epiphone acoustic guitar

Who Makes Epiphone Acoustic Guitars?

Epiphone is a company that has been making acoustic guitars since they were founded in the mid 1800’s. They are one of the only guitar companies that produce both acoustic and electric guitars from their factory. This company is based out of Nashville, Tennessee, where most of their work gets done.

What Is An Epiphone Acoustic Guitar?

So, what is an Epiphone acoustic guitar? Well, it is an acoustic guitar made by the Epiphone company. Epiphone has been in business for over a hundred years and they have always made acoustic guitars.

How Are Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Made?

Epiphone guitars are built with the same standards that every other acoustic guitar manufacturer uses. The wood is selected in the same way that it would be in an acoustic guitar made by another company. The wood for the back, sides, neck, and head are all selected in the same way. The quality of the wood is usually not very different from that of another brand of acoustic guitar.

How Are Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Priced?

Epiphone guitars are priced comparably with other acoustic guitars made by reputable companies. The prices on these guitars are comparable with other acoustic guitars because they are made with the standard techniques and materials used in making other acoustic guitars.

Where Are Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Made?

Currently, most Epiphone acoustics are made in China with the Imperial line being made in Japan. The Epiphone acoustic guitars are made in these countries because it is cheaper for the company to make them there. Epiphone has had to move their production to these countries in order to keep the prices competitive.

Are Gibson And Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Similar?

Epiphone guitars are very similar to Gibson guitars in many respects. First of all, both of these lines are produced by the same parent company. Secondly, the woods that are used in both of these guitars are usually very comparable. Third, both of these companies use the same techniques when building their acoustic guitars. These similarities stem from the fact that they are made by the same company.

Is An Epiphone Acoustic Guitar Better Than A Gibson?

Not necessarily. Both of these companies are owned by the same parent company, so many people feel that they are different products of the same company. Most people feel that these guitars are similar in quality. The main difference between these guitars is their price point and other little extras that come with them. It really comes down to personal preference as to which one you would prefer if you went with either Gibson or Epiphone acoustic guitars.

Are Epiphone Acoustic Guitars As Good As A Gibson?

They are not. Gibson and Epiphone acoustic guitars differ in quality and price. Higher end Gibsons usually cost significantly more than the top of the line Epiphones. There is usually a very noticeable difference in quality and sound in these two brands.


The Epiphone acoustic guitars have been a part of American music culture for over a hundred years. These guitars have been enjoyed by many musicians and they have helped shape the sounds of some great artists. Not only that, but the price point of the Epiphone acoustic is very affordable for most musicians that want to give it a try.