what is flatpicking

EXPLAINED: What Is Flatpicking A Guitar?

It’s entertaining and fulfilling to play the guitar. Whenever you strum the strings and listen to the melody of a song, the level of excitement and happiness is on top. If you are planning to learn to play the guitar, there are many terms you would encounter along the way. What Is Flatpicking? Flatpicking is […]

fingers too fat for guitar

HELP! Fingers Too Fat For Guitar? Tips To Help You End the Struggle

There are many different issues and struggles associated with learning the guitar.  The common issues are fingers cannot stretch far or fingers too fat for guitar. If you are suffering from the same issues, know that you are not alone in this battle, and there are possible ways that you can do to end your […]

benefits of playing guitar

LOOK: 10 Little Known Benefits Of Playing Guitar

It’s not surprising that the guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments to learn to play; it lends itself to a variety of styles, such as rock, jazz, classical guitar and folk and it’s easier to learn than many other instruments. The guitar can be learned and played at just about any age, […]

getting good at guitar

IMPROVE: 10 Ways To Learn About Getting Good At Guitar

Becoming the best at playing guitar remains an undying dream of every upcoming guitarist or guitar player. Playing guitar is an art and skill that is easy to begin but may become pretty tough to master when you lack the needed dedication. It all starts with the desire to learn the basics and ultimately progressing […]

is jazz guitar hard to learn

EXPLAINED: Is Jazz Guitar Hard To Learn?

For so many people out there, learning a musical instrument of any kind is a fun goal to focus on. It seems like an excellent skill to have, but it can be a major task to get to a certain level of expertise. The good news is that learning how to play any type of […]

g guitar chord

LEARN 6 Ways To Play A G Guitar Chord With Variations

The very first guitar chord that I learned to play way back in the day way the G chord.  It’s fairly easy and there are a lot of songs out there that include this chord in it! When you are first beginning to learn chords, you may not yet be familiar with chord charts and […]

f guitar chord

LEARN 5 Ways To Play An F Guitar Chord With Variations

One of the trickiest guitar chords to learn when you are just starting to learn guitar has to be the F chord.  It does take a bit of practice, but don’t worry, it’s not too hard once you get the hang of it. New guitar players might not be familiar yet with how the below […]

e guitar chord

LEARN 6 Ways To Play An E Guitar Chord With Variations

When you are just starting to learn the guitar and memorizing chords, you will probably learn the E chord in the beginning.  I remember for me, it was probably not of the first open guitar chords that I learned.  It’s actually a fairly easy one too! Before we begin, chord charts like the ones below […]

d guitar chord

LEARN 5 Ways To Play A D Guitar Chord With Variations

The D major guitar chord was one of the first open chords that I learned way back when I first started playing guitar.  It is probably one of the easiest too! If you have not learned how to read the guitar chord charts below, it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it.  Take […]

LEARN 5 Ways To Play A C Guitar Chord With Variations

One of the first chords that you will probably learn is the C major guitar chord.  As you will see very soon, it is a fairly easy chord to learn and quite comfortable to play, in my opinion. If you are just starting to learn how to play guitar, you may not already know how […]

b guitar chord

LEARN 5 Ways To Play A B Guitar Chord With Variations

The B chord is probably one of the harder guitar chords for beginners to learn how to play because the fingering is a bit challenging.  However, once you get it down and can play it, you will know it for life and shouldn’t have too many problems. Also, if you have not yet learned how […]

a guitar chord

LEARN 5 Easy Ways To Play An A Guitar Chord With Variations

One of the first guitar chords that you are probably going to learn how to play is the guitar A chord.  However, with guitar and something called the CAGED system (will be posting more on that on this site in the future), there are actually a number of different ways to play an A chord. […]

guitar finger calluses

5 Tips For Building & Maintaining Guitar Finger Calluses

Playing the guitar seems fun and easy until people experience the pain and frustration that plague all beginners. Just like any physical activity, this can tiring and excruciating. The fingers can get particularly sore because they are at work all the time. They need to control the strings to form the chords. They are always […]

why are acoustic guitars harder to play

REVEALED: Why Are Acoustic Guitars Harder To Play?

Compared to an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar is harder to play. However, all that hardship exists for a reason. But let’s not focus on that here. So, why are acoustics harder to play? With electric guitar vs acoustic, there are different reasons why it could be the case. One is the larger dimensions of […]

does guitar build muscle

REVEALED: Does Playing Guitar Build Muscle?

Does guitar build muscle? This is a question that continues to be asked by countless guitar enthusiasts and novices alike. According to seasoned, professional guitar players, many performers have built good muscle mass and structure from strumming their guitars over the years. Like any muscle, your biceps and triceps will get more defined with regular […]

is guitar bad for your fingers

REVEALED: Is Guitar Bad For Your Fingers?

While you have started to play guitar a little longer before knowing it, your fingertips must be on fire if you don’t take care when you play.  Everyone goes through finger pain in the beginning. Is guitar bad for your fingers? No, but it takes awhile to work your strength up and get used to […]