How to Relic A Strat

LOOK: How To Relic A Strat (Body, Neck, Bridge, Headstock, Pickguard)

Do you want to make your Stratocaster look older?  Reliced guitars seem to be a trend these days.  My personal opinion is that if you plan to do this to your guitar, I would have a professional do it or just buy a Strat (or Super Strat) that has already been road worn.  But, if […]

guitar care

SOLVED: Discover How To Perform Guitar Care Properly

Learning how to play guitar is as essential as familiarizing yourself with the best guitar maintenance tips and practices. After prolonged use, grime builds up on the strings that end up lowering the quality of sound. The dust combines with the oils from your fingers that ruin the strings faster than you may expect. Acoustic […]

guitar body template

REVEALED: How To Build A Guitar Body Template

Building a guitar body template is not that difficult, provided you have the tools and materials ready and also have detailed knowledge of the steps involved in the process. Keep reading to learn how to build guitar body profile templates from scratch. Start with the Body Profile Blueprint Before you start building a body template, […]

how to build a guitar

EXPLAINED: How To Build A Guitar From Parts Or Scratch

Learning how to build a guitar offers appealing personal and professional benefits for both amateur and serious musicians. The prerequisites include some basic woodworking skills and access to tools because the job can be quite demanding. However, if you’re committed to the process, you can take however much time you need to finish each step. […]

best wood for electric guitar body

THESE: Best Wood For Electric Guitar Body (Tonewood Guide)

Experienced guitarists know the importance of choosing the best wood for a good electric guitar body. While other components of an electric guitar such as pickups can be changed, the body stays put so it is good to get the right one in the first place. Guitars come alive when they are in the hands […]

where to learn how to build a guitar

ANNOUNCING: Where To Learn How To Build A Guitar Today

Interested in building guitars?  The urge to build is a common feeling among many. Rather than spending their days in an office cubicle, there are people would prefer building things with their own hands in a shop. The freedom and creativity that this kind of job offers provides a satisfaction that is hard to match. […]

how hard is it to build a guitar

SOLVED: How Hard Is It To Build A Guitar?

There is something magical about building something with your own two hands. A lot of people try making things that they need around the house like furniture and fencing. Others create items that are closely related to their hobbies. If you are a musician or guitarist who loves woodworking, then making your own guitar would […]

diy guitar kits

LOOK! Build Your Own Guitar With These Best DIY Guitar Kits!

What better way to personalize a guitar than to build it yourself? If you have been playing guitar for a bit of time and are quite familiar with the intricacies of a stringed musical instrument, you might be tempted to build a guitar from scratch. Done right, a self-build guitar can be a fantastic project, […]