g guitar chord

LEARN 6 Ways To Play A G Guitar Chord With Variations

The very first guitar chord that I learned to play way back in the day way the G chord.  It’s fairly easy and there are a lot of songs out there that include this chord in it!

When you are first beginning to learn chords, you may not yet be familiar with chord charts and how to read them.  To help you decipher this, I have another guitar chords for beginners article here that goes into how to read the below charts.

Main Way To Play A G Chord

In order to play a G chord, you need to put three notes together to make it up – these notes are G, B and D.  To get this to work on a guitar, it’s simply:

G Chord Variations

Once you have the above chord all figured out, there are a number of different ways to play it called chord variations.  Take a look at these: