VOX Valvetronix VT20X Review

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Guitar players have been using amps for decades, and the technology hasn’t changed much.

But now it has! VOX amp models revolutionized guitar amp design with a brand new circuit that delivers amazing sound quality and performance, along with great features like built-in effects, Bluetooth connectivity, USB audio recording/playback and more.

The VT20X guitar combo amp is an all-new take on guitar amplifiers that combines classic tone with modern technology to deliver everything you need to play your best – from warm tube sounds to cutting high-gain lead tones. And thanks to its compact size (it’s about half the size of a traditional combo), it’s perfect for practicing or performing at home or on stage. It even comes in eight vibrant color options so you can match your personality or style!


What Is The VOX Valvetronix VT20X?

The VT20X Guitar Amp from VOX is a digital modeling amplifier designed to replicate the tone and feel of tube amplifiers. The new DSP (digital signal processing) technology offered by this model allows for tube-like tone without the hassle of dealing with tubes, such as vacuum tubes and their associated risks.

Features Of This Guitar Amp

Valvetronix Technology

VOX’s Valvetronix technology gives you the classic sound of a tube amp, without the drawbacks. That means that your music will be loud and clear-sounding as if it was coming from a tube amp. The only difference is that it won’t take hours to set up or cost tons of money for upkeep!

VOX’s Valvetronix® technology provides excellent sound quality with all the benefits of an electric guitar amplifier. Unlike those old tube amplifiers, VOX doesn’t require expensive maintenance or hours to set up – just plug in and play!  Something for all kinds of guitarists to experience.

Small Gig Ready

These combo amplifiers are perfect for small gigs or rehearsals. It’s got 20 watts of power and 33 presets to make sure you’re heard and has a 8 inch speaker so your sound will be rich and full.  This is a great little gigging amp.

This amp is great for smaller places like rehearsal spaces or smaller venues, where it can get up into the higher frequencies without sounding too thin. It also offers plenty of volume at 20 watts and a 8-inch speaker that will give you both clarity and richness in your sound.

Two Channels

The VOX Valvetronix VT20X has two channels for those looking to dial in their perfect sound. The Clean channel is great for all-around playing, and the Lead channel can be used for more intense leads and solos.

You can use the VOX Valvetronix VT20X to play any style of music from blues to metal, and it’ll sound great.

You can enjoy all your favorite types of music on this guitar amp without any worries because it’s built with everything you need. We even have a built-in tuner for those times when you’re just not sure if you’re in tune or not!

Give It A Listen!

Our Final Words On This Amp

The Vox VT20X Valvetronix little powerhouse has everything you need to get your guitar tone just right!

It features two channels, each with its own EQ and gain controls, as well as reverb and delay effects. There’s also a headphone jack for silent practice or recording.

If you are looking for a new amp, I love it and recommend!  If you want something larger and louder, check out the Vox VT40Xcombo amplifiers as well.