PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti Guitar Amp Review

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PRS Guitars make some of the best guitars in the world. But what if you want to play one of our amazing instruments but don’t have a guitar amp? That’s where this comes in. This is an all-tube 15 watt amplifier that will give you great tone at home or on stage.

It has two channels, so it can be used for clean sounds as well as rockin’ crunch tones. The effects loop lets you add your favorite pedals to your rig without taking up any extra space on stage or cluttering up your pedal board at home. And with its built-in tuner, you’ll always sound great onstage no matter how many songs you play before tuning up again!


Amp Features

The amp has a modern, versatile clean tone

The PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti has almost every range of sound you could want to play a song without having to worry about the distortion in your guitar. The amp has a modern, yet versatile clean tone that sounds perfect with any genre or sound preference within those genres.

Overdrive channel with enough gain to get you into metal territory

The warm, bright tones of this amp put you in the mood to play up-tempo rock and metal songs. The overdrive channel even has enough gain to get you into metal territory.

It has a cool overdrive channel that produces an excellent crunch tone. The preamp is made with high-quality components, and the attention to detail is evident in how it sounds.

Three-band EQ and reverb for shaping your sound

It has a three-band EQ and reverb for shaping your sound. This will allow you to find the perfect tone that works with your song, whether it’s heavy or soft.

Footswitch to switch between channels and control effects

Perfect for the musician that needs to have all of their effects (chorus and delay in this amp) accessible at a moment’s notice.

The PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti Guitar amplifier is great for musicians who need to change between channels or effect pedals on stage with ease, thanks to its footswitch.

Other Notables About This Amp

It provides a new take on the traditional Class A amplifier. It’s designed to deliver the tone and feel of an all-tube amp, but with more power and modern features like a built-in tuner, USB output for recording direct to your computer, headphone jack for silent practice and much more.

Tubes are great when you want warm tones that can cut through in a band setting or sound studio. But they have their drawbacks too—they require regular maintenance (such as replacing tubes), are fragile (so it’s hard to lug them around from gig to gig) and they can be very heavy (which is why most guitar amps today use solid state technology). Solid state amps are less expensive than tube models because there aren’t any tubes inside that need replaced or maintained. They also tend to weigh less than tube models which makes them easier to transport from place to place.

Our Conclusion On The PRS MT 15

The PRS MT 15 Mark Tremonti Guitar Amp is an affordable amp that sounds like it’s worth thousands of dollars! It has three channels and can be used as a clean, crunch or high-gain channel. It also comes with reverb and delay effects built in!

This amp is perfect for any level of player and will definitely help you sound better than ever before!