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THESE 8 Best Fender Acoustic Guitars Are Great Picks!

Fender never disappoints when it comes to acoustic guitars. Since the days of the King series back in 1963, they’ve been pushing limits for style. Their acoustic guitar bodies take a smaller shape in different colors of unique wood pairings. We recommend them for guitar players of any level.

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After studying the specs and features of the best fender acoustic guitar, we have come up with a list of 8 models you might show an interest in. The vast majority have an electronic option for gigging. Here’s a quick rundown of our best acoustic guitar brand picks.

Our Top Fender Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Best Value for the Money – Fender Redondo Classic Acoustic Guitar

This is the biggest acoustic guitar in the category of the California Classic. Fender Redondo Classic has a slope shoulder, about the size of a dreadnought but with a slightly distinctive shape than most dreadnoughts. The treble side features a cutaway, allowing the player to reach even the highest frets with ease. Redondo Classic Acoustic Guitar is available in two colors i.e. cosmic turquoise and hot red metallic. Most guitarists performing on stage lighting prefer the latter design as it looks spectacular under those settings.

Redondo Classic is one of the most stage-ready fiddles and doesn’t fall short during plugging. Its integral PM preamp is proudly manufactured by Fishman and Fender. Find the treble, bass, and volume controls of the preamp on the guitar side. If you love an electric-like feel when playing the chords, Redondo Classic should be on your bucket list. It is comfortable to play by the standards of acoustic guitar. Sonically, it is on point, giving you the big voices and unamplified acoustic tones of most models in its price range. Remember you can play immediately after purchase since no setup modifications are needed. The appearance is striking but not overly flashy. On the other hand, the onboard electronics have a distinctive look. We recommend Redondo Classic for recording and home practice, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned guitarist looking for a solid but affordable wood guitar.


  • Great durability.
  • Great projection.
  • Warm, full sound with a balanced midrange and bass response.
  • Looks classic and traditional.


  • The top has a tendency to shrink which alters the tone over time. Temperature changes are the primary cause for this shrinkage. Keep it stored properly!

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Best for Beginners – Fender Model FA-15 Red 3/4 Size

Anyone looking to buy their very first fender guitar will be impressed with what Fender Model FA-15 Red 3/4 Size has to offer. Its small size looks good on children. Beginner players with smaller hands will appreciate it better, not to mention its full-size tone and great performance. The whole body is designed with high-quality laminate, making it durable and good-sounding just as the looks suggest. Its satin finish gives that elegance that you would expect from an acoustic fiddle. It has a C-shaped nato neck that is needed for a lively feel and tone.

Apart from being beginner-friendly, the visually appealing Fender FA-15 Red ¾ is reasonably priced. The size fits perfectly on the hands of an inexperienced player hence easier to pick up and play. If you like matching a great finish with great tones, the all-laminate body of this fender will be perfect to kick-start your acoustic journey. While it would be unreasonable to expect high sound quality from a smaller guitar, at its price range, Fender FA-15 is fairly balanced. It is pleasant to listen to and ideal guitar for beginners playing around a campfire.


  • Affordable
  • Nice warm sound
  • Light weight
  • Durable


  • Tuning pegs could be better

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Best Fender Under 300 – Fender CD-60S Solid-Top Dreadnought Guitar

Fender CD-60S is a robust dreadnought designed for fiddlers of all levels. The traditional dreadnought design blends in perfectly with the mahogany back and sides, offering excellent quality and charming value under $300. Expect a full-bodied sound quality that most beginners struggle to achieve. Even a striving performer enjoys an exciting playing adventure that they seek. A laminate spruce top is among the best qualities of Fender CD-60S. It is hard to find this attribute in guitars selling at the same price range. Moreover, the furnishings- rosewood fingerboard, die-cast tuners, duo-action rod, and 20 frets- are rare to come by at the same budget. Note the small neck and frets keep the fretting hand relaxed so you can perform for long without getting fatigued.

Perhaps you are a flat picker looking for that persuasive sound that is powerfully projected. Fender CD 60s is an exceptional choice, easy to handle even when you are not sure of your style of play. Enjoy the deep lows and crystal clear highs. These are the sonic qualities that grant CD-60S Solid Top Dreadnought a unique reputation for being operated in just about any guitar style.


  • Easy to play
  • Great tone
  • Built from quality materials
  • Great for any genre of music.


  • Guitar doesn’t have as much projection as other guitars.

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Best Under 500 – Fender Tim Armstrong 10th Anniversary Hellcat Acoustic Guitar

Meet a signature acoustic electric guitar with a serious feel. It is a top alternative for songwriters and stage performers, devolved on the old ’60s Fender acoustic-electric by the American musician Tim Armstrong. It was with the old model that he composed all his work. The new 10th Anniversary Hellcat Acoustic Guitar is a concert-sized acoustic that offers an extra tone and style for folk, rock, and pop musicians. Arriving with pearl acrylic logos (Hellcat), this anniversary edition is meant to perpetuate the modern mojo of Tim Armstrong. There is an easy-to-locate built-in tuner that helps you to keep the intonation on point. The scalloped X bracing, Fishman Isys III preamp, and solid mahogany top are the other remarkable attributes.

Tim Armstrong, the famous Grammy award winner and founder of the punk band Rancid set the pace for indie music with his old concert-style acoustic guitar. But the Anniversary Hellcat is an upgraded version of the 1960s model that any acoustic player will like. Good hardware and quality onboard electronics are features to behold. Thinner than traditional bracing, the scalloped X bracing uses less wood so it guarantees minimal soundboard mass. As such the top can resonate without a hitch, giving better tones with a greater projection and extra nuances.


  • Fender is a trusted and well-known brand.
  • Good sound and quality for the price.
  • Comfortable shape.
  • Easy to play (great action).


  • A bit on the heavy side.

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Best Under 10000 – Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster

Here is a sleek acoustic to try if you are tired of the old boxes. The Acoustasonic Stratocaster arrives in a modernist design with striking looks and performance-oriented features. You don’t want to miss this if you have a significant following on Instagram. Its hollow mahogany body projects from two centrally joined parts acting as the frame. The guitar’s transverse-braced Sitka spruce top rests on this frame. Instead of a sprayed finish, the Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster comes with printed purfling. The patented SIRS (Stringed Instrument Resonance System) makes for the most astounding feature, extending into the mahogany body.

The neck of Acoustasonic Stratocaster is a modern deep C that originated in 2017 with the professional American series. When held, it feels full with the 12-inch fretboard and an ebony extension that enables the 22nd fret. Ideally, the musical instrument combines a broad array of sounds- both acoustic and electric with the playability and comfort of the double-cutaway electric. Get it if you need a high-level resonant sound that is easy on a guitar pickup. This Stratocaster will give you a good variety of acoustic tones. The combination of Fender and Fishman electronics balances classic analog with modernity to bring forth the Acoustic Engine. Such a system is capable of producing rich acoustic tones both in-studio and on stage without the awkward mic replacement that often baffles stage performance and derails a productive session.


  • Solid build quality.
  • High output in the low and high end for a guitar with an acoustic tone.
  • Very light for an acoustic guitar, overall comfortable to play.
  • Excellent materials used on hardware components which means they last longer .


  • The finish is kind of thin and wears off easily if not taken care of properly. This also means that it scratches very easily. You will need to find a good case for it if you don’t want any cosmetic damage to happen.

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The Cheap Option – Fender FA-125CE

The Fender FA-125CE makes a great choice when you are just starting out and tight on budget. It is good to add an amplifier to the ensemble to correct the shortcomings in the sound and tonal qualities. Otherwise, you can buy a better-sounding fiddle at a price of about 4 to 5 times the cost of FA-125CE. Even so, this cheap Fender gives you impeccable value as a beginner before figuring out the professional model to settle for.

Fender FA-125CE is a durable instrument thanks to an all-laminate design that is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. It provides all the basic features of a beginner-friendly musical instrument. Tuning may not be at its best if you are a new guitarist. But Fender offers a built-in electronic tuner which is also intrinsic to Fishman Electronics. With this tuner, you will be able to focus on your learning process. Fender FA-125CE combines a laminate spruce top with an interior x-bracing to bring guitar tone to life. Then a cutaway design enables free access to any fret beyond the 12th level. You can count on the square-shouldered dreadnought body for a fuller sound.


  • The FA-125CE is a budget friendly guitar.
  • The body of the guitar is smaller than most Fender acoustic guitars.
  • The fretboard is a C shaped neck which offers comfortable playability.
  • It has a durable finish that will be resistant against changes in weather and moisture to keep your instrument looking new for years to come.


  • This model doesn’t come with any extras or accessories, it’s all about the guitar here.

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Best Package – Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar – Sunburst Bundle

Squier Dreadnought is a full-body acoustic guitar with steel guitar strings for gig sounds. Coming at a relatively smaller price, the guitar is strong enough to cope with everyday abuse thanks to an all-laminate construction with mahogany back and linden wood top. The easy-to-play Squier neck and full-body tone are best suited for rookie strummers. Plus, a durable dark maple fingerboard gives the instrument good looks to match the sound. All the essential accessories including picks are provided by the Austin Bazaar bundle so when you purchase you can start to play immediately. You also get to save money for a gig bag as it is included as part of the package.

Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar has a clip-on tuner to keep the guitar in tune. There is a strap to help you practice better and play when standing up. The extra strings ensure that you have replacement when needed. Make use of the instructional DVD to learn tips on using a new fiddle. Both new and experienced guitar players will find the value factor of Squier Dreadnought satisfactory. The comfortable size and excellent sonic attributes feel great for its price level.


  • Comes with a gig bag;
  • Is at an affordable price.


  • Might have a “tinny” sound.

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Fender Paramount PM-2 – Parlor Sized

Small acoustic guitars bring a sense of renaissance to the modern music industry. This Paramount PM-2 is an all-solid deluxe parlor featuring back and sides made of rosewood that has been sourced from East India. It has a Sitka spruce top with an amazing contemporary aspect of petite acoustics. Even though fender acoustics are yet to make a historical influence like that of their electric models, the Paramount PM2 series is almost as good as most parlor-sized guitars. You will notice rich midrange tones if you are a fan of folky strumming and blues fingerpicking. Go ahead and manipulate the open string lines and watch the faux grass lick with ease across the fingerboard and neck.

Coming with a Fishman PM preamp, Paramount PM-2 is almost simple as the onboard electronics can get. Check out the treble and bass and around the volume knob that is very easy to tune. Above the volume knob is a screen that facilitates phase control and touch-enabled tuning. The neck gets thicker and deeper after the 8th fret. With PM-2, forget about the low-end punch that a full-sized acoustic offers. However, the bass strings produce such impeccable clarity that outshines most guitars of the same size. It is a compelling sell with a quality hard case.


  • Modern “C” Parlor shape.
  • Solid Sitka Spruce top with East Indian Rosewood back and sides.
  • Great for fingerpicking or strumming.


  • Not ideal for heavy strumming
  • High Action, which may require a pro setup from the factory

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Does Fender make good acoustic guitars?

Fender is best known for electric guitars but they have managed to bring to the market cost-effective options for acoustics. When Fender produces acoustic guitars, they ensure that artists can attain them for a bargain. Generally, the guitars cannot break the bank. Though modestly priced, Fender acoustics come with quality components. The small-bodied fenders are especially good, giving a fresh look that appeals to many artists. The unique selection of acoustic guitars by Fender is astounding. We believe that any fiddler of any expertise level, playing style, and budget will find one of these 8 models buy-worthy.

Choosing The Right Fender Acoustic Guitar For You

So you are planning on buying a new acoustic guitar and have decided on Fenders. There are some considerations to know when choosing a Fender acoustic guitar. Knowing these considerations will help you make a decision easier when it comes to which one of the Fender acoustic guitars are best for you.

Price Range

The first consideration is what is your price range? Fenders are made in different ranges for different budgets. The next consideration when choosing a Fender acoustic guitar is what type of music do you play? The Taylor guitar company offers more classical and nylon stringed guitars, while Fenders have a larger selection of types of music like country, folk, bluegrass, electric and bass.

Body Style

The style of guitar is another consideration when choosing a Fender acoustic. The three styles are traditional classical, dreadnought and jumbo. Traditional classical guitars have a smaller body size with thinner soundboard and strings tuned to a higher pitch range. Dreadnought guitars are traditionally bigger in size with a deeper tone that comes from the thicker soundboard. Jumbo acoustic guitars have the deepest tone of the three styles, but they can be hard to hold sometimes because of their large size. In addition, the smaller jumbo guitars are now also available.

Fingerboard and Scale Length

The next consideration to know when choosing a Fender acoustic guitar is the type of fingerboard that you want and how long of a scale you want. The most common fretboard material used on modern acoustic guitars is rosewood and the most common scale length is 24″.

Frets and Fretboards

The final consideration when choosing a Fender acoustic guitar is the amount of frets and type of fret wire. Most players tend to play a full quarter-sawn fret board, which means the fret at the 11th (1st) position is cut halfway through. This allows for very clean sound and fast transition between notes. This is important, because on the shorter scale length guitars, the fret spaces can be tighter and requires a lighter touch. The fingerboard material also affects this, as well as the profile of the neck. If you have wide fingers on a narrower neck, it might play more easily for you than if you have narrow fingers or narrow neck.

Remember that price doesn’t always mean better quality and to do your homework and shop around before purchasing a Fender acoustic guitar.

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Fender Acoustic Conclusion

Apart from the new line by Fender, numerous traditional acoustic models are offering excellent value. Even though you can buy them as separate instruments we recommend that you go for player packs if you are a beginner. Entry-level acoustics by Fender will give you all the accessories you would need to start a studio and on-stage performances immediately. In case you need more advanced specs and solid-wood assembly, get one of the Paramount series such as the PM-2. It will give you a classic look but in upgraded materials you often find in more expensive guitars.