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HERE’S The 5 Best Chorus Pedal For Jazz Guitar Tone

Every guitarist wants to be able to play as well as possible. Practice is a big part of the formula for success but other factors need attention as well. For example, professional musicians are extremely careful in selecting their equipment for their gigs and recording sessions. Jazz guitarists are no exception. They want to engage their listeners with great guitar music sound. They want their songs to have high impact in every way. The use of pedals in jazz can often help achieve certain effects that add drama and grandeur to the music. Guitarists are always on the lookout for the best chorus pedal for jazz guitar.

Our Recommendations:

1. Diamond Halo – Stereo Chorus

This pedal is easy to spot because of its square shape and light blue color. Its body is wider than most pedals of this kind mostly due to the circuitry inside. This has an all-analog design for purists who want the unique tone that only this chorus class can provide. It has a small switch to turn it on or off, unlike models with much bigger foot presses. There are input ports and output ports for mono and stereo signals. Stereo paths have independent phase and pitch modulation so that the pedal can be configured with greater versatility.

Diamond’s Halo Chorus has several interesting features including four control knobs for depth, speed, chorus modulation, and phase modulation. It is also possible to modify the time delay and wave shape. The sound result is incredible power in the hands of the user. Experienced guitar musicians with excellent technical jazz skills will definitely appreciate the variety of options provided by the device. With this setup, users are able to add a slight chorus effect if they want to. They can also make this much deeper and thicker for a sound that is hard to replicate elsewhere. The LED flashes in time with the LFO speed for a visual cue.

This is an incredibly complex pedal with amazing features that should satisfy the most discriminating musician and guitar player. If you are unhappy with the level of control provided by other options, then try this one for all the flexibility you need. Just note that the price is much higher than the average chorus but this best option is worth it!

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2. Maxon 9-Series Pure Analog Chorus

Here is another analog chorus pedal with an advanced feature set. If you want to go beyond the usual, then have a look at the Maxon 9-Series. It comes in amore typical rectangular shape but its light purple color gives it a decidedly retro vibe. Indeed, this is a classic with a lot of fans. The company has decided to revive it while making improvements fit for a modern product. The basic design is the same but the sound quality is even better than before. This should be welcome news for those who have been waiting for this PAC-9 revival to happen.

There are only two knobs in this device. One is for controlling the speed while the other is for changing the width. Stepping on the PAC-9 for the first time is an experience. You will realize that this pedal is not playing around. It will provide you with a full chorus sound and it won’t be shy about it. This is the one to get if you want your jazz pieces to be punchy. Your audience will definitely feel the emotion in every note and sound.

There are two rare control mechanisms in this device. The Pure switch at the left is able to amplify the delayed signal by up to 4dB. This serves to create a tremolo effect. At the right side, meanwhile, is a Bright switch that plays with the low frequencies in the delay for a familiar jazz chorus tones and sound. It has a noise filter, stereo outputs, and true bypass switching. It sells for just a bit lower than the Diamond Halo.

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3. TC Electronic Corona Chorus

Not everyone has a big budget to spend on effects pedals. Perhaps you need several of them for your effects loop so you have to divide your funds to the different types of sound options. The Corona is a good option for those who want something affordable without compromising on versatility. This is a digital instead of an analog circuit so it is not for purists. However, it does sound great and it allows plenty of possibilities for your instrument. This unit is easy to spot with its bright green body, white knobs, and gray labels.

The Corona features a true bypass switch so you don’t have to lose your tone by going through the device. You can have access to tine prints or pedal tweaks that come from great musicians. It is possible to modify the setting to get subtle chorus or roaring effects, depending on your preferences. You can control the speed, the depth, the level, and the tone. Mix and match to get the right combination. Nothing is right or wrong. Just get a feel for what you can achieve with the sound by experimenting and you might surprise yourself with what you can do with this thing.

Use this if you want to show off with your solos. It can add that extra intensity you need to capture the audience and make your music soar. The sound will be thicker while still having that bite. Compare how this performs side by side with other branded pedals to see the difference.

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4. BOSS CE-5 Stereo Chorus Ensemble

BOSS is already an institution in the music world. Its pedals are among the most popular items in their respective categories. If you want something that works without having to think much about it, then get a BOSS chorus pedal. It will not let you down. In particular, you might want to consider the BOSS CE-5 which is a is chorus ensemble pedal with stereo output. It comes in the familiar BOSS chassis covered in sky blue. This is a tried and tested design that is known for its portability and durability. It even comes with a 5-year warranty.

You can provide a mono input and get a mono output. You can also get two outputs, a dry signal and a wet signal, in order to enjoy stereo sound. This configuration allows you to have that chorus effect without drowning out the original signal. You can connect it to dual guitar amps or use the pedal in a studio setting. The four knobs on this device are for the level, rate, depth, and filter. Note that the filter knob actually has two dials to deal separately with the low and the high frequencies. This gives more control over the sound coming out of the CE-5.

This device does not come cheap but the price is quite reasonable when you factor in the brand, the warranty, and the performance. If you want something compact without sacrificing control in your sound, then this is the model for you and jazz music.

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5. BOSS WAZA CRAFT Chorus Guitar Pedal

Last on the list is the BOSS Waza Craft Pedal, otherwise known as the CE-2W. This is a reproduction of the older CE-2 with the same tone as the original. Users can also engage the CE-1 mode in order to get the vibrato what this model was famous for. The difference is that this new model is now capable of stereo output. Just adjust the rate and depth knobs in order to get the sound that you want out of the pedal. If you want a touch of the classic pedals on the market in newer production methods, then this can certainly do the job.

Just remember that this pedal is compatible with 9V batteries for portable effects. However, it will eat up a lot of power so you will have to bring plenty of spares just in case. Extended gigs and practices merit a power supply. This Boss pedal is not cheap but you essentially get two items in one device with the tones being reproduced quite well. It’s a nice deal and a great-sounding chorus effects pedal. If you want something that will sound warm without generating audible guitar noise, then this is a good purchase.

The Waza Craft is built like a tank yet it plays with notable clarity and finesse when needed. You can also go wild with your jazz band if you want to. You will be lucky to find it.

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The best chorus pedals for jazz guitar is a matter of personal sound preference. What kind of jazz tone do you like? How much money do you have set aside? How versatile does the jazz guitar pedal need to be to fit your playing styles? Answer all of these and you will have an easier time looking for the right chorus effects pedal for your signal chain.