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THESE 10 Best Gigging Amps Are Perfect For Your Next Gig!

Got a gig coming up?  You need the right best gigging amp for your live performances.  Check these out

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Having a quality gigging amp can surely make your performances leave an impact to your audiences. I’ve got here the best gigging amps you could choose from, and you might just find the right one here for you.

Our Top Gigging Amplifier Reviews

1.  Orange Rocker 32 2×10” Gigging Amp

Want those rocking tones while you perform? The Orange Rock 32 Valve Combo Amp is a total combo amps package. It’s an all-tube electric guitar combo amplifier that will give you the best gig performance you’ve ever experienced.

The Orange Rocker 32’s features:

  • It can indeed bring you a true stereo performance. With this single amp, you can still have that spacious stereo performance for your tones. Not to mention, you can also send the outputs to the speakers individually with the amp’s stereo effects loop. Still get clear sounds even while using the effects to its full extent.
  • It has two-wide range channels. From smooth and polished gains, you can easily change it to an aggressive and rocking British gain thanks to this stereo’s feature.
  • It’s an all-tube electric guitar combo amplifier. Get fantastic sounds when you play with any settings that this amplifier can offer. They’ve only put together high quality analog pieces with this amp, so you can either change from a channel with clean tones or the second channel that gives off raging tones.
  • Its stereo mode allows you to have a wet or dry output with your stereo effects.
  • The power scales from 30 watts to 15 watts.

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2.  VOX AC30 – Another Great Amp For The Stage

Brought out in 1958, Vox has provided us with a great amplifier with this VOX AC30. Ever since VOX has released this product, loud amplifiers became an in-demand product in stores for musicians. This brand, having that “jangly” sounds for their amps, they have then set out their name and is now recognized by a lot of British musicians and other great players.

AC30 Custom Classic Series

This tube amplifier has two inputs; a top boost input and a normal input. For your blending channels, they’ve provided it with an Input Link Switch. And for other greater features as well, it has a normal volume knob, a brilliance switch, a top boost volume and a treble knob, a standard EQ switch, and controls for the bass and reverbs to fix your tones and mixes with an included dwell switch.


This model is a current addition to the VOX AC30. It is accustomed to both the solid state amps and tube features. The AC30VR can boost up your output signal; however, you’ll need to connect this to a solid-state power amplifier.

Both of these combo amps are a great pick for VOX’s AC30. You can get quality music once you’ve tried them out for your guitar.

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3.  Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 III Guitar Amplifier

If you’re after those vintage toned amplifiers, then the Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 III might just be the one for you! I could say this is truly a one of a kind amplifier to be made by this famous brand.

What the Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 III can offer:

  • They went for vintage designs with this amplifier, both inside and out — something you’d less likely see nowadays.
  • For the controls, you’ll be getting two channels, a reverb and presence controls, and a full three-band EQ. Everything about them is clear, and will only take about a minute of your time in getting that vintage sound with your amp.
  • There is a set of three tubes (12AX7) in the preamp stage, and also;
  • A set of two 6L6 power amp tubes found in the power stage
  • You can get different levels of distortion with this amplifier — Clean, Drive, and More Drive.
  • For those who own an extensive pedalboard, you can have easy access for that with the included effects loop on this amplifier.
  • It uses 60 watts for a serious output, and lastly;
  • It has the classic Fender spring reverb.

With those features that I’ve mentioned, the Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 III is an amplifier I’d trust with my performance. Not to mention, all those features make them an impressive versatile amplifier.

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4.  Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 Amplifier

Another Fender amplifier added on the list! Fender has outdone it again and brought us an excellent amplifier, the Fender Bassbreaker 18/30. They tried out a new style for this amplifier, getting the ideas from the 1960s classic British combo amps.

Features included in the Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 amplifier:

  • It has two channels that can offer you a performance of the combined Fender classics.
  • Channel one can put off smooth and clean tones for your drives with the included Blackface Deluxe amp circuit that has added headroom and 30 watts for the output;
  • While for Channel two it can provide plenty of powering amp for your overdrives and controlled dynamics even in maximum volume levels.
  • For an easy way of changing the channels, this amplifier has an included channel selection footswitch and four EL84 power tubes for a remarkable midrange output.
  • It was made to have a pedal-friendly operation for you to have easy access to your signal path.
  • To bring you a tight and vocal tone output, this used two 12” Celestion V-Type speakers.

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5.  Blackstar HT Club Guitar Amp

You can get all the tones you’ll need with this versatile amplifier, the Blackstar HT Club 40 Mark II. Blackstar updated its features, adding a cleaner channel to your amp for you to get that really sweet and bell-like tone when you perform. Want to play that tight punching American high gain? You can also have that for your overdrive channel thanks to Blackstar’s Infinite Shape Feature (ISF). Record your plays easier than ever with the two different textures of the amp’s reverb and speaker-emulated output.

The Blackstar HT Club 40 Mark II features:

  • You have more and improved channels to play out an excellent tone.
  • This amp is patented and has Blackstar’s Infinite Shape Feature (ISF). With this premium feature, you can customize your amplifier, shifting its EQ curves and even its bass, middle, and treble output controls. Try turning it entirely counterclockwise, and you’ll be able to get that American character performing a tight bottom end and an aggressive middle. If turned the opposite, then you’ll get to play that more of a British vibe.
  • It has voice switches that can operate with four different modes. You can swing for either the vintage voicing or modern voicing with each channel.

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6.  Marshall CODE100 Amps

The Marshall CODE100 is a perfect gigging amp for those who like to experiment with their tones and create wonderful music. Accustomed with 100 watts, you’ll surely have no trouble in going on and on with the same styles. Best of all, you can create anywhere and anytime with an on the go device access.

The Marshall CODE100 features:

  • Marshall has created various combo amps meaning there’s a lot of room for versatility. They made them make sure that their sounds would come out as genuine as ever. It takes over the whole classic Bluesbreakers until the JCM800 hard rocks, and could even take the modern valve amps of JVM and DSL.
  • Even cabinets were thought out carefully, giving you practically any type of Marshall cab sounds. The sounds that you’ve sung in your head can come into reality with their different models of cabinets.
  • Power amplifiers were also made, giving us four types of power valves. You can even mix and match them with different tones up until you get the sound you’re looking for.
  • It has a wide variety of effects. A compressor, distortion, pitch shifter, and other more effects, name it, and they still have it.

It can be connected with any of your gadgets. Buy Marshall’s gateway app, and you can get to freely use those effects. What more, you can even use five different effects at the same time with it.

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7.  Roland JC-120

Starting way back 1975, the Roland JC-120 is a legendary guitar combo amp I wouldn’t miss to put on the list. This brand is known to bring out a clean and rich sound, so a popular song that you’ve heard with great chorus effects could probably be one of Roland JC-120’s works. They’ve been on business for 40 years now, and the JC-120 amps remain as the superior clean amp that guitarists would keep on coming back for.

Other features of the Roland JC-120:

  • It has an original stereo chorus effect. Adding to its clean tone, this amplifier can fill the room with immense sound and give the player an amazing tonal experience they’ve never tried before.
  • It is a versatile amplifier. Whatever tone you need, the JC-120 can surely give that for you. It has multi-effects, amp modeler, guitar synths, and also a perfect amplifier in shaping the sounds of those who own stompbox pedals.
  • You have various options for connecting your amplifier. This amplifier is accustomed to an effects loop to give the player a choice for their effects; it can either be mono or stereo. You can even choose whether it’d be a serial or parallel operation.
  • It has a supporting footswitch to quickly change the amp’s vibrato, distortion, and reverbs.

Check out our Roland JC-120 review here.

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8.  Fender Champion 100

A gig-ready amplifier just for you! With the supporting 100 watts of this amplifier, the Fender Champion 100 can go with any style you would like to try.

What the Fender Champion 100 can offer for you:

  • It has two channels and choices for your voicing. You can have eternal tones with this, and it can even provide you an amazing performance of those classic Fender cleans and then to modern high gains.
  • It has onboard effects that can shine out your tones with great sounding. Get those excellent sound effects, reverbs, echoes and delays, tremolos, and much more you could ever think of.
  • It has a provided effects loop for you to use with your favored pedals.
  • Jam along with your music with the included aux input. This is best for those who’d like to have a silent practice when the band is on a break.
  • They were designed uniquely to bring you a stylish amplifier, both inside and out. Fender thought of the Fender Champion to have that old-school vibe to match its sonic character. It has vintage-styled control knobs and even went with a “Bronco” vinyl to cover it with silver grille cloth.
  • It has a Tap button to set out the tremolo speed and delay time.

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9.  Blackstar HT-20R – Small & Lightweight Guitar Amp For Gigs

A powerhouse amplifier they say, this Blackstar HT-20R has tones you didn’t even know you’d need. Like every other Blackstar amplifier from the HT series, this also has a more and improved clean channel and overdrives to give you tones with wide ranges. And with its Infinite Shape Feature, you can even have those British-like tight gains or an American styled high gain. Searching for an amplifier that can be used in rehearsal spaces or those that need a premium tube tone? This amplifier is a fit for you.

The Blackstar HT-20R features:

  • An upgraded channel to bring out high quality tones. It now has a cleaner channel than the previous Blackstar amplifier models, meaning they can match and even beat the tones of an electric guitar amplifier. Blackstar’s amplifiers already perform at its best; just imagine the wonders this improved amplifier can make.
  • It has Blackstar’s Infinite Shape Feature. This is included with various tube tones and even features that can turn the EQ curves of your treble controls and the amplifier’s middle and bass. Turn it to the left, and you’ll get that American styled bottom end, and then turned to the right, you’ll get that British vibe of a play.
  • It has a voice switch to operate different modes. You can either have a vintage voicing or a modern voicing with each channel. You can even try both if you’d like.

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10.  Boss Katana Artist

The Boss Katana Artist is capable of letting you have a fun and amazing play for your next gigs. It is a 100 watts combo amp, which I’d recommend for any aspiring guitar player.

What the Boss Katana Artist can offer to you:

  • Versatility? Check. It can play any genre of music you’d like. And if you’re ever searching for an amplifier that can give you an acoustic-electric play, then this amplifier has it for you. Get those amazing cleans, and solo worthy leads by exploring the tones of this amplifier.
  • It has editor software. Using exploring and getting that tone you’d want, the Boss Katana Artist has BOSS Tone Studio editing software to create your music. It can support up to 58 BOSS effects and even have easy access to your delays and reverb controls. In doing so, you’ll need to connect your amplifier via USB to your computer. After that, the Tone Studio software will load, and you can have impressive effects in no time.
  • It has MIDI footswitches with a 5-pin MIDI input.
  • They’ve provided an Effects loop to add more effects to your pedals.
  • It even has a direct output so you can enjoy a recording of your performance.

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Top Gigging Amps Conclusion

Searching for good combo amps can be done so easy nowadays with internet access. You’ve probably already searched up about articles and reviews on the best gigging amps available in the market today. However, the decision making will still be up to you. You should go and check out the amp’s features, including acoustic guitar amplifiers, and buy what you think will be the best for you. I guarantee that those amplifiers I mentioned are true of the best quality and can help you with your performances. They have shown us incredible features, and you might never know, one of them may be your lead in becoming an outstanding performer.