What is an Electric Acoustic Guitar?

What is an Electric Acoustic Guitar?

Electric acoustic guitars are a good choice if you are looking for the best of both worlds. They have the guitar body and strings similar to an acoustic guitar, along with built-in pickups that give you the ability to plug into amps or PA systems and get a louder, electric sound.

An electric acoustic guitar, (also called an acoustic electric guitar) is an acoustic guitar that has been fitted with an electric pickup so that it can be electrically amplified and heard through speaker systems (i.e., plugged into a PA system).

Electric Acoustic Guitar Types

A lot of people confuse electric acoustic guitars with semi-acoustic guitars. These are similar in name and in that they have a hollow body that’s since the guitar parts, but they do not have a soundhole at the top. They are designed so that the sound will come from within. They have a soundhole at the top to help the sound escape, however, it is decorated with a carved plate or inlay and often with a pickguard.

Pickup Types and Function

Most electric acoustic guitars have a single pickup which is attached to the guitar’s bridge, inside the soundhole or even in the fingerboard. This pickup will pick up the vibration from the strings and transmit it to an amplifier or PA system. There are also “two pickup” models, which have two pickups mounted so that they are each behind a separate bridge. These pickups will pick up exactly what you are playing, whether it is string plucking, strumming or finger picking. The signal they produce is then be able to be processed by an effects device such as an amplifier or effects pedals.

What to Look For in a Good Electric Acoustic Guitar

  • Shape, Size and Neck: The shape of the guitar also has an impact on tone and playability. Since electric acoustic guitars can be played unplugged too, you should choose a model that feels comfortable to hold and can accommodate your playing style.
  • The size should be appropriate for the type of playing you will be doing (i.e., in a small club or at home). This will help you assess whether it is comfortable to play and hold.
  • You should also check out the neck of an electric acoustic guitar. There are different materials used to make the neck (i.e., maple or mahogany). Check if the neck is comfortable to play and if it has good action so you can easily execute finger movements on it. There are some guitars that have asymmetrical necks, which may not be suitable for a beginner but you can get used to it as your skills improve.
  • Construction: The construction of your electric acoustic guitar is critical in determining its sound and durability. Always opt for a model that is made from quality materials to ensure better stability and sound. Buy a model that is made from all-solid wood and has a solid back.
  • Pickup: It is important to note that the type of pickup used in the guitar will impact the tone and sound quality. As an example, the magnetic pickups are cheaper but not as durable compared to piezo pickups which have better frequency response but are more expensive. In addition, you should choose a pickup that is sensitive enough to pick up the sound of your guitar.
  • Bridge: The bridge will also have an impact on how the guitar sounds. A good bridge will ensure that there is no excess movement even with vigorous playing and it will also boost the string’s volume. It is recommended that you opt for a model with a bridge made from wood or other quality material to maximize durability and sound performance.
  • Strings: The strings used in electric acoustic guitars are just like the ones you use on your acoustic guitar. Choose a string that is appropriate for the genre of music you want to play. Strings with a higher tension don’t sound as good as strings with low tensions and hence these are only recommended for particular genres.
  • Action and Fit: In electric guitars, one thing that is critical is the action of the guitar. The action refers to the distance between where your fingers are when you fret a string and the string’s frets.

Electric Acoustic Guitar Resources

The most important thing to consider when buying an electric acoustic guitar is whether you are a beginner guitarist or a professional musician. The level of their experience in comparison to your skill will determine what kind of electric acoustic guitars will suit you best. You can decide to buy a guitar that’s fully equipped or one that you’ll at least be able to modify yourself. There are also different models and designs that you can choose, so consider this as well in order to get the best electric acoustic guitar for your needs.

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