fingers too fat for guitar

Fingers Too Fat For Guitar? Tips To Help You End the Struggle

There are many different issues and struggles associated with learning the guitar.  The common issues are fingers cannot stretch far or fingers too fat for guitar. If you are suffering from the same issues, know that you are not alone in this battle, and there are possible ways that you can do to end your […]

is ultimate guitar pro worth it

Is Ultimate Guitar Pro Worth It?

Ultimate Guitar Pro incorporates an intelligent player for GP tabs, Official tabs and promotion free understanding. Read along to have a proper idea. Interactive tabs: Everyone definitely knows that you can download GP documents from Ultimate Guitar for nothing. As you may not know yet, you have free access to an intelligent adaptation of any […]

guitar tips for beginners

5 Guitar Tips For Beginners Just Starting To Play Guitar

Do you have a wish of learning how to play the guitar? If you are a beginner then it may look tough. But with the correct technique, basic theory and few tips beginners can kickstart their experience. Read along to become aware of few tips that each beginner must get under his belt while learning […]