Gibson Montana Hummingbird review

READ This Gibson Montana Hummingbird Review Before You Buy

Before you buy any product, you need to conduct due diligence to ensure you get the best item in the market. The same case applies when you are purchasing a guitar; it does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediary, or a pro, you need to get an instrument that will meet your needs. You might be wondering if the Gibson Montana Hummingbird is the best instrument for you. Find out about the device in this article about a certain Gibson guitar.  These are some good acoustic guitars to experience for playing music.

Gibson Montana Hummingbird acoustic guitar is one of the most recognizable acoustic guitar models. Since its release in 1960, Hummingbird has remained roughly in the same design, style and appearance. The company does not only focus on creating an instrument that will offer quality sound; they also strive to make sure that the guitar has top qualities and liveliness.

In case you are performing, you will need to have an instrument that looks great, easy to play and one that offers quality sound. If that is the case, you should opt for the Gibson Montana Hummingbird. The stringed instrument is known to be suitable for both strumming and fingerpicking. It does not matter how you play the guitar; it will deliver rich and deep tones.

Gibson Montana Hummingbird Features

One of the things that make the Gibson Montana Hummingbird instruments stand out is that it has a sleek body. It has wood on the sides and the back and Sitka Spruce top on the top side. The timber gives the guitar warmth, and the spruce is used to add crisps and projection. The standard Hummingbird has a 50s round neck profile, medium gauge strings, Mahogany back and sides, traditional bridge, Rosewood fretboard, pickguard, Gotoh Keystone tuners, and bone nut that is ideal when you are fretting the fingerboard. The instrument offers quality tone since it is 24.75-Inches scale in length.

If you are looking for a guitar that will serve you for a long time while giving you quality sound, then this is the product for you to purchase. The guitar body features a traditional hand scalloped, and it also has a permanent dovetail neck joint. Thus, when you invest in the guitar, you are bound to enjoy it for a long time. However, to enjoy its durability, you need to properly maintain the instrument for the price.

Another feature you have to note is that the guitar has a pre-amp on the acoustic. Yes, this Hummingbird acoustic electric guitar has pickups too!  You are assured of getting the most out of Gibson Montana Hummingbird if you plug into the amp for effect, versatility, or volume. You can also play it without plugging in and still maintain quality sound. It is also possible to tune the instrument to offer you with the type of sound you are looking for. The guitar is known to provide rich sonic character and give those who are playing it the studio magic they need.


There is more to the Gibson Hummingbird guitar than a sleek appearance; the instrument is also popular for producing good-quality sound. It does not matter if you play rock, blues, or anything in between when you make use of this device, you can be assured you will get an outstanding sound out of it. The guitar has a buzz-like sound that lets you get fantastic no matter the sound you are producing.

Gibson Montana Hummingbird has a harmonious sound with the bass and the treble sounds which offer outstanding clarity. Just like any other vintage, when you play the guitar, you will find that it is free from any buzzing. What makes the guitar suitable for intermediary and pro guitar players is that it is easy to identify between each code without having to overwork. When you use this type of guitar, you will enjoy thick and full chords that offer lively sounds. The guitar is also known to be boomy, but cannot be categorized as overly loud.

Though this Gibson acoustic price range is costly, the sound it produces makes the investment value for the money worth it. In case you are looking for a device that will offer you the various sound options, then Gibson Montana Hummingbird perfectly meets your guitar gear needs.


  • Has a great craftsmanship
  • Has a great vintage finish
  • Offers amazing tones
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle and play
  • Offers versatile tones
  • Does not require a lot of setting up to play
  • High built-in quality


  • Expensive
  • Can be heavy for beginners


The craftsman behind the Gibson’s Hummingbird Montana is exceptional. The body is sleek, and it is a device you would show off to your friends. In addition to good looks, it offers quality sound. In case you do not mind the high budget, then you should consider shopping for this guitar.  Check out more reviews on our site too.