Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Combo Review

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Mesa Boogie has been making quality guitar amplifiers for over 40 years. They are known for their heavy duty construction and exceptional tone. The new combo amp is no exception to the rule, with an all tube preamp and power section along with 2 channels, a clean channel and a gain channel, you can get just about any sound under theMark V 35 sun out of this amp.

This tube guitar amplifier is the ultimate tone machine. It’s a 35-watt, two-channel 1×12 combo that gives you all the tools you need to get your sound just right — and then some!

With its patented TransTube technology delivering an astonishing range of tones via three 12AX7 preamp tubes and four 6L6GC power amp tubes, the Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Combo guitar amplifier offers an incredible range of sounds from classic clean to modern high gain distortion with no loss in tone quality or volume level when switching channels. Plus there are separate controls for each channel so you can dial in different settings on each side of the split — making this one versatile piece of equipment!


Quick Look At The Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Features

  • The Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Combo is a professional-level amplifier with a wide range of tone and features and excellent build quality. With its 35 watts, the amp has enough power and headroom to match any live situation or studio recording environment and will deliver whatever sound you are looking for!
  • It has five preamp tubes, four 6L6 power tubes, two 12AX7 preamp tubes, and one 5881 power tube. This amp has a clean channel that can be used for just about any style of music. With this many options it’s perfect for anyone looking for a versatile amplifier!
  • The Mesa Boogie Mark V Amp combo offers three different channels so you can mix your signal for particular effects or instruments. The Clean channel contains rich, warm tones that allow everything from sparkling clean sounds to punchy blues rock leads. Using one of the two distortion channels provides anything from heavy metal riffing to vintage Fender amp styles but with much more in between. And finally there’s the Simul-Class D Channel which covers anything from subtle tube overdrive warmth up.
  • The amp has an innovative tone cut control that allows you to dial in just the right amount of high end or scooped mids. Whether you’re a rocker, jazz guitarist, or anything in between this amp is perfect for any occasion.

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Our Conclusion On The Mark V 35 Combo Amp

The Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Combo guitar amplifier is a versatile, all-tube amp that delivers the true sound of classic rock. It’s perfect for any style of music and features two independent channels with four modes each. You’ll find it easy to dial in just the right tone, thanks to its intuitive controls and responsive footswitchable effects loop. And if you’re looking for even more versatility, this amp also includes a built-in power attenuator so you can achieve high volume levels without blowing out your speakers or ears!

With the Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Combo’s guitar combo amplifier, you’ll be able to play anything from country twang to heavy metal crunch while retaining tonal clarity and definition. This is one powerful little combo amp!

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