vox vt40+ vs fender mustang ii

COMPARED: Vox VT40+ Vs Fender Mustang II

Not quite long since the 1930s that the electronic amplification of sound arrived at the scene. As big-band guitarists commenced taking solos, there came a scene wherein the guitarists had to amplify their sound to compete with the horn section.

That is when the development of amplifiers took over the trend with a motive to improve the sound and to persist its reverberations to give an enhanced feel of the music. Since then, there hasn’t been a turndown for the amplifiers in the market with many companies like Gibson, Dobro, etc. bringing in their magnetic pickups.

Through the years & finally, here we are, with the take of Vox VT40+ vs Fender Mustang II and having to choose the better one amplifier among the two. Let’s begin analyzing both of them from the very start i.e. specifications and model lists to their respective features and an overall take about them. Let the reverberations begin!

Let’s start with the former one from the – the Vox VT40+ Guitar amp!

Vox VT40+Fender Mustang II

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Vox VT40+ Guitar Amp

The Vox VT40+ guitar amp happens to be sought after by discerning guitarists of nearly every style. The amp comes with a 12Ax7 preamp tube, new and powerful amp models, and finally a unique power level control feature.

The VOX amp that happens to mainly focus on the guitarists’ interests, tastes, and preferences, has come up with some creative sonic characteristics. Consider, for example, its valve reactor circuit. This circuit at the heart of the amp happens to perfectly reproduce the operations, subtle picking nuances, and the tonal characters.

Not shying away from other advanced features of the amp which are listed further, the amp, if simply put, happens to be the perfect fusion of a great tube-amp sound and the well-known cutting-edge modeling technology.

Specifications: (16-1/2” W) x (8-3/4” H) x (16” D) & 24 lbs.

The amp comes with what are called “Model lists” which are as follows:

Amp model list

  • There are three versions of the model that are provided, namely – Standard, Special & Custom.
  • US blues, Cali Clean, US 2×12, Clean,.
  • VOX AC30, VOX AC15.
  • Boutique metal, UK Rock, US High gain, UK Metal, US Metal.

Effect model list

  • Reverb: Room, Hall, and Spring
  • Pedal: Acoustic, Comp, Auto Wah, Metal Dist., Brn Octave, U-Vibe, Treble Boost, Gold Drive, Tube OD, Org Dist., Fuzz.
  • Modulation/Delay: Pitch Shift, Multi Chorus, CE Chorus, Flanger, Twin Trem, Org Phase, G4 Rotary, Tape Echo, Filtron, Chorus+Delay, Delay.


  • The VOX valve reactor circuit, which happens to be tube-driven, uses a 12Ax7 vacuum tube for putting out a true tube tone.
  • Thanks to its unique power control the amp has an optimum power output of 40W and an overall maximum output of 60W.
  • A 10” VOX original speaker.
  • A 3-band EQ.
  • Comes with 99 expertly voiced presets and 33 song presets that happen to be the spot-on recreations of the music and the sound that are used on the classical tracks.
  • 8 user programs for saving custom setting favorites!
  • Comes with Gain, Volume, and Master Volume controls.
  • Comes with a built-in guitar tuner that happens to be automatic.
  • The amp has its specific headphone output that tends to simulate the acoustics and the special characters just like a full speaker cabinet.
  • The amp comes with a VFS5 footswitch. Although optional, it is provided with an intention to change programs in order to turn the effects on & off, and also to set the Tap Tempo function.

Overall, the vox vt40+ is an incredible amp to have one around. Even with small size, it matches up with pretty good with its tone and volume, and it has nearly every sound that an artist would want!

Now that the analysis of the former competent is done, onto the latter amp in our take of both choices.

Fender Mustang II

The Fender mustang ii amp is pretty much aimed for nearly all guitarists starting from the beginners to all the way for weekend warriors. The amp contains highly accurate modeling of the amp, consists of a stellar collection of effects in it thanks to its new-DSP platform, and finally many magnificent hidden features and capabilities.

Simply put, the amp happens to reverberate great sounds that can experimented with endless ways. It is quite handy for guitarists of all skill levels.

Time to move onto its specifications and features so as to have a proper analysis of our take.

Specifications: (17.25” H) x (18.25” W) x (8.7” D) & 24 lbs.

As for the model, the amp comes 8 amp models and 24 effects which happen to build up the amp with 24 presets that include the tones from the vintage tothe modern metal!


  • Has got a lightweight 40W power output design.
  • A 12” Fender specially-designed speaker.
  • A brand-new authentic amp modeling with 8 amp models, the number for which, can further be increased with USB connections.
  • Comes with 24 effects all thanks to its new DSP platform.
  • Has a speaker-emulated USB output that comes in handy for recording.
  • Has USB connectivity for the already included Fender FUSE editing software.
  • Contains “Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender edition” & “IK Multimedia Amplitude Fender LE” soft wares.
  • Comes with 1/8” headphone jack and a 1/8” aux input.

The amp is pretty handy when a solo or a band is to perform at small to medium-sized venues.


So, that pretty sums up the take of these guitar amps. For an overall better sound in both tone and volume, it has to be Vox vt40+. Nonetheless, the sound quality of its competent isn’t any less and comes in handy for small and medium-sized venues.