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THESE 7 Best Small Pedal Boards Are Great COMPACT Choices

Essentially, a pedalboard is a flat surface designed to accommodate guitar effects pedals and other gadgets you might use in the signal chain of your guitar. Pedal boards are typically layered with Velcro strips meant to stick the stompboxes to the frame. Below are some of the best small pedal board options currently available.

Our Top Small Pedalboard Reviews

MY FAVORITE! Voodoo Lab Dingbat Small Pedalboard with Pedal Power 2 PLUS

This pedalboard is the ideal combination of form and function. It is roughly 18 inches wide and around 9 inches in length, making it an exceptional option for traveling musicians. This bundle includes everything needed to get going like cable ties, two reels of Velcro and the barrel-type pedalboard power cables. Tough steel brackets and rails are used to securely mount the pedal power supply on the underside of the board and a handful of nuts and screws are used to affix it to the unit.

The build quality is flawless as aircraft-grade American 6061-T6 aluminum is used to meticulously craft each pedalboard. The remarkable construction is evident in all aspects of the board, such as the impeccably aligned cut-outs designed for the AC input jack built-in power supply and its AC outlet. In addition, there are heavy-duty rubber feet located at the bottom corners of the guitar pedals board, designed to prevent movement when it is laid down. The board is packaged in a chic red-and-black travel bag that is complete with a comfortable shoulder strap.

Pedaltrain Nano – The Runnerup!

This small, compact board measures 14.5 inches x 5 inches and weighs one pound. Its solid aluminum alloy tubing is welded together, leaving an opening in the center designed for running cords and power cables underneath. In contrast to some of the bigger models that are angled slightly, the Nano is sufficiently narrow to give easy access to all the pedal knobs and it lays flat on the floor. The package includes Velcro strips to secure the row of pedals to the rails and they make it easier to set up and tear down. The Velcro provides a solid hold and you will find that even when it is held upside down, the pedals will not move.

It is a good idea to use a clip-on guitar tuner as it frees up the Nano for actual extra effects pedals. By doing this, the board will be able to fit four standard size pedals. The key is spending a few minutes with the initial placement of the pedals and general setup and then wiring up the power connectors and patch cables. It also comes with a soft case bag that can be thrown across the shoulder or strapped to a gig bag.

Pedaltrain Classic JR

Inspired by their famous PT-JR pedalboard, the Pedaltrain Classic JR makes this time-tested design even better. Firstly, there is no longer the need to try and stuff the cables through tiny portholes – the open-front design of the board makes it easy to mount power supplies. Additionally, the Classic JR was given a wider stance and its altitude was boosted by a whole inch; therefore, it can accommodate pretty much any switching system or power supply that you might have in your rig. Guitarists have depended on the resilient aircraft-grade aluminum alloy pedalboards from Pedaltrain for over a decade.

The pedal board allows you to lay out your effects based on your preference. It features an angled and elevated open frame, providing you with added flexibility when the layout of your effects is being configured. This also makes setup and rearrangement fast and efficient. In addition, your cables can actually be neatly connected on the pedalboard by routing them under, through and over the slots in the top surface region. By doing this, they are not visible on the top of the board and you do not have to be concerned about disconnecting them accidentally with a poorly placed stomp when you are in the middle of a solo.

Donner DB-S200 Guitar Effects Pedal Board

The Donner DB-S200 pedal board is very functional and provides the ideal option for guitarists who are seeking out a reasonably priced pedalboard. This board has plenty of room, especially for mini pedals and will accommodate them comfortably. The pedal gives great value for it cost as well. The overwhelming majority of individuals who use it have expressed that they love it and believe that it stacks up quite well against brands that are known to be more expensive.

This is as aluminum pedal board that feels sturdy and solid even though it is quite lightweight. It has a rail-like design that allows you ample space in which to easily and conveniently lay out your pedals. The board rails measures 20 inches x 8 inches x 1.2 inches and can accommodate as many as 12 regular stomp-box pedals easily, while being long enough to hold such effects as the long wah pedal as well.

The board has a chic black finish and weighs 1.33 pounds. Durability and reliability are fairly decent and the product has the capacity to take a few bangs while being transported. Additionally, the power supply area is highly practical, reliable, easy to use and features top-notch wiring.

Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1

This lightweight pedal board is rugged and rigid and is designed to accommodate an array of pedals and power supply mounting solutions. The construction is uniquely ingenious and based on just one cold-rolled, folded aluminum sheet for the frame of the board and has no welded seam. As such, the surface of the board is totally plain and provides more space for pedals. Vertical support braces provide additional stability and the board will neither wiggle nor bend.

It has an innovative slot-based design that works really well with standard mounting solutions like loop tape and hook and the new RockBoard pedal mounting plates. Additionally, the slots allow cables to be hidden underneath the surface for a tidy and neat setup. Furthermore, power supply can be mounted either below the board surface or the optional RockBoard power supply mounting solution can be used. The majority of RockBoard 2018 Series versions are compatible with the RockBoard MOD patchbays. There are seven sizes that range between roughly 18 inches in length and about 40 inches in width; therefore, you will definitely be able to find the ideal board for you. All sizes come with either a flight case or gig bag.


The Gokko Audio GKB-52 has a measurement of 22 inches x 12.6 inches, which offers large enough space to accommodate plenty of guitar effects pedals. It is made from solid, high-quality and durable material and it is designed to hold and safeguard the pedals nicely. The pedalboard comes with a lightweight nylon carrying bag that is designed to safely and securely store and transport your pedals from one gig to the next. This package comes with the Velcro needed to attach your pedals to the board. It is ideal for musicians or guitarists who would like to rig the pedals for practice at home and for gigs on the go.

Diago Showman

The pedal is perfect for multiple expression pedals, MIDI controllers, multi-effects units or for 12 to 16 compact effects. Its mid-sized case provides an ideal compromise between internal capacity and physical size, with space for a power supply unit and the most-used pedals.

The eastern plywood used to make this pedal board is ½-inch thick and it has a super-durable and appealing polyweave skin designed to keep the board looking remarkable for a lifetime. The board is fitted with robust catches, steel corner strengtheners, high-quality hinges and a through-bolted amp-style handle is used to create a solid feel. Every board is assembled by hand and undergoes stringent quality control.

Simplicity is definitely the key to any great design. There are a number of boards that come with bells and whistles like a built-in speaker, an effects loop and a power splitter box, which does not even qualify as a power supply because a wallwart is still needed, making it merely a glorified daisy chain. There is no one who actually need any these things built in and as such, Diago does precisely what a good pedalboard manufacturer should do; nothing more and nothing less.

The pedal board is ideal for accommodating multi-effects, compact stomp effects, wahs, power supplies, channel switches, volume pedals, A/B boxes and even synthesizers and DJ gear. In fact, it has the capacity to accommodate any combination of these, as long as they all fit. For more information on using this pedal board, you can use a sizing guide for the pedalboard.

Small Pedalboards Conclusion

It is cool to have a compilation of guitar effects pedals but having to individually power and transport them is not so cool. Thus, guitar pedal boards became very important pieces of gear to house a collection of pedals that may be used by the average recording/gigging guitarist may use. The power supply feature eliminates the concern about individual battery lives or the need to connect the pedals to a wall outlet. The pedalboards highlighted above are among the best small pedal board and each product features a protective shell to keep pedals safe from impact. Additionally, each can fit multiple effects pedals and are all built to enable guitarists to customize their configuration and chain to sit their playing needs.

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