best cutaway acoustic guitar under 1000

THESE 10 Best Cutaway Acoustic Guitars Under 1000 Rock!

Value is one of the major features of the top acoustic guitars. Each of the guitars on this list below has what it takes to satisfy the needs of the serious guitarist yet does not feel as if it is made for beginners. Value-priced guitars are not limited to travel versions and ones designed for beginners.

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Typically, guitars in the $1000 cost category will be better-quality instruments featuring solid-wood construction and they will produce lively and memorable tone. These acoustics usually pump out heavyweight tone and have premium features. Below is a list of the best cutaway acoustic guitar under 1000.

My Top Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Under $1000 Reviews

Blueridge BR-40CE Acoustic Guitar

The budget-friendly Blueridge BR-40CE is a vintage-inspired instrument with features that are as simple as you can get. The guitar has a solid Sitka spruce top placed on back and sides made of a laminate mahogany. Its mahogany neck is capped by a rosewood fingerboard, which doubles as the bridge and there is also a bone nut and saddle.

What is even more fascinating is the bracing pattern that is described by Blueridge as an authentic forward-X, pre-war design. This bracing style is used across the whole range of Blueridge guitars; therefore, seeing this on one of their most budget-friendly model is extremely pleasing.

A tortoiseshell-style binding is used to wrap the body and black and white plastic layers are used across the top. The guitar is finished in a gloss of decent quality. The soundhole rosette has black and white layers to match the binding design. Visually, this creates a simple yet traditional vibe. The tone that is produced from a strum is harmonious, balanced and full-bodied and it suits pretty much any style of playing.


  • Blueridge guitars are known for their sound.
  • The BR-40CE is easy to play and has a low action.
  • Comes with a cutaway, which makes it easier to play for people who want to reach the higher frets.


  • The guitar’s shape and size, make it difficult for some players.

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PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Angelus A55E Acoustic Guitars

The PRS Angelus A55E is designed to deliver wonderful playability and a beautiful tone at a truly affordable cost. This guitar has elegant tonewoods and spectacular inlays that has an appearance that is just as remarkable as they sound. Its naturally-finished and glossy appeal is evident when it is viewed from the front and the quilted maple in Abaco Green gives the Angelus A55E a far more distinct visual presence.

In addition, the electro acoustic instrument has a classical/X-brace hybrid bracing system. This makes the solid spruce top freely resonate to create a more formidable tone. It has Fishman GT1 electronics mounted in the soundhole that allow the plugged-in tone to come through without adding excessive compression. The PRS’s calling card, 55-millimeter string spacing at the bridge and its wide fat neck are all a part of the playing experience.

The Angelus A55E enables you to experience PRS quality at a reasonable cost. The guitar produces a sprightly tone that begs to be played. The PRS Angelus SE A55E might be the one for you, if you are seeking out one of the finest acoustic guitars that shines, shimmers and delights audiences.


  • Ebony bridge and fretboard make for a smooth playing experience.
  • Above average steel string acoustic sound.


  • High action makes it more difficult to play barre chords.

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Ovation Signature Collection 1771VL-1GC Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is created in honor of the late Glen Campbell and is part of the Glen Campbell Signature Acoustic Electric Guitar series. It boasts a shallow vintage style Lyrachord body inspired by the ones used on earlier Ovations from the era of the 1960s and 1970s. Its shallow body produces strong mid-range punch and clearly and articulately cuts through the mix. The top is made from AAA Sitka Spruce and a durable composite is used on the back and sides of the guitar. This combination offers a sonic experience perfect for both the stage and the studio.

Glen Campbell guitars feature electronics that are simpler than most of the Ovation catalogue. It sports only tone and volume knobs rather than full-fledged preamps. The Ovation 1771VL-1GC is a single-cut guitar designed with a mid-depth bowl, which features 25¼-inch scale, a traditional 14th fret neck joint, gold-plated hardware and in-house electronics.

Other noteworthy features include a 20-fret ebony fingerboard, ebony bridge, die-cast tuners and a five-piece mahogany/maple neck with 1-11/16-inch nut and custom abalone inlays. Exceptional string-to-string balance is a characteristic of the original Ovation designs and the guitar is more comfortable to play because of its slim profile.


  • Cutaway design allows for easier access to higher frets.
  • Premium acoustic guitar with a comfortable mahogany neck and sweet sound.


  • Some reviewers have had issues with the hardware not holding up over time.

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Washburn WCG66SCE Comfort Deluxe Series Acoustic Guitars

Solid western red cedar was used for the top of this guitar, which gives the WCG66 a unique look. This also pairs attractively with its spalt maple back and sides to create a remarkably unique sound profile that is characterized by its distinctive, well-balanced and warm tone.

Additionally, the WCG66 is designed with the Grand Auditorium styling and a Venetian cutaway for exceptional upper fret access. Among the distinctive features of this instrument is the exclusive ergonomic armrest located on the lower bout and designed to reduce any discomfort.

It has a 25.5-inch scale length satin-finished mahogany neck that is capped with a 20-fret fingerboard made from Ovangkol. Additionally, the bridge is designed with mahogany bound Ovangkol, which wonderfully complements with the light visual of the red cedar.

The headstock is made of maple and mahogany and nicely finished off with 18:1 ratio tuners and a mother-of-pearl logo. The Washburn Parquet style rosette also has alternating mahogany and maple.

The guitar sounds natural and resonant when it comes to acoustic projection and it is outfitted with Fishman electronics. This gives the Washburn WCG66 a very recognizable stage presence. This also provides users with infinite amounts of versatility and tonal shaping.


  • Stays in tune well.
  • Looks and sounds good.


  • Finish isn’t as high quality as guitars costing the same.

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Yamaha A-Series A3R Acoustic Guitars

With its solid rosewood sides and back and its solid Sitka spruce top, the Yamaha A3R delivers a stable tone across the range. The sound it produces is louder and stronger in the low-mid ranges because of the new scalloped bracing that is on the top of the instrument. Additionally, the soundboard is treated with the Acoustic Resonance Enhancement process exclusive to Yamaha instruments, making is sound as if you have been playing the guitar for many years.

The guitar is outfitted with SRT2 electronics, which is a new pickup system developed and optimized by specifically for stage performances. There are controls for treble, volume, blend and bass. The bass control button is designed to activate auto feedback reduction, while the blend button doubles as the mic switch.

African mahogany was used to make the neck of the A3R and ebony is used for the fretboard. With its traditional Western body shape, this guitar delivers powerful lows and clear highs with full-body resonance. Its hand-rolled fretboard edges and slim, cutaway neck profile shape make is easy and comfortable to play across the neck.


  • The design is quite attractive.
  • It produces sounds that are vibrant and warm.
  • The guitar comes with a very affordable price.


  • The guitar might be too light for some people’s tastes.
  • The bridge may not be suitable for the needs of some players and may need replacement or adjustment to suit your preferences.

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Martin LX1E Little Martin

Martin is one of the most trusted acoustic brands in the guitar industry. This manufacturer has consistently done a remarkable job. The Martin LX1E guitar proves exactly why the brand is so trusted. The LX1E Little Martin delivers wonderful sounds from its solid wood construction that is just too good to ignore.

The body of this guitar is made of a combination of spruce and mahogany and this is debatably the most desired wood combination where acoustic guitar construction is concerned. The spruce is remarkably sturdy and the mahogany helps in producing tones that are rich and unforgettable. The LX1E features a dreadnought body with no cutaways and its stratabond neck has a richlite fretboard.

The Martin LX1E is equipped with special Fishman Sonitone Electronics that enable users to tune is a lot easier than a standard acoustic guitar. In addition, the guitar plays at a higher audio level than the competition. If you are seeking out an option to step your game up to a whole new level and one that is also reasonably priced, this guitar is definitely one to consider. A number users appreciate the ideal combination of woods on the Martin LX1E.


  • Great Body Style
  • Great Tone
  • Good Price


  • Necks not as comfortable as others.
  • Not good for fingerpicking, unless you have smaller hands.
  • If you have stronger fingers, the neck might feel too slim.

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Walden G2070RCE Acoustic Guitars

It is clear that the design inspirations of the G2070RCE is taken from the contemporary luthier-built instruments. It has minimal appointments, clean design lines and the guitar is all about stylish functionality. The cedar top of the guitar is so light in color that some has mistaken it for spruce and the mahogany sides and back have attractive grain patterns and even hues.

It has a plain ebony fingerboard without inlay, which is reminiscent of a classical guitar design. However, the side of the fingerboard does have position markers. The most visible modern feature of the guitar is its armrest bevel that is made of rosewood; however, this instrument has more to offer.

There is a pair of graphite rails on both sides of the truss rod; this is designed to reinforce the neck and create great stability; the scalloped X-braces of the guitar have a “low-mass” design that incorporates a lot of openings into its brace profile, thus lessening weight. Additionally, the GraphTech Ratio tuning machines are equipped with various gear ratios for each string, which requires the same number of turns to attain a full step pitch change.

Furthermore, this guitar includes Presys Blend electronics from Fishman, which comprises an internal mic, an under-saddle pickup and a preamp with volume, phase and EQ controls mounted to the side. There is also a mic blend, a built-in chromatic tuner and a notch filter. The Fishman electronics perfectly catch and amplify the overall tone, creating a full and balanced sound with much character and attack.


  • The guitar is made in the United States
  • Has a cutaway design which allows for easy access to upper frets and increased playability with less hand strain


  • Not a lot of available product reviews from customers at the moment

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Martin GPCRSG Grand Performance

The Martin GPCRSG is a worthy companion and a part of the most recently released Road Series from the brand. On or off the road, this Grand Performance Model sounds as full and resonant whether plugged in or not. This particular model was made within the walls of the Martin company by and for women. It is quite a playable acoustic guitar that held its tune and resonance, which could be expanded to cut through any mix.

Renewable wood sources are used to make this guitar and this has created room for an instrument to exist that is lightweight, more environmentally conscious and more reasonably priced than other high-end guitars. The latest version of this model is created from solid wood and not constructed panels, which makes for lasting strength.

This has also set it up to be among the most resonant and warmest, loudest sounding acoustic/electric guitars currently available on the market. In addition to all of that, the Grand Performance Model specifically features a deeper body than the majority of auditorium style bodies. Even so, when this guitar is amplified, it sounds a whole lot bigger than how it feels.


  • Martin has a long history of making beautiful guitars.
  • It’s very easy to play.
  • Strong sound projection and sustain with a lot of high end frequencies.


  • Kind of heavy.

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Alhambra 3C-CW-US

In this cutaway edition, the Alhambra 3C-CW-US model is designed to increase access to the lower part of the fretboard. Its nut width is 5 centimeters, which is a little narrower than the classic versions; this was done as a means of favoring the alterations of chord positions and using a pick to facilitate the interpretation.

This guitar has very carefully applied finishes, a pleasantly surprising volume and it produces a sound that is quite rich and warm. This is also available with the Fishman E1 preamp which includes a tuner. It is an exceptional purchase within a guitar cost category that is suitable for a student or guitar beginner.

The Alhambra 3C CW guitar is just a beautiful instrument. It is handmade and it is quite clear that even the smallest details are taken into consideration. When you hold this cutaway version of the student series in your hands, you will realize that it is versatile, robust and delivers a remarkable tone.


  • Beautiful, bright and responsive sound.
  • Strong finish that doesn’t wear easily.


  • Body could be heavier for louder sound output.

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Walden G770CE

The Walden Natura G770CE is a cutaway-electric Grand Auditorium that features the fingerstyle-ready combination of solid mahogany sides and back and a solid Western Red cedar top. The G7770CE is dry while being rich, crisp and loud and this is largely due to the combination of a glass-fiber reinforced neck, a low-mass braced soundboard, D’Addario EXP11 coated strings and GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle. The guitar is outfitted with a Fishman Presys II pickup with a tuner for those times when you want to play while it is plugged in.

This all-solid instrument delivers a full spectrum of harmonic complexity and richness. In its Grand Auditorium body, with solid Mahogany and solid Western Red Cedar, the G770CE is filled with content and depth. It is also adorned with a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, white bound body trim, a 2-ring abalone rosette and black-buttoned chrome tuners. It also includes a gig bag and is definitely a fashionable work of art.

Its low-mass bracing design strengthens the top against tension in the strings. Holes that are strategically shaped and positioned lessen the total weight of the braces which enables the top to more freely vibrate and produce more tone. There are two rails of glass-fiber running from the nut to the body to strengthen the mahogany neck, ensuring a lifetime of stability and an easier playing experience.


  • Top-notch electronics.
  • Cutaway for easier playing.
  • Stunning sound and beautiful looks.


  • Slightly heavy.

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How To Choose A Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

Are you planning on buying a cutaway acoustic guitar and have around $1000 to spend? Not sure what features to look for? We have you covered. In this article, we will go over some of the features to look for in a cutaway acoustic guitar.

Wood Types

The first thing to consider when buying a cutaway acoustic guitar is the type of wood it is made from. Different types of wood affects the sound and tone of the guitar. Guitars can be made from Spruce, Cedar, or Mahogany wood which are usually what is used for acoustics guitars. The sound of each type of wood will vary depending on the type of wood. For example, cedar is a more dense wood than Mahogany which means it has less movement and vibrates less which gives it a much darker sound. Then you have Mahogany which is a medium density wood compared to cedar, so it vibrates more, which means it will give off a brighter tone.

Build Quality

Another thing to keep in mind is the build quality and overall craftsmanship of the guitar. The quality of the wood used, the craftsmanship, and the tone or sound of the instrument is a big part of deciding what type of cutaway acoustic guitar you should buy. Another thing to think about is if it’s a laminated or solid top cutaway. Here are some tips on choosing which one you want:

If you are looking for an acoustic with a solid top look for guitars made with mahogany or spruce wood which have been stained/laminated.

A laminated top produces a brighter tone and has better sustain. The difference between a solid and laminated top is the sound. If you are looking to get a brighter tone, you would want to go for a laminated top.

If you are looking for an acoustic with a cutaway look for guitars made with mahogany or spruce wood which have been stained/laminated. A cutaway will increase the volume and sustain of the guitar by making it resonate more.

Tone and Volume

The tone and volume of a guitar is one of the most important features. If the guitar has a low tone, it will not be easy to hear yourself while playing with other instruments. On the other hand, if you want a difficult task accomplished then you should pick up an acoustic guitar with a bigger output.

Size and Weight

When deciding which cutaway acoustic guitar to choose you also need to take into consideration how much the instrument weighs and its physical dimensions like width and length. If you are planning on taking the guitar out to gigs with you, I would suggest investing in a lightweight and small-sized cutaway. The smaller the guitar is the more comfortable to hold it will be. Some people would prefer a larger sized guitar to get that orchestra filled sound, so it really is up to you what size or type of guitar you want.

Cutaway Acoustics Under $1000 Conclusion

Buying an acoustic guitar in the price range of $1000 is a major acquisition for the majority of individuals. Fortunately, the guitars we have included in our list justify the cost and typically provide more than a $1000 worth of tone, feel and design. You will find that they are exotic woods, stage-worthy electronics and professional-grade performance and a few extras you probably would not expect in this cost categories. On this list, we made sure to include models from all decent acoustic guitar brands to provide you with a true idea of what is available on the market in this price point.