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5 Best Lightweight 2×12 Guitar Cabinets

Looking for a good 2×12 guitar speaker cabinet for your amp head but don’t want it to be too heavy? There’s no getting around it, they all are quite heavy but here are some excellent suggestions.

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Hughes & Kettner 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

The Hughes & Kettner 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet is a beautifully built and visually stylish piece of guitar equipment. It is easily one of the most attractive lightweight guitar speaker cabinets on the market, but that is to be expected from a company like H&K, who have been producing guitar amplifiers for many years. Still, this cabinet clearly has more to offer than just good looks.

The Hughes & Kettner 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet features two 12″ speakers in an attractive plywood closed back cabinet.

It can handle 120 watts and weighs 43 pounds.

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Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC212OB

The Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC212OB cab system is a great starting point if you are looking for a lighter cabinet. It is made of plywood. The speaker size is 12″ and is a 2-way speaker configuration. The power handling rating is 120 watts RMS.

The first feature that you will notice when you look at this system is the great design that includes a orange covering, which provides both stylish looks and protection while giving your guitar tone more resonance.

The two Celestion 12″ speakers are 30 watt speakers and are great for many musical styles. You will find that with this lightweight 2×12 cab, you will get a warm sound with great clarity.

The speakers are driven by an 8 ohm impedance and have a frequency range of 50 Hz to 17 kHz. This is a very versatile amp that is great for blues, rock, country, jazz or other styles of music where clarity is important.

It has simple controls that use the orange signature series preamp circuitry to give the best tone for your guitar.

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Marshall Origin 160-Watt 2×12

The Marshall Origin 160-Watt 2×12 Guitar Cabinet can pack a lot of punch in a little package. It has all the qualities of the Marshall that are well known, such as fantastic Marshall tone, and is also very responsive. The cabinet is a smaller two speaker cabinet, which means that all the components that are in the full size cabinets are present in this smaller version.

The sonic characteristics of this particular model are just as good as their larger 4×12 brothers so they can be used to full effect.

The 2 12″ Celestion speakers have a 80-watt rating, but they can be pushed to give a bit more volume. The speaker configuration also permits greater control over the tonal characteristics of the sound and you can get some interesting results.

The speakers in this particular cabinet are very responsive, and you can push them hard and get a much bigger sound than with other cabinets of this size. All in all, it is an excellent choice for any musician.

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Boss Katana 150-Watt 2×12

The Boss Katana 150-Watt 2×12 cab delivers high-quality sound at a good price, and it is a favorite among many players. The Katana’s sleek black exterior is made of plywood with a black metal grille and black plastic corner protectors.

One cool thing about this option is that although it weights 51 pounds, you can take off one back panel to shed more weight. It has two 12-inch speakers. These speakers are bright, and with 150 watts power, it’s clear and powerful at the same time.

This cabinet packs a lot of punch, considering its small size. That’s why it’s a favorite for bands that need to get loud, but don’t have the space for larger cabinets.​

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EVH 5150III EL34 212ST

The EVH 5150III EL34 212ST is a bit heavier than the rest but still an excellent option.

This cabinet has a great sound and can be used for live performances or recording. It comes with a great warranty. However, it is more expensive than many other options for similar cabinets. It’s just slightly heavier, which isn’t much of a difference but could still be an issue for those looking for lightweight 2×12 cabinets.

The signature Celestion G12H 30W Anniversary Series speakers are a great choice.

With the speakers being made by Celestion, they have a great reputation for creating quality speakers. They have a smooth and warm response to them, which is essential for clean tones and also good for chording. They also handle higher distortion levels quite well too.

Lucky, this cabinet comes with two of those speakers inside. The combined power of these speakers help give it an impressive sound range.

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It’s clear that there are many great options for lightweight 2×12 guitar speaker cabinets. These 5 light 2×12 cabins listed above are just some of the best out there, which is why they have been included in our top five list.

As you can see, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a lighter load. By choosing one of the models we’ve reviewed above, it is possible to get excellent tone and great performance while still staying within a manageable weight range.