e guitar chord

LEARN 6 Ways To Play An E Guitar Chord With Variations

When you are just starting to learn the guitar and memorizing chords, you will probably learn the E chord in the beginning.  I remember for me, it was probably not of the first open guitar chords that I learned.  It’s actually a fairly easy one too!

Before we begin, chord charts like the ones below may be new to you.  If this is the case for you, I invite you to look at my quick guide on chord charts in this beginner guitar chords post here.

Main Way To Play An E Chord

In order to play an E chord, there are three notes that you need to play at the same time in order to make up the chord.  These notes are – E, G# and B.  When you translate this to a guitar, you get this:

E Chord Variations

If you have made it to the point of mastering the chord above, maybe you want to learn some different ways to play it on different parts of the neck.  Take a look at these E chord variations: