Martin DX1AE review

READ This Martin DX1AE Review Before You Buy

Believe it or not, you can buy yourself a guitar that will provide you with an amazing sound quality and high-quality sound projection for just under $600. The guitar we are talking about is the Martin DX1AE. This affordable but amazing musical instrument and one of our choices for best acoustic guitars delivers a tone that is loud and bright and can blend in with nearly all music genres.

Compared to other guitars of the same price tag, the materials used to make the DX1AE are not only absolutely beautiful, but they are also of incredible quality. This guitar’s ability to produce the maximum amount of volume thanks to the fact that it has a dreadnought body. On top of that, the DX1AE has an A frame X-1 top bracing with solid Sitka spruce top braces. To give it a nice touch of authenticity, the guitar’s satin finish has been completed by hand, making it look simply superb.

A high-pressure mahogany grained laminate featuring a textured finish is used in the back and sides of the DX1AE, which really helps to balance out the sound of the guitar. With that said, let’s take a look into the Martin DX1AE’s features and looks. After discussing them, we’ll mention some of its pros and cons. Here we go!

Martin DX1AE Features

Most people have no clue that the model name of this guitar by Martin isn’t just a random alphanumeric combination, but an abbreviation for its features. The D stands for dreadnought which is the guitar’s body style; the X stands for X series; the 1 means that this instrument has a standard A-frame and is a basic acoustic-electric guitar; and AE stands for Acoustic Electric.

As mentioned earlier, the back and sides of the DX1AE is made from mahogany grained high-pressure laminate (HPL) with, and the body made from a solid Sitka spruce. The top of the guitar’s body has a hand rubbed finish that looks so elegant, and inside it is an X-bracing that is non-scalloped.

A mahogany grained high-pressure laminate is used on the neck of the DX1AE. It features a standard set of tuners on the headstock and a performing artist neck profile. Both the bridge and fretboard are made from Richlite. The neck and body of this instrument are solidly connected by a Mortise and Tenon joint.

Even though most players complain about the Martin DX1AE’s build quality, we can attest that this instrument can withstand a decent amount of abuse, including hitting any hard object such as a wall. The DX1AE can get dents and scratches, so don’t misuse it thinking that it is resistant to them.

The tonewood of the this guitar isn’t that good for the most part. However, the quality of its sound makes up for this small disadvantage. The DX1AE is able to bring louder and more bass to the sound thanks its solid spruce top, which is a bit thicker than most instruments in its range. Its tuners are made of a chromium material and are designed in a way that allows you to play for a considerable amount of time without the need for constant re-tuning.

Martin uses electronics from the leading manufacturer Fishman in the DX1AE. This allows you a decent amount of flexibility from the instrument, which makes it suitable for a wide range of performances.


Even though the DX1AE may not look quiet like their flagship models, you’ll be able to tell that it is from Martin when you strike a note. This guitar has the Martin-pioneered deep, dominating Dreadnought tone.

You’ll get to experience mids that are sweet and warm, treble that is shimmering, and a powerful bass with the DX1AE. It can produce a balanced tone and strong projection courtesy of its solid top and tapered X-bracing. Even though the DX1AE is not as complex and dynamic as other high-end Martins, this guitar’s has a rich sound that beats most of the other acoustic guitars under $1,000


  • High-quality sound
  • Affordable
  • It’s build allows it to withstand abuse and doesn’t show a lot of wear and tear signs
  • Produces large, clear sound
  • Provides amazing resonance
  • Has a balanced sound
  • Easy to transport
  • Very light weight


  • You have to remove all of its strings just to access the guitar’s batteries
  • It has a shallow bottom strap, which means you may feel some discomfort when playing


The Martin brand is a coveted name in the guitar industry, and the fact that you can get a signature Martin craftsmanship and sound acoustic guitar for less than $1000 makes owning the DX1AE a good idea. Its tone and projection make up for the disadvantages brought about by the choice of tonewood. Therefore, go ahead and purchase the Martin DX1AE.