does tonewood matter electric guitar

REVEALED: Does Tonewood Matter For Electric Guitar?

Yes! The usage of wood in the construction of electric guitars is very crucial as the guitar is mostly made up of wood. The tonewood is what gives the guitar its unique tone and sound. Many people think that cheap guitars are not bad due to their construction, but rather because they don’t hold a rich tone and sound as compared to expensive guitars. This could be due to the composition of some types of cheaper woods used when building a guitar.

Is building a guitar difficult?

In a nutshell, there are many different systems that define whether or not it’s a good or bad guitar. It also depends on the tonewood used and how it was specifically treated when it was being manufactured; this can give you added perks when playing your new toy like increased sustain and richness in sound.

Wood has been used in the construction of guitars for centuries. These guitars became popular among the masses when it was based on an Archtop design. This type of guitar was developed as a result of a Parisian luthier, Christian Frederick Martin II’s invention in 1840. He made use of spruce as the top, back and sides for this guitar type which further gained popularity among many jazz musicians as compared to other instruments like Ukulele and Banjo.