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THESE 6 Best BOSS Delay Pedals Have Great Echoy Tones!

What’s the point of playing an instrument if you can’t have fun with it?

Boss is known for making great pedals, but they’re also known for being pretty boring. If you want to stand out from the crowd and really make your music shine, then you need a delay pedal that sounds good, feels comfortable under your foot, and looks as awesome as it makes your guitar sound.

You’ll love how any of these delay pedals feel beneath your feet while giving you access to tons of cool effects like tap tempo or modulation controls so you can take control of every aspect of your tone without having to mess around in menus or read manuals.

Our Top Boss Delay Pedals Recommendations

Boss DD-500

The Boss DD-500 Delay pedal is the most versatile delay pedal in the world with 12 different modes. You can choose from vintage, analog, tape echo, and more. With this one pedal you can achieve any sound imaginable.

With a wide range of features, you can create anything from vintage slapback to modern delays with pristine clarity. And it’s easy to use, too! You can control every aspect of your sound with just three knobs and an intuitive interface. Plus, its rugged construction means that this pedal will stand up to years of abuse on stage or in the studio.

This pedal has an easy to use interface that makes it perfect for beginners or professionals alike. It also has a built in expression control which allows you to change the parameters of your tone on the fly without having to stop playing!

If you want a delay pedal that does everything for you without sacrificing tone or quality, then get yourself a Boss DD-500 today!

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Boss DM-2W

The Boss DM-2W Delay pedal is the perfect choice for musicians looking to add some depth and dimension to their sound. With its vintage bucket brigade circuitry, this special edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience.

It’s got two modes of operation—standard mode provides authentic DM-2 tone with 20-300 ms delay time, while custom mode offers warm yet clear sound and maximum 800 ms delay time. And it features an expression input so you can control your desired delay time via footswitch or external controller.

This is one of those pedals that will quickly become indispensable in your rig. If you want more from your guitar playing than just what comes out of the amp, then this is the right pedal for you!

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Boss DD-3T

The DD-3T pedal has the same great features as the original, but with a few new additions that will help you get your sound just right.

Boss is a company that has been making pedals for over 40 years, and they have one of the most iconic delays on the market today. The DD3 Delay pedal is an updated version of their industry standard DD 3 with enhanced functionality for modern players. It features ultra-easy operation so you can create sounds fast, delay time from 12.5 ms to 800 ms divided into three ranges for quick setup, tap in tempos with the onboard pedal switch or an external footswitch, and short loop setting for creating phrase loops (same as Hold function on original DD-3).

You can now set delay time in three ranges for quick setup and use an external footswitch or tap tempo with the onboard pedal switch to create loops of up to 12 seconds long.

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BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay

The BOSS DD 8 Digital Delay pedal is the most advanced compact series delay ever. It has eleven versatile modes, including basic digital delay, vintage echoes, shimmer, mod and more! You can also use the looper for up to 40 seconds of recording time with overdub capability.

With this pedal you will be able to create a variety of sounds that will make you stand out from other guitar players. You won’t have to worry about buying different pedals or effects because it includes everything in one convenient package!

With this pedal you’ll be able to create warm, lush sounds or rhythmic delays that will make your music come alive. And if you’re looking for something different than just an ordinary delay sound then the +RV (delay+reverb) and GLT (rhythmic delay) are perfect for you!

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BOSS DD-200 Digital Delay

The BOSS DD 200 Digital Delay is the perfect pedal for any guitarist. It has twelve versatile modes, including classic tape delay and modern digital delay. You can use it as a looper to record up to 60 seconds of sound. And with its hands-on controls, you’ll be able to adjust your settings on the fly without having to dig through menus or manuals.

With this pedal, you’ll have access to all sorts of different sounds that will make your guitar playing stand out from the rest. Whether you’re in need of an analog emulation or just want some delays with modulation effects, this pedal has what you’re looking for!

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Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

The BOSS DD 7 is the next step in compact delays. It has all the features of its predecessor and more! With modulation delay mode, classic modeled analog delay mode, external pedal control options, longer delay time, and more you’ll never run out of creative possibilities.

You want to be able to create your own sound with your guitar but don’t know where to start? The DD7 will help you find it! This pedal can do everything from simple slapback echo to complex multi-tap echoes that would make any guitarist drool. It’s perfect for any genre or style of music and is easy enough for beginners while still being advanced enough for professionals.

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Conclusion On Our Top Boss Delay Choices

Looking for a delay pedal that will make your guitar sound like the pros?

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Some more options:

BOSS Delay pedals are designed to give you the best possible tone and performance. With features like tap tempo, modulation, and feedback suppression, we have what it takes to help you achieve your desired sound.

When it comes to delays, there’s nothing better than a Boss pedal. We offer a variety of different models with different effects so that you can find exactly what suits your needs. Whether you need an analog or digital pedal, stereo delay or mono input-output capabilities—we have something for everyone!