VOX Pathfinder 10 Review

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The Pathfinder 10 is a tiny little amp from VOX. It’s not going to make your ears bleed, but it will get you heard. This is some of the best practice amp money can buy.

Some amps are too big to lug around. They’re not always loud enough, and they don’t have the sound you want for your music style.

The Pathfinder 10 is a guitar amp that solves these problems. It has plenty of volume, so even when it’s cranked up full blast, your ears won’t be ringing after a gig or jam session. It can also deliver the crunchy distortion you need for rock-and-roll riffs and hard-hitting solos – but if you want clean tones with crisp highs and warm lows, it can do that too! And thanks to its small size (it weighs less than ten pounds), this amp fits in any gig bag or backpack – so you can take it anywhere!


Main Features Of The VOX Pathfinder 10

1. The VOX Pathfinder 10 is an all-tube amp with a single channel and two inputs
2. You can use the Pathfinder to create a variety of different tones, from clean to crunchy, depending on your guitar’s pickup configuration
3. It has a tube driven spring reverb that lets you dial in just the right amount of ambiance for any song or style
4. You can also plug in headphones and play late at night without bothering anyone else

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Bottom Line

The VOX Pathfinder 10 is a compact, lightweight and portable guitar amp that delivers high-quality sound. It’s perfect for practicing at home or taking on the road.

With its wide range of sounds, from clean to crunchy and everything in between, you’ll find your favorite tone with ease. And it’s loaded with all the features you need to get great tone fast – like an effects loop for adding pedals and a headphone jack so you can practice late into the night without disturbing others.

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