Orange Crush 20RT Review

READ This Orange Crush 20RT Review Before You Buy!

I started playing guitar in my teens and like many, I wanted to get a ‘great tone’ from the amps I bought. However, with no guidance on what makes an amp sound good people often spend hundreds of dollars on expensive amplifiers that don’t always deliver as promised. This can leave some players feeling frustrated or lost when it comes time to choose their next amplifier.

If you’re looking for a guitar amp that’s easy to use, sounds great and won’t break the bank, then the Orange Crush 20RT Guitar Combo Amp is your best choice.

The Orange Crush 20RT Guitar Amp is a great choice for both beginners and pros.

Features Of The Orange Crush 20RT

The Crush 20RT has been designed with simplicity in mind. It features an intuitive control set with no menus or complicated parameters to scroll through – just plug in and play!

With its compact size and light weight design, it’s perfect for gigging musicians who need to keep their load as small as possible while still getting big sound. And if you want more volume than this little powerhouse can deliver on its own, connect it up to one of our extension cabinets like the 2X12″ or 4X12″.


The amp comes with reverb, which is an effect that many guitarists use to add depth and dimension to their sound. A bright switch boosts high-end frequencies while keeping the mids intact. On top of this, it also has a 3-band EQ that lets you hone your tone further.

It has 3 channels, clean, crunch and lead, so you can play anything from jazz to metal

This electric guitar amplifier also features an effects loop with a noise gate that will keep your sound clear when you’re playing live.

Hear This Amp In Action!


The Orange Crush 20RT Guitar Amp is the perfect amp for bedroom and studio use. It has a classic tone that’s great for blues, rock, country or any other style of music you want to play.

This affordable amp doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of more expensive models but it does have a lot to offer guitar players at an unbeatable price point.

For newbies just getting started with their first practice amp or intermediate musicians looking for something small they can take on the road this amp delivers big sound in a small package.