are guitar hangers safe

Are Guitar Hangers Safe? How To Hang A Guitar On The Wall Safely

Guitar players can be a weird bunch. When most people collect musical instruments, they place them behind glass in order to ensure that they will never be harmed. When guitar players collect guitars, they hang them on the wall so that they are ready to be played.

While there may be the question about the safety of your guitar hanging from them, we look to cover that here.

are guitar hangers safe

Are Wall Hangers For Guitars Safe?

Yes.  If they are used and installed correctly, they can be. Care needs to be taken when they are installed in order to make sure that they do not damage the wall and the guitar needs to be placed carefully; allowing for that, they can be great ways to display your guitars. They are great ways to display the guitars for those take pride in their guitars and wish to display them for others to see, as well as be ready to play at any time. This not only ensures that they will be taken care of but that they can be ready at a moment’s notice when everyone gets together. This makes them more than mere decorations, allowing them to continue to be well-worn and time-tested instruments that they have proven to be.

The more interesting thing to question is where you hang them; the best suggestion is probably in your living room so that they are easy to pull off the wall and play when friends and family come over. However, for those worried about the safety of their valuable collection, it may not be a bad idea to look at how you should hang guitar on wall.

Tools You Need To Hang Your Guitar On A Wall

Hanging a guitar does not really require much in the way of tools. The hanger should come with screws and perhaps plastic plugs. You will also need:

  • a tape measure
  • level
  • pencil for properly placing the wall mount
  • drill

Once you have all of that, it is time to hang the guitar. Also, a wall scanner is useful, especially if you are dealing with drywall or other thin walls.

Hanging Your Guitar

I’d recommend looking at this video first – very good info here:

First. Pick the right wall. The external walls are ideal due to their sturdiness, but if you must use an interior wall use the stud finder to determine where the studs and interior wiring are: You will want to use the studs while avoiding the wiring. Once you have the wall chosen and know its interior configuration, place the guitar in the mount and then place both on the floor. By measuring the guitar from the bottom to the top of the mount you will have the clearance needed.

Place the mount by itself where you want it and make a mark with the pencil. Measure from that point down to make sure that the guitar will have the correct clearance. Use the mount and level to ensure proper placement, and then use the level to make sure everything lines up. Make a pencil mark to ensure proper placement; you should have two pencil marks to line up the mount. Use the hammer drill to put the plugs where they need to and then lightly tap them into place with the hammer. You do not need to place them all the way in; just to the depth of the plug will do. Now assemble the mount, and then tighten all of the screws on the base block until the block is flush with the wall.

Once everything is assembled and the hanger is flush to the wall, put the tools down and pick up the guitar. Place the guitar in the mount but do not let go; make sure that as you place you keep a firm grip on it. Eventually, you should put it in position and then slowly let go; you want to be able to grab if the hanger does not hold. If everything was done properly, the guitar should be properly hanging on the wall in its new mount.

Hanging Guitars On Drywall

Drywall presents a number of problems for the guitar hobbyist. The easy solution is to just hang the guitars where the studs are; this provides them with the support that they need and is better for heavier guitars. While you can purchase extenders and hollow wall anchors, the problem is that the walls themselves can only hold so much weight; this means that you need to make sure that you build on to the studs hidden in the wall if you plan to hang any of the heavier guitars. You also want to make sure that you place the guitars outside of normal pathways; while an accident is unlikely, grabbing a guitar to break a fall can lead to not only damaging the guitar but also damaging the wall itself.

Can Wall Hangers Damage Your Guitar Neck?

When it comes down to it, hanging a guitar by its neck or even headstock should not damage the guitar. The force of gravity applies much less energy to the neck than the strings do; just hanging the guitar up should not damage the instrument. The biggest potential risk is from the potential for discoloration from where the rubber or plastic is in contact with the hanger; over time it is possible for the rubber to eventually rub off onto the finish. The other issue is that exposing the wood to the humidity and temperature of the area surrounding it may have some effect on the wood itself over time.  Guitar room humidifiers may be a necessity.

Obviously the best solution would be to keep the guitar in its case. This keeps it safe from not only the ambient conditions but also potential accidents and theft. However, putting the guitar away in its case may protect it but would also deny the collector the ability to look at his collection at his leisure or to play them whenever he wanted. Thus, the collector must decide between protecting his instruments from all potential problems and hiding them away or keeping them out in the open where they may be enjoyed and possibly even played.

Best Guitar Wall Mount Hanger Choice

The Ohuhu guitar hanger, like this one on Amazon, is the ideal solution for those looking for a safe hanger. The hardwood base is easily installed onto the wall, while the rubberized holder safely cradles the instrument. The rubber stoppers can be adjusted to fit any stringed instrument so that they can hold it suspended safely and without fear of scratching it. This means that the best guitar wall hanger can hold the instrument in place without wobbling and in a space-efficient manner, ready to be grabbed for playing at a moment’s notice. For those looking for a gorgeous way to show off their collection while desiring to have them ready for play, this is perhaps the best possible solution.

For those with a nice collection of guitars that want to show them off, this is arguably the best to way to show them off. A collector would be proud to show off their collection, be it one guitar or a collection of them, and to do so in the best possible way. The guitars may need some dusting off every so often, but they will stay there as long as the walls stand cradled in your guitar hangers for the wall, making for a great way to show off your valued collection to any that would look.

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