
  • Comprises of 8-inch super duty bluish speaker
  • Has a three-band equalizer
  • Properly positioned pre-gain and post gain knobs
  • Auxiliary input for tape and CD player connections


  • Extremely affordable.
  • Great tone shaping features.
  • Good reverb and tremolo effects.


  • Lacks in headroom when compared to more expensive amps. There is limited volume before feedback starts kicking in.

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What To Expect With An Electric Guitar Amplifier Under $200

Are you shopping for a new guitar amplifier and have around $200 budgeted for it? Do you know what you can get for that $200 as far as amp features? In this blog post, I will cover the most important things you should know about guitar amplifiers and the features you can expect to find.

The first thing you should know is that less expensive amps under $200 are really designed for beginners or for those who just want to jam and don’t need to have a professional amp. While they can be great for that purpose, if you plan on playing live or with a band, keep reading. There are some things you need to know before buying one of these amps. The main issue with cheaper amps is the quality of the speaker. You are most likely going to get a 10″ speaker in an amp under $200. That means you will not be receiving 100 watts of clean or distortion sounds and that most likely means that you won’t get a speaker with two 4″ speakers in it. You will most likely get a 10″ speaker, which gives you a very limited range of sounds and usually it is pretty dull sounding as far as speakers go.

The features you will get include the ability to connect multiple guitars to it. Some models have two or three inputs for different guitars you can plug in and play at the same time or one input to play all of your guitars through at one time. You can also expect one or two channels as well as a clean channel and distortion channel. Consider getting a distortion pedal along with your amp if you want more options for different sounds and more flexibility if you plan on playing live or with other musicians.

When shopping for an amplifier that costs less than $200, you will find that most aren’t made with very durable materials. They are usually made with plastic and some models don’t use metal on the chassis, which makes them easily damaged. If you plan on using this amp for playing live or practicing with other musicians, it is probably best to look at something that costs more than $200.

Before purchasing a guitar amplifier, it is a good idea to research the model and read consumer reviews on it. I highly recommend taking a look at the specifications of the amp and reading over what other buyers are saying about it. Keep in mind that you will probably have to spend more if you want your amplifier to be more durable and sound better.

It is also a good idea to shop around before buying your guitar amplifier. You can find deals online for different models or in some music shops and retailers. You might have to go online a couple of times to find a good deal on your amp or you might even be able to get it in a local music shop. Some retailers are also willing to ship your amplifier, which makes it easier for you if you plan on buying more than one amplifier. Always make sure that you take into consideration the price of shipping and any additional fees before making your purchase decision.

As you can see from the above information, there are lots of things that should be taken into consideration before buying one of these budget amps.

Some more quick picks:

  • Fender Champion amplifier
  • Blackstar ID Core amplifier
  • Bugera V5 5watt class amplifier combo
  • Fender Frontman 10G amplifier
  • Orange Crush 20RT amplifier
  • Peavey Vypyr VIP amplifier

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Best Guitar Amps Under 200 Conclusion

Getting the right amp remains the primary determinant of attaining the best quality musical effect every time you play your guitar. Apart from your playing prowess, you will need to do due diligence to acquire an excellent amplifier that meets your specific needs. Take into account the size, power capacity, the quality of sound, and the versatility of the amp you intend to acquire. The size of the amp is also a great feature that determines its portability. The post has vividly outlined options to help you with tones of useful information as you choose the model that is good for you.