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ANNOUNCING: 7 Best Analog Chorus Pedal With Great Tone

In the last few years, the chorus pedal has been experiencing what seems like a strong resurgence. Being at the height of its popularity in the 1970s, it had its peak early in the 1990s, especially with the genre of grunge music. After this period of elevation, it fell by the wayside and lost its dominance for roughly a decade. The last couple of years have indicated a remarkable and unmistakably return of the chorus pedal. With the renewed popularity, its distinct sound can be heard on virtually every guitar-pop music released in the last two to three years.

What Is The Analog Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal?

Chorus pedals are basically guitar effects pedals that thousands of guitarists across the globe use to add a certain flavor to their music. It has developed throughout the years by a variety of means until Boss launched the very first real stand-alone pedal in 1976.

The analog chorus guitar effect adds a lovely richness to your tone, which gives off the effect that what you’re playing is being doubled. Chorus pedals produce a synthetic sound character that is rather angelic and goes especially well on clean tones, particularly when arpeggiated chord progressions are used.

Analog Chorus vs Digital Chorus

Similar to the majority of guitar pedals, there are chorus stompboxes that feature analog circuitry whereas others utilize modern digital circuitry. The distinctions are unmistakable in their sound, with the majority of analog chorus pedals producing a warmer tone that has a much more robust signal. Typically, an analog chorus affects the entire frequency range of the guitar tone, delivering a deeper sound.

Generally, digital chorus can be tweaked more than their analog counterparts. In addition, they have the capacity to provide a more impressive range of sounds that typically make digital chorus more versatile electric guitar tone.

Choosing an Analog Chorus Pedal

To choose an analog chorus pedal, you can look among the ones highlighted below, identify your favorites and narrow the list down to your top five, based on what you and your guitar are looking for; whether they have similar features or controls or they are in a category of the same price point that is in keeping with your budget. After getting to this point, if you haven’t already, it is a good idea for you to watch some videos of the ones you are interested in. This will give you a sense of the sound that is most appealing to you.

Our recommendations below include some affordable pedals that are currently available, which can compete quite ably with more costly devices. However, if you operate a more professional setup, which include something like a looper or switcher, then a more exclusive that include MIDI functionality would perhaps be more appropriate.

There is no wrong or right as tone is totally subjective. Therefore, you should go for whichever sound you find most pleasing to your ears. Chorus provides quite a divisive effect; however, now that you’re a bit more informed, you can go ahead and choose one that works well for you.

Below are our recommendations for the best analog chorus pedal for your guitar rig:

Our Analog Chorus Recommendations

BOSS DC-2W Waza Craft Dimension C Analog Chorus Pedal

The DC-2W chorus pedal is among the most-requested reissues in history of the Boss brand. It is a recreation of the DC-2 Dimension C, which finds a happy medium between a 3D audio expander and a chorus. It delivers a fairly subtle effect by way of its four push-buttons; however, it is capable of making any signal sound richer and bigger, particularly in stereo. Additionally, the reissue includes a type of SDD-320 Dimension D rack effect; this adds its own taste of spatial widening. If the sonic effect is something you like but you could do without the warble of conventional chorus pedals, this device could be the best option for you.

A lush, 1980s chorus is produced by this device, while issues like low output volume and noise have been largely mitigated by the updates. Mode 1 is remarkable to deliver subtle tones, while on the other end of the spectrum, Mode 4 will produce more robust tones. It is a costly gadget; however, his is an exclusive chorus sound, magnificently accomplished and again available after a long wait. Actually, any of the BOSS chorus pedals like the Boss CH1 vs CE5 are a great option if you are not into the Waza Craft.


  • Easy to use.
  • Extremely impressive chorus effects.


  • Does not make provision for “conventional” chorus.

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Walrus Audio Julia V2 Chorus

This analog chorus is a feature-rich, fully-analog pedal that is packed with a wealth of chorus sounds. Besides the standard Depth and Rate controls, it has a Lag knob that allows the user to set the center delay time from which the LFO effect is modulated for different volumes of “swing.” Another amazing feature is the Dry, Chorus Vibrato pedal (d-c-v) knob, which is a blend control that alters the ratio of wet to dry signal transmitted to the output. When cranked, it will deliver all types of wild chorus/vibrato combinations. At low levels subtle variations will be available and kept at zero, there will be no effect.

Furthermore, it has a waveform switch that provides fully analog circuitry and remarkable control of the sweep of the effect. There is also true bypass switching and an LFO LED that flashes to the beat for visual feedback. It is all encased in a lavender-colored box that has a design that is as fantastic as the sounds it produces.


  • Waveform toggle selector.
  • Visual LED feedback.
  • “Lag” control.


  • Analog chorus pedal circuitry is a bit noisy.

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Catalinbread Callisto Chorus/Vibrato

In the core of this chorus is an MN3007 Bucket Brigade chip similar to the early chorus pedals. It has a simple interface that is also intuitive and produces a multitude of sounds that range from shimmer and subtle to off-kilter warble/warping sounds to rotary speaker-like sounds.

It is compact, elegant and has versatile features that make this chorus pedal an incredible addition to any pedalboard. It is powered by a 9V battery or 9V DC power supply and is a true bypass. It integrates several of the highest quality components to accomplish the most impressive tonal response possible. Found in the audio path, the Catalinbread also makes use of an audiophile Burr Brown OPA2134 chip, this is meant to provide the device with energetic playability and a natural feel. By twisting the density knob, you can constantly make adjustments to the delay line time to produce classic chorus sounds that range from subtle and airy to fat and warm.

The width control manages the sweep speed depth of the chorusing. The mix knob is used to effortlessly dial everything from true pitch vibrato to lush chorusing and has the capacity run clean dry to totally wet.

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MXR EVH 5150 Chorus

This chorus has the same type of striped paint as the signature EVH pedals; however, this is painted in a cream and dark blue motif that is more visually striking. There are 3 controls that are atypical of the majority of chorus and are used to control tone (EQ shape), volume and intensity (chorus effect). The only elaborate parts of this are perhaps the output and input level pad switches that are placed on both sides of the device. However, there is no need for frustration as they are there for guitarists who need optimum signal-to-noise performance and low level impedances.

The chorus pedal is powered by 9-volt power supply or one 9-volt battery. It features stereo and mono outputs and has an internal buffered/true bypass switch to deliver increased flexibility. This MXR chorus panel is an immaculate sounding device that is enhanced for high-gain rigs. It embodies the stereo-chorused, wide-ranging sound for which MXR EVH chorus pedal is known.


  • Exceptional old-school chorus effects sound.
  • Mono or stereo operation.
  • Additional gain on tap.
  • Pad switches allow for various usages.


  • Prominent lid on the battery compartment could cause issues for using Velcro to mount the pedalboard.

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MXR M134 Stereo

The quality of the sound produced by this pedal is incredible. It is warm and lush, similar to what a top-quality analog chorus is to sound like. It works particularly well with a Fender Deluxe and a Strat and sounds remarkable going into a clean amp. Additionally, it also sounds pleasant going into a dirty amp to get that rock tone from the 80s.

To achieve the Rush sound, you can try using the Width and Rate and the Intensity maxed around noon. Try everything around 9:00 to achieve a good tone that you can use to put in front of a dirty amp.

This amazing chorus pedal is ideal for individuals who would like to use it and require as many selections that a pedal board will fit. If you are into chorus effect, you will like the additional options, especially if you require something a bit simpler than trying the MXR Micro Chorus; they sound quite similar.


  • Sounds remarkable.
  • Provides more option than one-knob control devices.
  • Easy to use
  • Great paired with tremolo or flanger.


  • More suited for studio use than for live performances.

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Electro Harmonix Small Clone Analog Chorus

Kurt Cobain was instrumental in popularizing this type of chorus and placed it in a category among most revered stompboxes made by EHX. The identical basic circuitry used in the Small Clone chorus pedal is used and it has been stated by EHX that the electronics have been tweaked to offer superior sonic qualities and enhance accuracy. Some units are well-renowned as being impressive sound generators; however, it is possible to achieve more subtle tones. For example, if the rate and speed depth is set with a light depth to 10 o’clock, clean tones will gain the benefit. Heavier depth settings are is more in the territory of vintage Alex Lifeson and Andy Summers. It is designed to be a snug fit onto existing pedalboards.

It produces rich and fully analog tones that deliver otherworldly vibes and this is available in an easy-to-use and straightforward. It is also priced affordably and is easy to master with its depth switch and one rate dial. It is also capable of producing subtle modulation w and warbles.


  • Priced affordably.
  • Authentic sound.
  • Layout is simple and intuitive.
  • Does remarkably with nailing Kurt Cobain like warble.


  • Less feature-rich when compared to contemporary guitar pedals.

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MXR M234 Analog

This pedal falls somewhere between the Stereo Chorus and the minimalist Micro Chorus. It combines the control provided by 5 knobs with a pedalboard friendly neatness. The sounds provided by this chorus delivers authentic analog bucket brigade technology. If you juxtapose the rate depth controls you will gain access to a wide variety of familiar classy chorus tones. However, the other 3 knobs that are included are designed to sweeten the deal. The 2 EQ knobs will help you to putt the tone in the right zone. With the level knob, you will be able to add in as much or as little effect as you desire. This can range from a full-on ensemble sound to just a subtle shift in the chorus pedal tone. It is quite a remarkable and versatile box for individuals who would like to enhance their pedalboard with some chorus tones.


  • Remarkable BBD tones.
  • Useful tone controls.


  • Four-screw battery access.

More info on this pedal – MXR Analog Chorus vs Micro Chorus – Two MXR Options

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Selecting one of these best chorus pedals could be a one-size-fits-all procedure but it hardly ever is. The variety of available pedals is astounding and they provide huge variances in the quality of sound and the level of control.

*One we didn’t mention but recommend is the TC Electronic Corona.

It truly comes down to what you want from a best chorus pedal and the extent to which you need the effect when you know what chorus pedals are used for. There are chorus pedals available to satisfy everyone, ranging from the effective and simple to the highly-functional, in-depth models. Determine the category into which you fall, the rate at which you would use the effect and precisely how it would be used, then compare this knowledge with reviews and the available devices in your price range.

Here are more chorus pedal options: