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THESE 10 Best Acoustic Guitars For Country Music Are Great!

The guitar is one of the must-have musical instruments for any music artist, beginner or old hand. The guitar transforms ordinary music into the realm of extraordinary. Whether it’s Rock and Roll or Country music, the guitar is the perfect partner that brings out the best tonal quality, performance and projection. There are different types of guitars as there are genres, with the choice largely dependent on budget, genre and acoustic brand when buying an acoustic.

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For Country music, there is an abundance of dreadnoughts that we can hardly exhaust in a single article. Nevertheless, here are the best acoustic guitar for country music love songs to get you started.  Click the button on each to check price.

Our Best Country Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought

With this dreadnought from their production line, Fender has radically shifted the balance of power in the guitar for beginners’ segment. More of that in a moment. In terms of its build, the Fender CD-600S is an all mahogany dreadnought, blending a solid mahogany top with back and side made of laminated mahogany. The dreadnought is easy on the eye for beginners and old hands alike. The neck is slim and fits easily in the small hands of younger players or older players with small hands. The fingerboard is flattish with a 12-inch radius. The edges on the walnut are rolled for a smooth experience while the fretboard feels great to touch and hold.

It is not just the build that stand out with this dreadnought. Until you get it across your body, you will not appreciate the musical genius that has gone into the making of this instrument. In terms of sound, dreadnoughts are known for their loud sound and the Fender CD-600S does not go a notch lower on this score. The CD-600S bass notes and guitar chords are an earful without being bloomy. The intonation is spot on and combined with the low action, expect a playing journey like no other.


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Sound is richer and louder than most other acoustic guitars.


  • Price is a little high but worth it. The CD-60S will last you a long time.

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Epiphone DR-100

Guitars from Epiphone are making impressive strides in the market and are getting ever closer to the top, rivaling iconic brands such as Gibson, Taylor and Martin. One of the excellent products from Epiphone is the DR-100. To begin with, guitars from Epiphone are remarkably affordable without dropping key features that players are known to look for. For instance, the DR-100 boasts of a contemporary tonewood comprising of a spruce top and mahogany body and neck. The neck is characterized by the Epiphones SlimTaper profile, allowing players a higher speed and an even better grip. The bridge is made from rosewood and complemented by synthetic saddle and tuners.

The sound quality of the Epiphone DR-100 is pretty decent. The middle and upper range is particularly flawless compensating for its low range imperfections. This dreadnoughts’ tone quality fairly compares with the best in its range and given its low price and playability, it’s the perfect guitar for all types of music. For beginners looking to make their debut in the world of guitar, the DR-100 is highly recommended. It is not only great for learning, but you will find yourself keeping it for longer than you had anticipated.


  • Epiphone has a high rating on reviews.
  • This model is not very expensive.


  • Epiphone is not a brand that is typically associated with country music.

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Seagull S6

Launched in 1982 by the iconic Robert Godin, the Seagull S6 is groundbreaking in many fronts. The guitar was a game changer as it revolutionized the industry with its tonewood design and solid cedar tops. This S6-led revolution nudged other guitar makers to up their game considerably. The guitar has undergone a reboot offering a darker finish to its neck, back and sides. The dreadnought measures 648 mm with a 45.7 mm wide top nut. The bridge is made of rosewood and the neck crafted from maple. Like most of Godins’ innovations, the Seagull S6 is made in Canada.

The sound quality of the Seagull is robust, the slim profile notwithstanding. The headstock is uniquely shaped to enhance a clear string path between the tuners and the top nut. This also enhances tunability by reducing string drag. The fingerboard measures 406mm in radius and combined with low action, makes it easy to play across the octaves. The cedar top gives the S6 a warmer sound and it’s a player favorite. The 648 mm length derives immense twang in the strings and this gives the Seagull S6 a unique versatility to handle anything that comes its way.


  • Great sound and volume.
  • Durable, solid top that provides great resonance.


  • The bridge could have better intonation.
  • Frets could be polished before delivery.

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Epiphone EJ-200SCE

The Epiphone EJ-200SCE is a jumbo dreadnought that comes with a stereo pick-up functionality. This guitar has been inspired by the Gibson SJ-200 and there are various reasons why it is rightly compared the iconic Superjumbo. It boasts a deeper cutaway to enable easier access to the fingerboard. The EJ-200SCE is manufactured from solid spruce tops with the back and sides crafted from select maple. There is still more; the moustache bridge, pearloid inlays and the tortoise pickguard. The fingerboard is made from Pau Ferro and the neck carved from hard maple. Other features include pickup eSonic pickup, inbuilt tuners and a floral pickguard.

The EJ-200SCE has a tone quality to match its elegant design. Helped by its jumbo body, this dreadnought produces warm, voluminous full basses and with its under-saddle pickup, the EJ-200SCE acoustic tones are incredible. It is a delight of strummers with its offering of articulation combined with the low-mids resulting in a fully orchestrated foundation. The electro side takes the EJ-200SCE to a whole new level. The guitars NanoMag and the plugged-in sound gives the EJ-200SCE a sweet blend of warmth and performance, making this guitar among the best acoustic guitar for country music.


  • Good looks.
  • A variety of sounds.
  • Solid build quality.


  • Higher action can be great for some, but others might find it uncomfortable.

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Taylor Big Baby Taylor

This diminutive mini brought significant shifts in how acoustic guitars are made and designed. To underline the inspiration behind this three-quarter dreadnought, Martin followed with its Dreadnought junior. Back to Big Baby Taylor, the guitars neck and body lacks the binding you will find in most dreadnoughts. In its place, the neck is held to the body by two large screws in between the 15th and 16th fret. As such, the neck seems elongated and skinny. The back is arched and laminated so you will not find back braces in the Big Baby. There is a flawlessly fitted ebony fingerboard unlike synthetic material you are likely to find in most of its counterparts.

When it comes to sound and performance, the Big Baby still fly’s the Taylor flag quite high. The tone quality and bass end are exquisite, like you would expect in high-end guitars from Taylor. The bold projection of the Big Baby makes it perfect for a live or studio performance. The inbuilt preamp, tuning precision and tone controls produce a crisp, clear and balanced sound. The bass end might feel hectic for fingerstyle but the Big Baby still punches well above its weight and height. As such, this dreadnought can be considered among the best acoustic guitar for country music.


  • Great sound.
  • Good price.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to play.


  • The action is a little too high for some.

If you are looking for something slightly different but still want a small Taylor, also look at the Taylor GS Mini.  Check out our Big Baby Taylor review as well.
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Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG800 has won the heart of many country musicians for its excellent features. Particularly, this Yamaha acoustic guitar has ranked top among the popular guitars for country music because of its affordable price. Yamaha FG800 has a dreadnought body shape, made up of solid Sitka spruce on upper parts and laminated nato on the sides and back. It is also comfortable to hold with a sleek glossy finish. The multi-ply binding is decorated in black and white colors. What about its neck? The guitar’s neck has a beautiful hand-friendly satin finish to enhance playability. You can also adjust the truss rod to enhance neck support.

When it comes to sound, Yamaha FG800 offers quality sounds for country music. The guitar produces loud and resonant sound enhanced by its dreadnought body shape and scalloped bracing. Even though Yamaha FG800 produces a lighter tone than other Yamaha models, its sweet and warm tone creates a good balance of quality sound. Besides, it does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional guitarist, this model suits any kind of player. If you also aspire to own a durable guitar, then Yamaha FG800 is the best deal for country players. The guitar model withstands tear and wear, allowing you to enjoy a lifetime experience.


  • Balanced tone.
  • Easy to play & low action.
  • Solid feel and great construction.
  • Quality wood, acoustic guitar strings, and tuning pegs.


  • Could not find any!

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Takamine EF360S-TT

Manufactured since 1962, Takamine guitars trace their roots to the Takamine mountains in Japan. Renowned for designing quality guitars, Takamine dreadnoughts have found themselves in the hands of legendary stars such as Toby Keith, Bruce Springsteen and Glenn Frey. Among the numerous pieces from the mountains of Takamine is the EF360S-TT. This is a captivating piece of work distinct for its wood selection and relatively large non cutaway dreadnought body. The guitar features a thermal top technology that gives it a vintage look and feel. The top is made from rosewood, fingerboard from ebony while the neck is crafted from vintage mahogany.

The sound and tone quality of the Takamine EF360S-TT can be described as acoustic electric guitars. The thermal technology plays a huge part in serving up a magical tone that is a dream for every country music player. The solid Indian rosewood sides and back produces a superior range and a respectable injection of bass sizzle. The dreadnought shape yields excellent volume projection and the mahogany neck is a pure bliss to play.


  • It is a Takamine guitar, and they have been making high quality guitars for years.
  • This guitar can produce an amazing sound.


  • The price of this guitar is a little bit pricey but it’s worth it because of the quality you get from them.

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Blueridge BR-160

The Blueridge BR-160 is among the best-looking and affordable acoustic dreadnoughts out there. However, there is more to it than just exquisite looks. The BR-160 prides itself in having the most vintage tonewood combos. The top is crafted from a solid Sitka spruce while the back and sides are sourced from Indian rosewood. There is still enough room for a mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard fitted with custom inlays. The top is perfectly complemented with a white binding. The guitar has a saddle and nut made of authentic bone. The tuners are nickel plated to complete the vintage guitar for the modern times with a touch of old school to boot.

The performance of the Blueridge BR-160 is not far off its counterparts in the industry. The wood combo of spruce and rosewood gives this dreadnought a warm, mellow tone especially when fingerpicking. The notes come out clear, while the dreadnought shape yields sufficient projection not to mention the volume. If you prefer a soft tone and a gigging instrument, the BR-160 is the guitar for you. There are plenty of reasons why the BR-160 is referred to as the poor man’s Martin. We just shared some of them here.


  • Great tone and resonance at a very reasonable price.
  • Ease of playability for all levels of guitarists.
  • Quality craftsmanship for the price point.


  • Lacks in quality higher end woods.

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Martin 16 Series D-16GT

Produced as part of the legendary 16 series, this American made guitar has cut a niche in the market with players looking for an affordable music partner. This dreadnought is downright elegant. The body top is carved from solid Sitka spruce with the back and sides crafted from solid mahogany. The details in the D-16GT is simple but classy; the gloss finish, the herringbone rosette and a Boltaron binder around the body. The make of the neck is somehow shrouded in mystery with some claiming its mahogany and other pulling towards Spanish cedar. All in all, the neck boasts an oval shape with a satin finish to boot, creating a touch feel on the hands.

There is more to this guitar than its build. The sound produced by the D-16GT is highly impressive. When you pick it up to play, you will immediately take note of the booming low-end bass. The tonal balance is inch perfect, enhanced by the spruce and mahogany combo. Like any other dreadnought from Martin, the D-16 GT has a booming projection even when unplugged. It is also overly comfortable and highly versatile.


  • Martin guitars have been around for over 100 years, so they know a thing or two about making an acoustic guitar.
  • The body is made from mahogany to produce a nice warm sound.
  • Classic dreadnought shape with spruce top means that the D-16GT has some solid projection and naturally better tone .
  • Gloss finish means it will look great on stage as well as at home.


  • A little pricier than some other options on the market.

More info can be found on our Martin D-16RGT review post.  And I would also recommend checking out Martins D28 as well.

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Gibson SJ-200

The Gibson SJ-200 is one of the most famous guitars of our time and which has been used by a generation of American artists. The legendary Elvis Presley had a customized SJ-200. So did Bob Dylan in his 1969 album Nashville Skyline. Released in 1937, the SJ-200 is famously designated as the King of the Flat Tops with its standout features including an engraved tortoise pickguard, headstock inlay and a carved moustache bridge. The body shape is super jumbo with the neck and sides made of solid framed maple. The top is solid Sitka spruce with the fretboard made from rosewood. The guitar measures 648 mm with a nut width of 43.8mm.

There is a reason the Gibson SJ-200 has been famous with artists for close to a century now. First, the guitar is easy to play out of the box as the slim neck sits nicely in your hand. The slim neck also enables you to thumb away easily, obtaining a mellow, low action with every picking. The tone is crisp and of the highest quality. The SJ-200 sound box is well-sized and the bottom end does not engulf the top so you can be assured of refined sound.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Quality sound.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Luxury look and feel.


  • Not as good as other expensive acoustics, even for country music.

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What To Look For When Choosing An Acoustic Guitar For Country Music

Are you a country music guitarist looking for a new acoustic guitar? You may be wondering what features you should be looking for. The number of acoustic guitars designed specifically for country music is growing every day, so it can be a little overwhelming to find the right one.

The Number One Thing You Want To Look For In A Good Country Guitar

The number one thing you want to look for is a guitar that is made out of quality materials. There are a couple of different woods that most country guitars are made out of. You can choose from maple, spruce, rosewood and mahogany. Maple is known for making the brightest sound when you strum it, and mahogany is known for making the warmer sound. Spruce makes both types of sounds. Rosewood, a wood that is used extensively in musical instruments, makes the top sound warm and dark.

The Most Common Types Of Acoustic Guitars For Country

There are two different types of acoustic guitars for country music. The first type is the dreadnought guitar. Dreadnoughts are the thicker size guitars that have an acoustic sound with a lot of bass to it. The second type is known as a flattop acoustic guitar. Flattop acoustic guitars are thinner than dreadnoughts and are known for having a higher pitch.

Your Budget

The number one tool you need to know when choosing a guitar for country music is your budget. The prices are usually pretty high, so it will be difficult to find quality woods that will last a lifetime if you are on a tight budget.

Buying Used For A Better Price

If you are on a tight budget, then buying used is probably the best option for you. There are many people that sell their guitars every year, and if one of these individuals wants to sell their guitar, then they will offer a good price because they know that the value of their guitar will go up in value over time.

Guitar Brands

Some of the most popular guitar brands that you will find when choosing a country guitar are Martin, Taylor, Gibson and Ibanez. Most of these brands have been around for over 100 years, so they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to making guitars. These are the guitars that all professionals use when they rock out in their shows.

Some Other Quick Picks

Our Country Music Acoustic Guitar Conclusion

Country music has a great relationship with guitar spanning many decades. Whereas many other instruments such as fiddles, accordions and harmonicas are deployed in this acoustic guitar music genre, the acoustic guitar is still considered the backbone of Country music. The selection above is without a doubt an excellent collection. The list comprises guitars of different price range to cater for everyone in these guitar reviews. How do you feel about our selection? Have we missed your favorite dreadnought? Either way, let us know and we will surely take a look next time.